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Wonders of Thedas Episode 75: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

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  • Wonders of Thedas Episode 75: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

    Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age roleplaying game needs!

    You can hear the episode above, or you can listen on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud!

    We wish we could say we are all healthy and happy to take on this new episode, but we aren't quite living the high life like the folks with the Orlesian Noble Background! Leona joins Reyn to discuss being a noble from one of the most powerful nations in Thedas, and how you can game the Game!

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    Thanks for listening, Thedosians!
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    Listening to your thoughts on the Orlesian Noble background did get me thinking about creating adventures for them. I do believe that a whole campaign could follow the fortunes of a House in the recent Orlesian civil war - the players could be social equals, or the Noble PC could be the sort of leader. A Game of Thrones type political campaign would ensue, which would be quite interesting. I think that certain events work very well as the backdrop to high society adventures in Orlais - masked balls of course, but also grand hunts, weddings and tournaments.

    I do think that another plot line, that has been explored in DA Inquisition, is that of peasant revolts. The 'Freemen of the Dales' are an interesting bunch who could easily pass for 'goodies' if they hadn't joined forces with the Elder One's cronies. Then there is Briala's Elvish revolt, who again could feature in adventures and are even more morally sympathetic.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!