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  • Ferelden Nobility Plotlines

    Listening to the Wonders of Thedas podcast about the Ferelden Noble background, I found myself inspired enough to contemplate how GMs can use some of the unresloved issues within that nation (after DA: Origins) in their games. Indeed, whole campaigns could be constructed around the political manouvering after the Fifth Blight, Game of Thrones style.

    Royal Succession

    Two Grey Wardens can't procreate (because of the taint) and Anora seems unable to bear children (and is not getting any younger). Whether Anora or Alistair rule Ferelden therefore, the lack of an heir is a huge issue. Eligible noblewomen will be pushed forward by their families to marry a single Alistair - in any other situation, nobles will be jostling to improve their claims for the throne once the current ruler passes. Interestingly, if King Alistair consumated the Dark Ritual with Morrigan, Kieran could well be the sole claimant with Theirin blood - he'd be a 'Bastard King' (as the Orlesians would describe it); but then, so is his father.

    Plot hook: Maric's legacy
    It was assumed that King Maric had died when he went missing, whereupon his son Cailen was declared King. However, it has since been discovered that this was not the case - Maric had been held prisoner by a Tevinter Magister and only recently passed away. Lawyers employed by powerful Ferelden nobility are putting forward the argument that Cailen's assumption of the throne was therefore technically illegitmate, as was whoever followed him, because King Maric still lived at that time. They press the case that a new Landsmeet should be held to vote on who the ruler should be.

    Teryns with no Heirs

    Duncan of Highever will be getting courted by many eligible ladies - he has no heir after his wife and son were murdered. Also, unless this is awarded to a noble Warden as a boon, Gwaren is likely to be vacant, stripped from Loghain if Alistair rules or ran by a Steward if Anora does. My own canon has an un-hardened Alistair as King, ruling alone - he let's the popular Dowager Queen Anora assume the Teyrn of Gwaren after ending the Fifth Blight. If Anora runs Gwaren, or it is vacant, the issue arises again of who will succeed to the title.

    Arling of Denerim

    Vaughan Kendells is likely to get himself killed during the events of DA: Origins, or soon thereafter. This leaves the Arling free to be awarded by the ruler of Ferelden, and means plenty of Banns will be jostling for position to gain it. Might Nicola Baranti from the GR adventure 'A Fragile Web', be angling to gain the prize?

    Bann of the Alienage

    King Alistair is definitely soft enough to consider raising a city elf to become a Bann, even if the Hero of Ferelden did not hail from the alienage. This is a useful source of endless political conflict between him and many of his nobles.

    Dalish Land Grant (Brecilia?)

    The grant of land to the Dalish is wise to effect in your game, even if the Warden was not Dailsh - it will provide yet more strife between the ruler of Ferelden and their nobles. Is the land independant, or does it owe allegiance and fealty to Ferelden? What happened to the humans who used to live there? Even if it was a wilderness, it was most likely nominally 'owned' by a number of nobles beforehand - have they been compensated? Do they still lay claim to land, resources or rights of passage?

    These are just a few thoughts to be getting on with. Even if some of the issues I focused on don't become a source of adventures, they can provide endless rumour in the background for the PCs to learn - "That's what I've heard on the road anyhow. Take it for what it is." A lot of the loose ends I described also aren't likely to be tied up by Bioware, so there's little fear of contradicting any canon, and they often arise regardless of choices made in the computer games.


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    Re: Ferelden Nobility Plotlines

    Excellent work! Glad we could inspire you!
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