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Question on Expert Strike

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  • Question on Expert Strike

    Our group recently achieved levels high enough for my warrior to use Expert Strike. If a player sets Expert Strike at a certain point (-3 to +3), should it apply to every "attack" action until the next round? I'm thinking about Lightning Attacks, Disarm checks, and that sort of thing. I can see arguments for and against: for because they are supposedly Experts; against because it becomes a bit too useful. I'd like to get some other points of view on this.

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    Re: Question on Expert Strike

    As far as I remember, it says that "when you attack", so I guess it would apply on any attack.
    I didn't consider the fact that this would mean that they could use Expert Strike for the Disarm stunt until now (my players tend to use Expert Strike for damage more than anything else).
    An idea I can come up with right now is to simply ignore Expert Strike on situations where the penalty on attack/damage would apply. eg: The Disarm stunt wouldn't apply with this "tweak".


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      Re: Question on Expert Strike

      I figured you could declare what you are doing on your turn and that modifier lasts until your next turn.

      This would mean any attack penalties would also apply to things like Disarm.
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