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    Re: GM vs Player ?

    Originally posted by vincegetorix View Post
    Do you allow your players to switch stat rolls at creation? If not, just make him roll 9 times, then let him choose where he wants to put each score, I think that this is the better way to handle random rolls for char creation.
    Back in my day (pointing at at the grey in my beard and hair) we only had the random rolls. And that's why I'm going to be doing it for the TG campaign I'll be starting at the turn of the month.

    That being said back when we basically only had that red box game and no one even thought of a point buy system for pass consumption.... *old man muttering*.... Part of the good thing about the random rolling is having some stats that are totally crap. Think bull in a China Shop or the profesor who can do calculus in his head but has problems finding his way around a college campus....

    ... For my players I'm going to have them write down the attribute rolls on a scrap paper and place them in the attributes they want. It's the compromise between the random and wanting to play a specific class.

    Gaming wise few things suck as much as really wanting to play a Rouge and then rolling bad for your primary attributes. that at least lets a player have a decent chance at their character concept unless they are trying to go for Buff Killington who is awesome in everything.

    Lest we remember Traveller where you could die during character creation. Or TMNT or Gamma World where your mutations were random and could be 34506% off the freaking wall.

    We used to do the "scrap paper rolls" back in the early 80's, if you're going for the dice rolls it's the best you can do and still keep it random while trying to keep your character concept.