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    Originally posted by Parsival View Post
    Apologies for the threadomancy, but I do think it's quite interesting to study the stats that Alurvelve created and compare them to those in Faces of Thedas, now that we have that publication (mine just arrived from Amazon!). I used those of Isabela found in this thread a couple of months ago and am very pleased to see what a good job was done - there really isn't that much difference. In some ways, I prefer Alurvelve's creation actually - shortswords make more sense than daggers, and I think she ought to have Master level in Dual Weapon Style, for example. I would agree with the Faces of Thedas version though that reduces her Willpower but increases her Perception.

    Anyway, I would highly recommend that those GMs who have been bemoaning the lack of stats for Fenris, take another look at those contained within this thread - I'll think you'll find them perfectly useable and this thread is an excellent resource.
    I just got my copy these days. To be honest, Alurvelve did a better job than GR... I didn't like the stats on the book. Duncan IS OF THE WRONG CLASS. That's just ridiculous.
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      Thank you for the kind words about the write ups. It's funny looking back at things you made years ago. Then thinking, what could I have done different, better. The vast majority of these stats were all drawn up in one weekends worth of work. Knowing the characters slightly better now than I did then. There are certainly things I would change and adjust. One of the first things would be opening up the level variants. Besides that a few stat changes here, or focuses there.

      Faces of Thedas for me was a let down. Sadly. I had high hopes for that book. For a product that took so long to produce there were far to many glaring holes and mishaps in that book.
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