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Wonders of Thedas Podcast Episode 77: Many Faces

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  • Wonders of Thedas Podcast Episode 77: Many Faces

    Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age roleplaying game needs!

    You can hear the episode above, or you can listen on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud!

    While we're no transformers, Leona, Jessica, and Reyn discuss the esoteric and rare Mage specialization of the Shapeshifter. Take the forms of the beasts of Thedas, and you may find that the versatility of shapechanging can really reshape your campaign! We also talk about some creations from one of our loveliest fans, and answer questions about solo campaigns and Seheron!

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    It is very interesting to ponder exactly why the Circles of Magi officially deny the ability to change shape exists (though the lore seems somewhat contradictory anyway). Could it be that changing form is seen as so extraordinarily powerful that it must be banned, much as chemical weapons are in our own world? Might there be dangerous uses or side effects? Could a mage actually impersonate another person?

    Obviously, the computer games tend to focus on the combat applications (as does our RPG, to be fair), but the possibilities and in-game implications are vast. Travelling far? The form of a bird will do nicely. Exploring underwater? Plenty of sea creatures to morph into. Spying or scouting? Birds again. A typical 'heist', breaking into a stronghold? My preference would be a swarm of insects.

    I note that Genlock Shapeshifters also exist - what a great option for a Darkspawn super-villain!