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Wonders of Thedas Episode 72: Book of Faces

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  • Wonders of Thedas Episode 72: Book of Faces

    Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age roleplaying game needs!

    You can hear the episode above, or you can listen on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud!

    Andy joins us to take on the newest release of the Dragon Age RPG: Faces of Thedas! We dig in deep about the why of this book, what you can find in this book, how you can use it, and our favorite entries! Bring your favorite Dragon Age celebreties to your games with Faces of Thedas, now available in PDF and print! If you pre-ordered the book it should be on its way to you now, and it should be hitting shelves within the next couple of weeks!

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    Thanks for listening, Thedosians!
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    Re: Wonders of Thedas Episode 72: Book of Faces

    Interesting to listen to, as ever. The team's thoughts on equipment for elite antagonists was thought provoking - the reason I like giving them the odd potion (instead of just more health or mana) is that it's a bit more interesting, requiring them to give up a turn of actions to take the potion, and also rewards the PCs with a little useful plunder if they find imaginative ways to take down their enemies quickly. It's also kind of 'realistic' in a sense, because surely NPCs would have potions too - they certainly take them in the computer games! I admit though that it can prolong combat a little and requires more book keeping.
    Similarly with superior weapons for elite enemies, I think I'd make sure that generally the weapons or runes they have are not better than those the PCs already have, so they get sold for loot rather than increase PC power levels.

    Regarding 'Faces of Thedas', I admit that I am rather more excited to see it than Andy is! Admittedly I have not got a copy yet, as it seems to be taking a while to become available on Amazon, but my sense of anticipation is growing. Sure, I'd have liked to have seen Fenris and Shale, but from what I've heard the only profiles I'd have not included are the enemies who have previously appeared in the DA rulebook, like the Architect - such content really was superfluous, with a high opportunity cost. However, it's not any kind of 'deal-breaker' for me, just regret at a missed opportunity. Little miscues I can also forgive, as they are easily remedied - like the Iron Bull's lack of a Reaver specialisation.

    To be fair, what I'd have liked to see more of, rather than specific individuals, would have been new specialisatons (Alchemist, Tempest, etc) or backgrounds (Golem!) - oh, and a 'Jar of Bees' grenade in a sidebar to Sera's profile!

    Anyway, I don't really have a solitary question for the next podcast, more a request to cover some of the actual relationship mechanics that are introduced in the Faces of Thedas supplement, with practical examples.

    Keep up the good work!