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  • Dragon Age Products 2020?

    Last year finally brought us 'Faces of Thedas'. Is there anything to look forward to for 2020? I fear that there isn't, except for compatable tidbits we can glean from Fantasy Age releases. A DA: Inquisition sourcebook was mooted a while ago, but the huge delay in getting Bioware approval for Faces of Thedas makes me doubt Green Ronin will want to put all the work into a product, when they are reliant upon the whims of others as to when they can release it.

    My own suggestion would be a DA Companion, with extra specialisations (Elementalist, Tempest, etc), spells and beasts (Gurgut, Phoenix, etc). I'd stay clear of lore which might contradict canon in any way, thus making it easier for Bioware to approve, so would probably not include any NPCs: that would be the problem with an Inquisition sourcebook, in my eyes - one would have to spend time outlining Samson, Calpernia, et al, which Bioware might want to go through with a fine toothcomb for inconsistencies. As an alternative, equivalents could easily be published for Fantasy Age, particularly regarding specialisations and spells.

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    I'd love to see more DA books, they talked about a new adventure book years ago but it was silenced. I really think that the experience with Faces of Thedas was enough for Green Ronin. This is just my personal view on the actual situation of the game. I have run Dalish Curse, Invisible Chains, The Autumn Falls and the three adventures in Blood In Ferelden. Now I'm playing D&D 5e but I left the door open for the players to start a campaign based on the original pc game after BiF. I don't think I "need" more books, but I'd like to see more love for this game since it has a special place in my heart for me.


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      Hmm... no mention of Dragon Age in Chris Pramas' preview of 2020, so I guess that's it for this year. I'm hopeful there'll be something we can gain from the Fantasy Age Lairs sourcebook but not much of anything else.
      Basically, it's down to us fans to provide extra material for the game. I'll chip in with the odd stats for a creature or a new specialisation if I can think of some. Let's keep the flame burning!


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        Considering how bad they butchered Faces of Thedas I highly doubt it
        Honestly, I think DA is dead :/
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          Do we have any rumors or hints at anything coming out for 2020? Next product I would like to see would be the Inquisition handbook. Giving us more monsters from the various games, rules on lyrium, etc.

          Tevinter Nights novel just came out. Maybe that can spark some interest. Overall the novel's stories were hit and miss. There were a few I truly enjoyed but also a few terrible ones.
          The Untouchable, the Avenger.


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            I don't see anything in the pipeline for the foreseeable future, except for what we can glean from our sister Fantasy Age game, like the new Lairs sourcebook.


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              Do any of the "more versed" (both in terms of knowledge of the computer games series as well as DA RPG aficionados) members of the community write adventures of their own? I try to write my campaign entirely myself, based on the events after Awakening. I don't know yet how successful this will be, we've yet only managed 2 sessions.
              While Green Ronin may have quit making DA stuff, I am sure there must be quality material out there made by people who frequent this forum; could it be an idea to arrange a contest or something? Winner of the best module gets ...honor and the acknowledgement from us all, and maybe a small prize as well? :-)