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    Though we have stats for draft horses and riding horses, there aren't any for proper warhorses - destriers and coursers. After listening to the Wonders of Thedas podcast on Orlesian Chevaliers, I thought I would attempt to rectify this oversight - as today is the unofficial Dragon Age day, here follows my own contribtuion: suggested stats for an Imperial Warmblood!

    Imperial Warmblood (Warhorse)
    An imposing mount descended from stock and spread across Thedas during the height of Tevinter expansion.

    Communication -3, Constitution 6 (Stamina), Cunning -3, Dexterity 0 (Kick), Magic -2, Perception 1 (Hearing, Seeing), Strength 5 (Might), Willpower 1 (Morale)

    Speed: 16
    Health: 50
    Defense: 10
    Armour Rating: 3

    Weapon: Kick
    Attack Roll: +2
    Damage: 1d6+5

    Special Qualities
    Favoured Stunts: Knock Prone (1SP)
    Barding: Cloth barding gives the warhorse an AR of 3.
    Rider platform: an attacker mounted on the warhorse who makes an attack with a Charge major action, can use the Mighty Blow or Lethal Blow stunts for one less SP than normal, if armed with a lance.

    Cost: 1200 silver