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  • Idea: Arcane Archer

    Okay, so my idea is rather simple. (this actually comes from watching a movie called DragonNest. Great movie and based off an MMORPG i think.) This Specialization is for Rogues and Warriors who want to become the ultimate archer.

    The idea is that many centuries ago, Elves learned how to focus magic into their weapons and soon Arcane Archery became a staple for Archers and Warriors to learn; offsetting their combat skills with a little magic. Runes are carved into the bow and arrows and with a breath of willpower, they can be triggered by the archer. Other races can learn how to do the things the elves can but with far more difficult training (Elves invented it so they have a natural affinity for it).

    CLASS: Rogue or Warrior
    REQUIREMENTS: Elf Race or Willpower of 2 or higher. Training in the Bows Weapons Group
    NOVICE: You learn 3 effects (Listed Below) that you can trigger as a Free Action once per round when using your Bow to attack
    JOURNEYMAN: You learn 2 more effects (Listed Below)
    MASTER: You learn 1 final effect (Listed Below)

    ELEMENTAL: Select Fire, Frost or Electrical. Your attack will deal a +2 damage bonus with that element. you can select one element each time you take this
    CHARGED: By spending an entire round to charge the Bow, you deal extra damage on the attack equal to your Strength
    SPLIT SHOT: your arrow splits into multiple. You can hit a number of targets equal to your Willpower (Minimum of 2 targets) so long as they are all within range of your weapon and within 10 yards of the designated first target. you do not have to make an attack roll for each one, just the main target and see if they hit based on each targets Defense Rating
    HOMING SHOT: If the attack misses, you can control it and try to attack again as a Minor Action on your next round. you can try again a number of times equal to your willpower
    BURST SHOT: Requires at least one element Effect. your Element of Choice above will not explode when it hits, dealing 1d6 damage to all within 5 yards of the original target if they fail a TN 13 Dexterity (Acrobatics) Test.

    I do not have any more yet, but if anyone gets any more ideas, let me know and i will try to add them. I'm also considering some really strong effect that are limited to Degree as well as having another Effect as a Prerequisite.

    Anyway, thats all for now and i hope you all have a great day
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    Arcane Archer sounds like a neat idea! However, these effects seem too strong and front-loaded compared to other specializations. Three effects at Novice rank is awesome, but only 1 effect at Master rank? I recommend doing 1-1-1 with a strong Master effect for the number of effects gained with some free ribbon abilities here and there (e.g. unlimited arrows).


    Regarding Burst Shot, I don't like effects that force me (as the GM) to make multiple rolls (I like to try to keep combat moving with a high tempo). So, I recommend modifying it such that the archer makes a single Intelligence or Willpower roll against the creatures' Defense rating (or 10 + another ability)

    Regarding Homing Shot, I find that it has too much bookkeeping (the Willpower limitation). So, how about a simple re-roll and limiting it to Master rank? "If you make an Accuracy (Bow) test, then you can reroll it, but you must keep the second result." This increases your chance to hit against dextrous targets and a greater chance of generating SP on less dextrous targets.

    You can also introduce Arcane Shot (Master only). "You can add your Willpower to the damage of your Bow attacks." Now players will have to choose between dealing more damage or hitting more often and getting SP more frequently.


    Instead of creating new effects, consider lifting some of the restrictions on bows. For example:

    Disarming Shot - Your Bow attacks may benefit from the Disarm combat stunt.

    Disruptive Shot - Your Bow attacks may benefit from the Disruptive Arcana arcane stunt.

    Split Shot - You can take a minor action to allow your next Bow attack to automatically benefit from the Dual Strike combat stunt.

    Charged Shot - You can perform the All-Out Attack action with your Bow. Sidenote: In my games, I modified All-Out Attack such that attacks automatically benefit from the Mighty Blow combat stunt, but at the cost of 2 Defense until the start of their next turn.
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      Agreed that they’re too strong. Do they stack with each other? Some are redundant with stunts, as well.