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kingdom hearts for Fantasy Age

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    Re: kingdom hearts for Fantasy Age

    i forgot to mention that Magic will also grant the Def against certain types of magic. Fire/Ice/Thunder/Light/Dark/Gravity/Time and so on. for each focus under Magic, you gain a +2 DEF against that element as well as the Bonus to Spellpower for that element
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      Re: kingdom hearts for Fantasy Age

      Summon - Since summons in the game are the will of the heart, it's a AP ability, and they will remain in battle for a number of rounds equals to your Willpower, +1 round for for extra AP spent.
      They would have three categories:

      Combat summons - Full sheet summon, with special stunts.
      Utility summons - A summon that grants a ability.
      1-time summons - A summon that makes a single action then disappears. (mora like the CoM summons)

      However, they should be not Characters, i see it. Characters have a reason that they can be summoned. I'd be more like summoning from FF series, or the Dream Drop Distance series.