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DA 2 style 'Exploits'

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  • DA 2 style 'Exploits'

    I just wondered - has anyone done any work on bringing in rules for DA 2 style 'exploits' (basically croass-class combos)? There is 'Staggered', 'Disorientated' and 'Brittle'. Each state is inflicted upon an enemy by respectively Warriors, Rogues and Mages. Each one can be exploited by characters with the requisite skill set to inflict bonus damage.

    If the rules introducing them could be kept simple enough, they could lead to quicker combats as enemies are taken down faster.

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    I like the idea of Cross Class Combos being stunts. Whether the GM allowedthem right away or requires unlocking them through a stunt would depend on the table, but I like th idea!
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