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The Screaming Knights

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  • The Screaming Knights

    I am looking for feedback on this specialization I worked on today, mainly looking for impressions of whether it is too powerful. Any feedback is appreciated, as well as ideas of how to implement the ideas in different capacities.


    Screaming Knight
    Warrior Specialization
    The Order of the Knights Screaming have played pivotal roles in securing the independence of Ymirum from the Draconic Imperium, deposing the Magni dynasty, and quelling feuds between the Jarls. Though their famed ability to scream is not passed through the blood, they jealously guard the secret of learning the scream.

    Screaming Knight Talent
    Classes: Warrior
    Requirements: Fighting and Constitution 3 or higher

    Novice: You can perform Thunder Bellow, a special combat stunt for 5 SP. This allows you to horse all enemies within 12 yards of you to make a Constitution (Stamina) test against TN 12 + your Constitution. A successful Constitution (Stamina) test dazes the victim, afflicting a -1 penalty to all their tests until the the end of the encounter. A failed Constitution (Stamina) test afflicts the same penalty, plus the victim cannot take any actions on their next turn.

    Journeyman: When you perform the Thunder Bellow stunt, you can spend +1 SP to inflict 1d6 + Constitution penetrating damage on all afflicted targets. A successful Constitution (Stamina) tests halves the damage inflicted.

    Master: You can perform Shatter and Rumble, a special combat stunt for 7 SP. This allows you to rend and destroy walls or buildings in a 6 yard radius within 30 yards of you, as well as mimicking the effects of an earthquake spell.

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    Re: The Screaming Knights

    I would have to play test it a bit, but it does seem like it would be overpowered. Dazing everyone within a 12 yard radius for an entire encounter is a lot of effect for a novice skill. I would shorten the range and/or possibly make it a cone of damage rather than a radius.

    The Journeyman skill seems ok as long as it was toned down as above. Shortened range and/or cone instead of radius.

    On the master skill, I may be misunderstanding the rules (I'm still new at this system and just working on my campaign setting) but wouldn't it be impossible to get 7 SP? I would thing the best you could do is double 6's giving you 6SP to spend. Again I thing this one would be better as a directional cone rather than a radius. Pick the direction of your scream and it can take down a wall in that direction rather than all the walls around you.

    I like the idea of a screaming banshee like knight. Lots of good imagery that comes long with that.


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      Re: The Screaming Knights

      They're all too strong. Stunning all enemies in a 12 yard radius is nasty, especially with 1d6+(3+) damage... All for 6 SP -- especially when adding +1d6 to spell damage is about that much SP. The Master level also has some serious non-combat advantages that need to be considered.


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        Re: The Screaming Knights

        Cone seams more than reasonable. 6 or 8 yards in length?

        Also, I could have sworn there was a rule in Fantasy Age that was identical to the one in Dragon Age where you get +1 SP when you generate them after 11th level, but I can't seem to find it. That makes the master ability unattainable as written.