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List of AGE Resources

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  • List of AGE Resources

    Big List from

    PDFs available from Green Ronin:
    Tomb of the Seeress
    Tomb of the Seeress is the first of the Battle & Loot PDF series. It is built around the resting place of an ancient sphinx slain by mighty heroes in ages past. Tomb of the Seeress includes three new monsters, associated treasure tables, and new magic items and rewards. Perfect for your AGE fantasy campaign!

    Freeport Backgrounds
    This product provides eleven backgrounds for use with Freeport: nine from the original article and two new ones (Goblin Sneak and Hobgoblin Tough). Get AGE Explorations: Freeport Backgrounds today!

    Gifts of the Gods
    Paladins and priests, shamans and monks, the pious and the revered from virtually any faith you can imagine, they all gain new options and potency in your AGE-powered campaign when you add in this product's centerpiece: the Divine Gift talent.

    AGE Bestiary: Giants
    Larger than life threats, giants are a staple in fantasy, mythology, and folklore. There's something about angry, powerful humanoids of truly monstrous size that sparks terror and wonder. Giants come in various sizes, types, and range from savvy tricksters to near-mindless brutes. This PDF provides background and rules for using giants in your AGE campaign, including three giant types, elemental giant customizations, gigantic creatures, giant-slaying weapons, and the half-giant background.

    AGE Bestiary: Beastmen
    Strange mixtures of animal and beast, the idea of the bestial humanoid who combines human cunning and animal ferocity can be found in numerous cultures and entertainment media. From heroic half-animal men to hungry tribes of man killing beasts, they can be a serious threat or unusual ally to many adventurers. Includes cute and furry and dangerous beastmen, centaurs, fish men, minotaurs, and reptile men, and rules for cursed and tribal beastmen.

    AGE Bestiary: Alien Horrors
    Alien horrors are terrible creatures from beyond space and time. Their bodies and minds conform to strange laws foreign to normal mortals. Possessing potent sanity-bending abilities and physical might, they are a threat not only to the stalwart adventurers who battle them, but to reality itself. This product includes tips on integrating alien horrors into your AGE campaigns, along with rules for three different breeds: the alien hybrid, the extra-celestial spawn, and the hunter horror. Also included are the alien horror template for customizing other creatures, a new focus (Eldritch Lore), and notes on using forbidden texts and playing an alien hybrid.

    AGE Bestiary: Chimeric Creatures
    A motley collection of animal parts brought together in one terrifying package, chimeric beasts are a mainstay of fantasy fiction, mythology, and roleplaying settings. From the noble half-lion half-eagle griffons to various abominations crafted from twisted occult science or sorcery, these creatures provide a serious challenge to even the hardiest adventurers.
    Includes AGE system entries for the chimera, cockatrice, griffon, hawkbear, hippocamp, manticore, questing beast, and yali, along with rules for customizing or creating your own chimeric beasts.

    AGE Bestiary: Draugar
    Writer Byron Molix and Developer Jack Norris take to the frozen barrows and icy waters of the North to bring you the menace of the draugar. Restless murderous undead returned to torment the living, the draugar are a great resource for any GM looking to add some new threats to their campaign. In addition to several examples of various draugar, this product includes a template for creating your own undead monsters and customization options for the included monsters.
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    Re: List of AGE Resources

    Originally posted by raineym View Post
    Over on the G+ F/AGE Community, I have shared some Player and GM resources I have created. I decided to post the links to them here to help spread the goodness that is F/AGE and to help anyone who loves F/AGE.

    I also invite everyone here to join the G+ F/AGE Community over on G+ to help make it a stronger community.

    Character Record Sheet v.1.01
    Spell Sheet v1.0
    Stunt Cheat Sheet v1.0
    Quick Reference Cards v1.0
    CD Case GM Screen Inserts v1.0

    From Raineym
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      Re: List of AGE Resources

      Fildrigar's Quick and Dirty Monster Conversion Guide.
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        Re: List of AGE Resources

        Bighara's conversions:
        Draft Horse
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          Re: List of AGE Resources

          Jack, the FAGE designer, gives some monster design advice
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            Re: List of AGE Resources

            3 ressources in french : charsheet, combat card and reference page.


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              Re: List of AGE Resources

              The Atomic Fage Resources:

              Expansion and House rules with new weapons, arcana and magic, rune cults/mystic orders, talents, specialisations, and more.

              New monsters

              Character sheet
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              The (updated) Fantasy AGE Atomic Expansion with new arcana, talents, specialisations, expanded magic rules, and arcane orders/rune cults.

              Fantasy Age Atomic Monster Index Vol. 1 with 21 new monsters and 7 types of minions.

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