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  • TitansGrave...the Null Blade (Concept)

    For those who have seen my TitansGrave might recognize this but i want to expand on it a touch.

    Shortly after the Solar Reckoning; just before the Prophet came into power...There were an elite group of people calling themselves the Praetorians. These elite guardians trained to be a world-wide police force to stop evil and another empire from taking over. They came from all walks of life and from all races. these Praetorians dedicated themselves to preserving peace and light in the world of Valkana.

    The Praetorians used a special weapon they called the Null Blade. the Null Blade was a weapon designed to emit a powerful force blade. the Hilt was ornately made and featured a magically powered inner core that used specific crystals to create the blade. no one really knows how the Praetorian Mechanists did it but many speculate that it led to the modern "Powered Weapon".

    The Blade was typically a white color when turned on, but sometimes the color would change based on its connection to the user. other colors include red, blue, green and sometimes pink and orange.

    the blade is used as either a Short Sword or Long Sword (Dealing either 1d6+2 or 2d6 damage respectively). they use Accuracy or Fighting (Based on the blade) and use 1 charge of a Battery for every minute (4 combat rounds) active. Triggering the Blade is a Minor Action and you have a +2 circumstance bonus to any TN to hide or conceal the hilt.

    You are considered Trained in the Null Blade if it is created for your background. Even if you do not have the Weapon Training in the Light or Heavy Blades Weapons Group. however, the Null blades do not use the Light or Heavy Blades Weapon Group Focus; instead under Accuracy or Fighting you can gain the Null blade focus that will act for the Null Blade.

    When a Praetorian is trained they get one Null Blade. Mages get the Short Sword version, Warriors get the Long Sword version and Rogues get the choice of which type they want.

    Also, in the campaign; the GM may wish to reward a Power Crystal to empower the Praetorians Null Blade. only one type of Power Crystal may be equipped in a Null Blade at a time, but each one adds a unique effect. here are some sample Power Crystals:
    1. Adegan: This Crystal allows you to use the effects of the Healing Touch Spell once per day without spending Magic Points
    2. Bondar: When you strike with the Null Blade, the target must pass a TN 13 Constitution (Stamina) Test or they are Stunned for 2 rounds and can only take Minor Actions
    3. Dantari: this Crystal holds 5 MP that a Mage can use instead of their own. The MP used recharge at dawn each day
    4. Fikrann: If the Stunt Die is a 6 (even without Doubles being rolled) the damage is increased in the attack by +3
    5. Kasha: This Crystal provides a +2 bonus to resist Magical Effects
    6. Katan: Compresses the Blade; adding +1d6 to the Damage
    7. Lorrdian: Adds a +1 Bonus to Defense when using the Defend or Guard Up Actions (Stacked on top of the normal bonuses received by those actions)
    8. Quion: Adds a +2 bonus to Casting Rolls if held by a Mage
    9. Rubat: Damage becomes Piercing
    10. Ruusan: Reduce the MP cost of spells cast by 1 point down to 0
    11. Sekabet: Adds +1 bonus to Spellpower if used by a Mage
    12. Sigil: adds a +1 bonus to Dexterity Tests (Including Initiative Rolls) when active
    13. Vexxtal: Once per Encounter, the user can use a Major Action to heal him/herself by 1d6+Constitution in Health or 1d6+Willpower in MP
    (AS A NOTE: The names of these Crystals were taken from the Star Wars Wiki on Kyber Crystals. i liked the names and wanted to keep them since they kinda fit with the realm of Valkana as well. Please do not sue...also if you wish to change the names...please feel free, they are kinda placeholder anyway...)

    There can also be many more Power Crystals if the GM decides to make more. the effects should be simple and easy to understand that way the blades themselves do not get too OP and ruin the flow of the game. the idea of a new Crystal to enhance a characters abilities are always fun to play around with.

    Let me know what yall think and if their should be any changes. thanks and good night!
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