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'A Fragile Web' scenario thoughts

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  • 'A Fragile Web' scenario thoughts


    I just finished reading this scenario and am rather flumoxed by the behaviour of its major NPC - Bann Nicola Baranti. There's no 'shades of grey' about her - she's an absolute psycho who's grand plan for world domination seems to be: "And then I'll assassinate my grandson - my sole heir! That'll show them! Mwoah, ha ha!"

    I like the 'Stilled Tongue' plotline, but there seems to be no reason for her to later undertake such an elaborate charade to expose and frame the Society for the Restoration of Imperial Rule - they'd be prime material for exposure in a much simpler manner.

    If I ever run this scenario, I think I'd make her missing father a city elf, which would help explain her desire to have the alienage purged. In an Inquisition era game she'd make a good spy for the Qunari or the Venatori (or both).

    Oh, and I'd avoid her attempting to assassinate her sole heir...