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Qunari race for F-AGE?

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  • Qunari race for F-AGE?

    So, qunari are my favorite part of the Dragon Age setting & one of my favorite fantasy races in general; I think Bioware did a great job with introducing something interesting & original into the setting with them, and I'm always interested in incorporating them into my homebrew settings, whatever system I happen to be using.

    Dragon AGE has three backgrounds for qunari - as in the large, grey/bronze skinned, (usually) horned, vaguely draconic humanoids that make up the bulk of the Qun, who stubbornly refuse to have a proper name for their race/species. Beresaad, Tal'vashoth, and Ben'Hassrath. Backgrounds for a loyal soldier, a self-exiled defector, and an undercover religious spy.

    But unlike Dragon AGE, Fantasy AGE separates race & background, so in practice in Fantasy Age that'd be one race with three separate backgrounds. So I'm wondering if anyone's put together a conversion for the qunari race for F-AGE separate from the backgrounds they're attached to in the D-AGE rpg?

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    Taking a look at the various AGE source books then clearest difference in the race/background mechanics is that all the others get a background choice of one of two focuses. Either let players pick any focus that helps them define their characters most skilled nature. Or find the existing backgrounds in a source book and use that for the choice.

    EG F-AGE core rule book, use the soldier, exile/radical, and initiate/squire to add to the qunari beresaad, talvashoth, and benhassrath.

    Lots of good backgrounds in the FAGE companion. Even BlueRose has some cultures/nations that you could try and map to the Qunari, those give you a choice of one of three focuses.

    In conclusion give any of the races in DAGE a bonus focus choice and bring them over to FAGE. Race/Benefits are virtually identical across all AGE products with differences being only small advantages at best.
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