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    There seems to be a mistake in the Fantasy Age companion (p116):
    "PC heroes start with 2 Action Points and gain an additional one every four levels. Thus they get two at Level 4, three at Level 8, four at Level 12, five at Level 16, and finally six at Level 20."

    So would they start with 2, and get 3 at level 4, 4 at level 8, 5 at level 12, six at level 16 and 7 at level 20? Or start with 1 Action point?

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    I think it might have been a typo. they may have wanted to start with 1 and have 6 by level 20.
    I had that question myself and think they want you to start with 1. though you could start with 2 and end with 7 by level 20.

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