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  • Charge action

    I realise that combat in DA is very mobile, with individuals darting about hither and yon - the lack of any Opportunity Attack type rule enables this. I try to hand-wave this away as an abstraction, even though the computer games themselves restrict movement in engagements. Be that as it may, I do feel that the Novice level of the Champion specialisation (basically, a version of War Cry from the computer games) requires some ammendment or house ruling, because as-written it can lead to some actions that approach the ridiculous.

    Basically, it encourages PCs to yo-yo back and forth each turn with the charge action, quite possibly bouncing against the same foe, in order to bellow the war cry and afflict nearby foes with a -1 to hit penalty.

    I am considering two possible rules changes (or a combination of them) and would be interested in hearing feedback, to add to the charge action. The first is influenced by another Green Ronin game (now out of print) - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition.

    1. The enemy must be at least 4 yds (2 squares) away from the character, and those last 4 yds must be in a straight line, so the charger can build up speed and line up with the target.

    2. The charge action may not be used if you begin your turn adjacent to any enemy.

    As I say, these two house rules could be combined. What are people's thoughts?
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    Re: Charge action

    I had to deal with this at the beginning of my first campaign in DA, and since then I've adapted the Attack Opportunity by using something similar to your 1st rule change, and also giving the players the option to do a Disengage Minor Action. I like this way better since it only restricts the player to do those "yo-yo" charges without forbidding them of using it at all for being adjacent.
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      Re: Charge action

      Itís silly, but Iím ambivalent to it. Yo-yoing keeps rogues competitive, and it could just be replaced with Aim. As for Champions, I never had anyone take that spec, but other bonuses are active more.


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        Re: Charge action

        What if you just had them spend a minor action to activate the power when they are adjacent to someone?
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          Re: Charge action

          I specifically didn't want to add in Attack of Opportunity or Disengage rules, as I feel they go beyond mere tinkering. Activating War Cry with a minor action also isn't sufficient, I feel, because a PC could just go one square back then one forward, as a 'charge'.

          I guess I'll give my rule teaks a try and see how they go. Thanks for the comments, though.


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            Re: Charge action

            I up the "stickiness" of melee combat in AGE, because myself and a subset of those I regularly game with cannot cope with it otherwise: but we all have some degree of HEMA experience. Rather than Attacks of Opportunity (which were frankly a terrible idea in 3.0 and only got more broken as they were revised), I impose a resource requirement to move whilst engaged.

            See previous discussions of AoO etc - (IIRC in their I also link to previous discussion on the old boards).




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              Re: Charge action

              I added AoO to Spears, as a part of the talent line. But I really didnít want to go further than that.

              Also, the mechanics are against yo-yoing between enemies: 2 weakened enemies are the same as at full health. Itís almost always better to focus and burn one down.