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Wonders of Thedas Episode 62: Add the Companion to the Party

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  • Wonders of Thedas Episode 62: Add the Companion to the Party

    Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age roleplaying game needs!

    You can hear the episode above, or you can listen on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud!

    Settle in, because Reyn tackles a big topic, and they don't do it alone! They are joined by Jack Norris from Green Ronin Publishing, one of the designers of the Dragon Age RPG and designer on other AGE titles! Jack is equipped with special knowledge of our topic today: the Fantasy Age Companion! This tome contains supplemental talents, races, backgrounds, optional rules, and more for Fantasy Age, and you can steal from it for Dragon Age! We go through the book and chat about what could fit easily, what might require some tweaking, and what might not be a good fit for Dragon Age! Enjoy this deluxe-sized episode and add the Companion to your party! We also talk about some custom smithing rules and how to talk to your players about how you want to play!

    You can see liszante's Smithing rules here, and follow the thread here!

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    Thanks for listening, Thedosians!
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    Re: Wonders of Thedas Episode 62: Add the Companion to the Party

    An absolutely superb episode that is virtually a 'must' for people to listen to. I'd already gleaned several things I felt ported over well to the DA game, but this gave me many more ideas. Certainly, I'd previously skipped the section on new races, but I do now believe that Beastfolk can work well as a magically engineered race and Draak would be perfect as the 'Scaled Ones' - the 'Blooded' can make good PCs too. A few other thoughts: I think the Gunfighter specialisation would work well for a mini-crossbow wielding character, as utilised by Isabela in the Dragon Age Inquisition multi-player game, where she uses a sawn-off crossbow as a sort of pistol. The 'Play Options' of chapter 8 alone deserve many threads of discussion on this forum - I'd be very interested to hear what experienced GMs and players think of them. I intend to use part of the wound rules, and will experiment with Stunt Pools and the Minion rules too.

    My question for a future podcast involves a section of the companion that was skirted over though - the new spells of chapter 3. Do you think Wall of Fire and Shocking Shield (changed to be called Static Charge) would work in the Dragon Age game well, given that those spells exist in the Dragon Age Inquisition universe? Where would you fit them in? I have my own ideas, discussed in a thread on this forum, where I would add them to the Elementalist specialisation you designed - what are your thoughts on that?

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work!