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Dragon Age - A hit with the next generation...

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  • Dragon Age - A hit with the next generation...

    Hi All,

    Friday night, I had the pleasure of running my sons (11 & 13) and two of my eldest's friends (both 13) through the first part of the Dalish Curse from Set 1 (this is a modified version starting in Act 3; when the group enters the forest looking for the evil wizard Mythallen - I hand waved the lead in). Suffice to say it was a hit, with the kids having lots fun not only making their own characters but also with the combat they had against Mythallen's creatures.

    Positive observations:
    - Easy to pick up mechanics
    - The boys loved the stunt system
    - Enough core character gen stuff to allow them to be able to create their own characters - We have a grumpy dwarf warrior with a two-handed axe, a young, elven version of Gandalf, an elven hunter with looks out for the party and an assassin type rogue who only uses daggers!

    Only 'negative' observation, my son's friends (who have not gamed before, I believe) did have difficulty with the 'dice use' at times - rolling the same type of dice for tasks/to hit as well as damage was slightly confusing for them (the only thing I can see D&D having over this system - you don't use a D20 for anything but action rolls). Not a show stopper, but something I will need to be aware of next session.

    Regardless, I know everyone is looking forward to picking this up again in a few weeks' time!

    Marcus (Binder)