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Possible Wicked Grace Rules (for dice)

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  • Possible Wicked Grace Rules (for dice)

    I have a game session coming up in which players may be able to play Wicked Grace. So I went rule hunting and found this

    But I want something that works with dice. So here is my very quick first (and unplaytested!) idea for consideration.

    Using the suit rank, I decided to represent that by making Serpent cards rare and Angel cards common. Hence the below. If you get doubles, you increase card suit by 1 rank. So a value of 9 with doubles would be Daggers instead of Songs.

    Suit (Ranked in Order) Dice Value (3d6)
    Serpents 3-6, 17-18
    Daggers 7, 15-16
    Songs 8-9
    Knights 10-11
    Angels 12-14
    If I've worked that out correctly, probability is 11.11, 14.35, 21.29, 25, 28.23.

    Then, for simplicity's sake, the card's value is equal to the Dragon Die.

    I figure this could be played one of two ways.

    (1) Each person playing rolls 3d6 and it is a single card comparison.

    (2) Each player rolls either 9d6 or 15d6 (for a 3 card or 5 card game respectively) with 2/3 dice of one color/type and 1/3 of another. Or, at the least, half and half. Then they make cards by arranging the dice into triplets (each triplet must have a Dragon Die) and form hands. The only rule is that a single player cannot have two of the same card. (Multiple players at the table can, however). Then 5 of a kind, beat 4 of a kind, beat a full house, beat 3 pair, beat 2 pair.


    (ETA: This does not have an Angel of Death since I see it as one round of action rather than an ongoing game.)
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    Re: Possible Wicked Grace Rules (for dice)

    Playtested tonight with my table.
    Dice to cards made sense to them after a practice round. We only played with one card per player.

    The cheating mechanic needs work because a player pointed out that she is a worse liar than her character. She did think the roll to get caught was fair because a player has to decide to initiate that in the first place.

    There was concern over playing with more than one card because the player skill becomes an issue again. So the question is--do I make it purely chance driven or do I try to make it something where it is a game-within-a-game?

    Finally, I didn't even think about how betting would work. So that needs consideration in the rules as well.

    Anyway. Not a terrible first go!

    ETA: Another thing I should do is continue to work on the number to suit table. I think it would be more intuitive if a high dice value translated to a high card value.
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      Re: Possible Wicked Grace Rules (for dice)

      Current consideration--

      Roll out dice equal to 3xPlayers + 3 into a dice tray and cover it.

      Opening bet.
      Each player takes a turn to draw two dice from the covered tray without looking. On their turn, before drawing dice, they can try to cheat (see below).

      After everyone has their first two dice, there is a second round of betting.

      Then each player takes a turn to draw a third die from the tray. Regardless of what it and the other dice look like, this one is their Dragon Die. Once again, each player can try to cheat as described below.

      There is another round of betting and players reveal their 'card' using the same table I initially posted. High card wins.

      The would-be cheater rolls either Com (Deception) or Dex (Legerdemain).
      Any at the table wanting to catch this happening rolls Perception (Seeing). If they match or beat the cheater's roll, they know the cheating is happening.
      If they want to stop the cheater, they roll Dex (Initiative). Anyone who beats the cheater's initial roll can stop them. If more than one person rolls higher than the cheater, whoever rolled highest is the one to stop the cheater. This does give the cheater a slight advantage since those wishing to stop them must roll higher.
      If no one stops the cheater, they are able to cheat successfully.

      When cheating, a player gets to look at the dice in the tray and choose which ones they want. After they choose, the GM shakes the tray up, changing the dice.
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