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Dragon Age Tutorial Series (Skull Hunter)

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  • Dragon Age Tutorial Series (Skull Hunter)

    Hey There, my name is Skull Hunter, a small starting youtuber, and Roleplayer and Gamemaster for the Dragon AGE tabletop RPG.

    I have been playing the Dragon AGE RPG for over 3 years, and have seen players come and go in the game, and decided to do a video series dedicated to teaching and playing the Dragon AGE RPG.

    Why I decided to do this is to bring new people into the hobby that we like and also show other experienced players how the game might be played in perspective of my side as a GM.

    Here is the first part of the series, where I introduce the game system.

    And here is the second part where I create a character with my friend, Marcel, who is new to the game and is going to help me out on future videos.

    More videos will be coming out hopefully, and I hope that you people will enjoy watching them.

    Until next time, I'll see you later!

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    Re: Dragon Age Tutorial Series (Skull Hunter)

    Dropped you a subscription and look forward to what you come up with.
    The Untouchable, the Avenger.


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      Re: Dragon Age Tutorial Series (Skull Hunter)

      Also dropped you a subscription and watched/liked the videos. I really like how you're walking someone new through it on video; it gives a new perspective on things. Looking forward to seeing more! Always glad to see Dragon Age RPG content.
      I'm Dreamsleever; I'm a huge Dragon Age fan. I'm currently learning the Dragon Age RPG system.