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Celebrate Dragon 4ge Day with Us Tomorrow!

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  • Celebrate Dragon 4ge Day with Us Tomorrow!

    Hey folks! Did you know that tomorrow, December 4th, is a fan-made celebration of all things Dragon Age?

    What you may not know, is that we will be right in the thick of it!

    Join us in the Twitch stream of Ghil Dirthalen, a Youtuber who covers Dragon Age lore (and is worth checking out on her own)! She will be playing Dragon Age 2 tomorrow on Twitch, and at noon EST, Reyn and Jessica will be joining to talk about the RPG we all know and love here on the podcast and here on the forums!

    Jessica has class during the day, but Reyn will be back to join her again at 2pm EST! Join us as we stream for charity! I may have some small gifts in the way of converted items for when donations come through!

    Please join us for some Dragon Age excitement tomorrow, and check out all the other creators taking part in the first Dragon 4ge Day!
    If you enjoy the AGE system you might enjoy our podcast, The Adventure Game Engine Interest Series (The AGEIS)! Formerly known as the Wonders of Thedas, we talk about all iterations of the AGE system from Dragon Age to the Expanse! We do actual plays as well as discussion episodes where we take listener questions, feature fan creations, and share news about the AGE systems! Step through the portals to see the many worlds they hide!

    You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, listen to us on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and other places you get podcasts! You can contact us through our social media, Soundcloud, or by emailing us at !

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    Re: Celebrate Dragon 4ge Day with Us Tomorrow!

    Oh, and I may have submitted a certain something...