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Campaign Building - Speed vs Substance

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  • Campaign Building - Speed vs Substance

    I'm relatively new to the AGE system, but not to RPG's nor creating settings for frame work style rulesets. (I have been GMing Savage Worlds for a number of years now).

    As I'm working on my AGE of Dormandia setting, I'm currently finding myself at an odd crossroads. As I run a lot of games each week, I'm trying to keep my prep work down by keeping my adventure seeds and world building minimal; relying on in game play to shape the sessions.

    While this is working for the players , I am finding I am not enjoying the GM experience as much. Without some decent core prep, I'm finding my games are becoming either very "vanilla" fantasy or a chaotic blur as I work to satisfy player agency and freedom.

    I get that you don't want to rail road players, or just play the GM's story, but the more I use the current advice of minimal prep and lean on player input, I feel no investment in the games and I believe it is making me less effective as a GM. I feel a bit like a video game vs a fellow player.

    is there a happy medium here? Can the GM have more creative control over the world / setting while still providing player freedom?