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    Is there a source available that has good rules for building a battle Mage class?

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    Not really. We need a Warrior Dabbler and a Rogue Dabbler Specialization.


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      Well, there is an Arcane Dabbler Specialization in the Fantasy Companion on page 22. Alternatively, a new school of Battle Arcana could be created pretty easily.
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        In my honest opinion, i have a player who is a mage and she took the Heroic Arcana and took the Bard Specialization at level 4. her reasoning behind this was to create a "Battledancer". it was an idea she had for the Elves of my current world to do. Battledancers are mystics who enhance themselves and allies with their voice. This performance; called the "Dance"; empowers allies or herself with heighted combat capabilities. She told me that in order for her to do this, she has to enter a sort of trance-like state and let her instincts take over. Similar to the way Battle Meditation works in Star Wars.

        you could also trade the Bard for Sword Mage and that gives you training with a sword of choice, further enhancing your combat prowess. this combination makes a fine Battle Mage. but, its just my opinion, take it for a grain of salt. and best of luck to you in figuring this all out.
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