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    Re: Talent Tiers idea

    Interesting thoughts.

    I also agree that the starting values seem a bit high, especially if you manage to roll well on them. Not to mention there is also the possibility of getting higher values from choosing a race. Perhaps removing them from the races and replacing them with something else will also help, though if you roll well you could theoretically have all your abilities at +3 or even +4 at level 1.
    It's not as bad if it's just one of them, but if it's all across the board it's a bit much, in addition characters with average values for their abilities don't excel at specific things.. which makes them seem "average" regardless of how high the value is. At least personally, as a player, I'd much rather play someone who has obvious strengths and weaknesses, it is more fun to RP and good to see if this reflects somewhat in the rolls.

    Another thing you could do is add something like traits, a while back there was a topic about this, basically you have a trait that changes something about your character and this reflects in a slight bonus in a particular area and a penalty in another area for rolls. But what if you would design these so the penalty always applies to rolls (i.e. penalty ability values), but the bonus applies to something else. This would lower the roll value, through penalties, while still giving the player something in return.

    For example...
    "Heavy" You are physically very though and heavy and you can definitely take a punch, but your movements are slower than average.
    Bonus: You take -1 damage from all sources.
    Penalty: You get a -1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and dexterity tests.

    But all in all these would be small tweaks with +1 here, -1 there etc.. at higher levels you don't really avoid the idea of not rolling to hit, but rolling to stunt.

    Maybe the question is, is that REALLY a problem? I mean I agree that it becomes TOO easy to hit at a certain point and let's be honest, you can 'max out' your hit stat at a very early stage in the game. The thing is that if you hit, you deal damage and you possibly stunt. if you don't hit... you do nothing..AT ALL.
    The difference between a failed attack roll and someone who stunts (which is quite common at 45%) is huge.

    Another way to look at it for any test where the TN seems too low: if you want to create some Baddie that is amazingly difficult to hit, what's keeping you from 'simply' setting his defense to something obnoxious like 18? With a +7 to hit they'd need to roll at least 11, which lowers the hit chance to 50%.. given all your players maxed out their hitstat and got a weapon focus.