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  • Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

    Faces of Thedas is finally here! Help Green Ronin make it as great as it could be!

    page 5: last sentence of "Playing Anders" : "Fun, giggles, and delicious irony aren’t standard adventurer compensation, but then again, Anders is hardly ordinary, is he?" Might be best to remove "is he?" or at least replace it with "isn't he?"

    page 7: The stat block for Anders, Justice Vengenace Abomination has an entry in Class Powers called "Fade Armor." It's not mentioned anywhere else, and it looks like he likely gets his armor rating from his "warden battlemage leathers".

    page 18: more of a suggestion than an error. Hawke is referred to as "him" in the last paragraph of the "Relationships" section. It might be best to change it to "they" so as not to alienate the Hawkes who are not men.

    page 28: Rhys is referred to as a Templar. He is a mage.

    page 38: third paragraph of "The Feddics" the Deep Roads is referred to as the "Dark Roads".

    page 40: last paragraph of "Playing the Feddics" The sentence "It would likely never come up unless threaten or harm an old merchant and his developmentally divergent son," should probably include a "they" in between unless and threaten.

    page 44: the last paragraph of Personality, the first sentence reads "Flemeth is proud of her daughters, but physical and emotional love and foreign to her persona." The last "and" of the sentence should probably be changed to "are."

    page 87: the last sentence of the first paragraph, reads " Sten reported to the Arishok that the Warden was the only honorable man he met in Ferelden." "Man" should probably be replaced with "person."
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    Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

    Pg 52
    “Roll twice on the Incarnated Spirit table..”

    Should read “Ben-Hassrath table”.


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      Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

      Pg 71

      “Loghain’s only meaningful attachment is to his daughter to Anora.”

      Extra “to” in there


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        Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

        Only one person, a templar named Rhys, consistently remembered his existence, and the two became friends. Pg 28

        It should be mage and not templar.

        which revealed Cole’s mind-controlling abilities to be demonic in nature Pg 28

        To be those of a spirit/fade denezin

        Unable to fulfill its purpose from within the Fade, it instinctively pushed against the Veil and came through into Thedas, where it was able to hold the young mage’s hand as he died so that he wouldn’t be alone. After Cole’s death, suddenly uncertain of what it was or how it had come to be in the Spire, Pg 28

        Not accurate, being unable to help the boy Cole perverted the fragile spirit and left them in this confused state.
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          Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

          But when Bodahn met another exile from Orzammar, a noble named Bartran Tethras Pg 38

          Bartran was launching an expedition back into the Deep Roads, Pg 38

          followed Bartran to the city of Kirkwall. Pg 39

          Bartran’s business partner. Pg 39

          Bartrand not Bartran.
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            Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

            Along the way, they recruited Leliana, Oghren, Shale, Sten, Wynn, and Zevran as well. Pg8

            Not necessarily - all are optional.
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              Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

              Several other fates could have befallen Alistair during the last days of the Fifth Blight. Rather than ruling Ferelden alone,
              he could have married either his widowed sister-in-law Anora or the Hero of Ferelden.
              • If Anora and/or The Hero of Ferelden assumed the throne, then Alistair remained with the Grey Wardens and never
              took his father’s name. Years later, he continues to serve with the Wardens and fight for the good of the people of
              • If Loghain was allowed to take the Joining to help defeat the Archdemon Urthemiel, Alistair immediately quit the
              Grey Wardens in protest and began drinking his way across Thedas, even making his way as far as Kirkwall. He still
              misses the Wardens, but cannot bring himself to seek out those in Ferelden that would have Loghain among their
              • Alistair might also have sacrificed himself to defeat the Archdemon, and is remembered to this day as a great hero. Or
              perhaps in a fate he sees as worse than death, he might have sired Morrigan’s child.
              See Alistair the Warden and Alistair the Drunk for less kingly versions of Alistair.
              Pg 10

              The given variations around the Landsmeet are inaccurate, it is possible to let Loghain live and still have Alistair take the throne if he has been hardened. The HOF can ascend the throne alongside Alistair. The HOF can allow Anora to execute Alistair.
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                Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                Anora’s suspicion-fueled investigation into Loghain’s potential
                treason led her to be captured by her father’s ally, Arl
                Rendon Howe. She sent her maidservant to appeal to the
                Hero of Ferelden for help, though she revealed her pragmatism
                during the escape, allowing the Warden to be captured
                by Loghain’s lieutenant, Ser Cauthrien.
                Following Howe’s death and the Hero of Ferelden’s escape
                from custody, Anora finally acknowledged her father’s treason
                as fact.

                Both Loghain and Anora stated she was never in any danger, and that she was seeking to manipulate the warden. If you do not support her ambition to be queen, she will side against you in the landsmeet, support Loghain and announce you kidnapped her.


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                  Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                  There are also some fixes that are needed to the stat blocks. Where their stat number is mistakenly placed inside the parenthesis instead of before it.
                  The Untouchable, the Avenger.


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                    Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                    The Archdemon Urthemiel, the Old God of Beauty, is
                    anything but beautiful, twisted by the Blight into a truly
                    nightmarish creature. Slumbering deep beneath Thedas, it
                    awaited the endless searching of the darkspawn
                    Pg 13

                    Relatively significant if this is deliberately implying the old god was blighted before becoming an Archdemon, though the use of the word archdemon here leads me to believe it is a mistake.
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                      Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                      and Anthony’s passing severed her only true emotional attachment.
                      Nothing and no one ties Cassandra to Nevarra or her
                      so-called family.
                      Pg 23

                      If a mage Inquisitor summons instructors, World of Thedas mentions she will meet secretly with the Nevarran necromancer as per Nevarran custom. Cole will also comment on her uncle, saying he misses her, something that she will reply to with clear emotion. So the above statement seems innacurate?
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                        Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                        Cullen argued that such was unnecessary, that they
                        could still control the city without killing all of the mages.
                        However, it was too late. The Circle rebelled against the
                        templars, with the Champion of Kirkwall eventually intervening
                        to stop the First Enchanter, who had used blood magic
                        in a desperate attempt to defeat Meredith’s soldiers. Though
                        the rebellion was put down, Meredith ordered her templars
                        to attack Hawke, claiming the Champion had been conspiring
                        against her the whole time.
                        Pg 31

                        This is not the case, not in his comments in DAI, what we see in DA2, and not in world of Thedas. He fought with the templars (though with misgivings), however was disillusioned entirely when she threatened and attacked her own people.
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                          Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                          She did not, however, prevent Wynne from passing this information to each Circle
                          of Magi throughout Thedas before it could be acted on.

                          She in fact ordered it be done. This is stated by Wynne in the book Asunder.
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                            Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                            calling a summit to negotiate a truce between the mage rebellion
                            and the templars splintered from the Chantry. The Divine
                            Conclave, as it has been named, is held in 9:40 of the Dragon
                            Age, and through it Divine Justinia hopes to reach a resolution
                            to not only stop further bloodshed,
                            Pg 33

                            The conclave was in 9:41 dragon not 9:40.
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                              Re: Faces of Thedas Errata Suggestions

                              Ever the cunning merchant, Bodahn managed to bribe his
                              jailers and escape to the Deep Roads, where he did some
                              salvaging of his own. It was during his escape through the
                              Deep Roads that Bodahn came across Sandal, a young, lost
                              dwarf who was left abandoned during a Deep Roads hunting
                              expedition. The time spent alone in the Deep Roads was
                              not kind to Sandal, and the dwarf Bodahn stumbled upon
                              suffered from dwindling mental capacity and a possible
                              lyrium addiction, due to the intensity of his exposure in the
                              Deep Roads.
                              Pg 38

                              He didn't find Sandal during his escape, Sandal lived with him in Orzammar for a time. He went on an expedition to find a lost wall of carvings and gems - and found Sandal there - they were attacked by darkspawn and Bodahn fled, bringing Sandal with him. The incident that had Bodahn leave Orzammar was later.

                              It has been outright stated by the devs that Sandal does not have limited mental capacity.
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