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Hello, let me tell you about this thing I made.

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  • Hello, let me tell you about this thing I made.

    Hi, a few of you may recognize me from, but I am very new here.

    I have really enjoyed DA in the past for a short game, and wanted to try a longer one. Not being a huge fan of the setting and a few other things I hacked the AGE system to work in my new setting.

    I redid the classes, and tweeted a few of the monsters and stuff.

    I was wondering if this would be a good place to ask for advice about this kind I house ruling and stuff. Cause while I enjoy AGE I am not as intimately familiar with it as i am other systems.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Hello, let me tell you about this thing I made.

    any link to your work?


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      Re: Hello, let me tell you about this thing I made.

      Originally posted by exef View Post
      any link to your work?

      I made this Obsidian Portal page to keep track of information and share stuff with the players. It is like 90% setting fluff, but i put the rules for the various classes on here so you could see them, I apolgize if the lack of formatting makes it hard to understand, it is very late here.



      There are 5 classes

      Bard: Some Magic, some fighting ability, some health, some social skills. Classic jack of all trades master of none. They get bonus talents as their class features.
      Commander: A warrior class who focusing on leading and supporting the other party members.
      Fighter: They have lots of hit points, access to most weapons and combat talents, and can wear heavy armor. Their class abilities actually heal them from damage so they can keep fighting.
      Mage: They are the weakest class, but have a formidable array of magic spells and their arcane lance ability.
      Rogue: They hide, sneak, backstab, and make good use ranged weapons.