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  • Sailor Moon for FAGE

    I've seen Dragon Ball being displayed for FAGE as well as Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac. I'm thinking about writing a Sailor Moon book for FAGE. I have a Sailor Moon RPG book so given the limited knowledge of the AGE System, I'll try to convert the Tri-Stat System from that guide to this.

    If you have ideas for Sailor Moon characters for FAGE, feel free to add on.

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    Re: Sailor Moon for FAGE

    I like this idea! Keep me posted on your progress! I'd love to play this.


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      Re: Sailor Moon for FAGE

      I think the main problem you have is that the power levels in that series were massively variable depending on what was demanded by plot convenience.

      Can you affect only one creature or the entire planet?
      How do you deal with the fact that battles tended to involve running and screaming for a good 3 minutes before effectively 1-shotting the enemy? Or that only Sailor Moon is capable of defeating anything? Or how would you handle Tuxedo Kamen's random but apparently usually necessary interventions?

      If you go by the manga, it is even worse as there are probably less than 50 individual characters counting every single minion ever brought into existence throughout the entire run. And everything dies from the first attack aimed at it-- hero or villain, which is not going to work out well if the result is randomly determined rather than determined by plot.

      The series is also such that once you allow character generation you kill all the themes and concepts of the series all together.

      It doesn't seem like more than the bare basics would translate well at all.


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        Re: Sailor Moon for FAGE

        You put it a bit better than I could, muneshige. Usually you see these "oh new system let's adapt everything" messages pop up...

        Sailor Moon isn't exactly a series that translates well into an RPG, because it is so centrally based off of specific characters and plot lines. More action oriented anime, like Dragonball, Saint Seiya, Fist of the North Star... Those would be a little easier but then you run into problems with plot and power levels like you had said.

        What about weapons? Armor? Attacks? Enemies? Combat would end up a back-and-forth battle of slinging the same ranged attack at one another until something died. Doesn't personally sound fun at all.

        Am I lambasting this adaptation? No, but I don't think it would work out from a game design standpoint. You would likely want to spend your time a little bit better and play BESM if you're that into the anime games, or just play AGE how it was intended.
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          Re: Sailor Moon for FAGE

          I'm with the others on this one. Why Age? I don't see it as a good system for a "supers" level setting. I would try Savage Worlds for that, it has a lot of support for supers and the fan community adaptated lots of settings, specially the famous ones.
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