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The Beliefs of Surface Dwarves

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  • The Beliefs of Surface Dwarves

    One of my players posted this twitter thread re: surface dwarves:

    Basically, she wants to know what surfacers who are 3+ generations out from living underground believe, especially since some of the ideas around the Stone/stone sense/etc imply that surface dwarves are soulless or, at least, have no kind of afterlife.

    Does anyone have any resources, ideas, well-written fanon, etc I can send her way?

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    Well, at least one well-known surface dwarf decided that that Chant of Light seemed like a better story than that. I imagine that might not be an uncommon perspective.
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      Based on what I've seen in the games and read in the books/etc., I would say Surface Dwarves are divided in two camps: those who revere and try to emulate what they believe is traditional dwarven behavior, as exemplified by Orzammar (Varric's brother is an example) and those who left this behind and simply emulate the beliefs of humans (Varric himself is Andrastian, for example, while Scout Harding sees herself not as a dwarf but as a "simple girl from Redcliff").

      This description of course is pretty simplistic but it can give your player some ideas to develop their character.
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