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Dragon Age Origins as an adventure

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  • Dragon Age Origins as an adventure

    After reading the Titansgrave book I wished there were a similar book for the storyline of Dragon Age Origins. Has anyone run this as an adventure for the RPG? I imagine with different PCs (and more of them) the story would change somewhat.


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    Re: Dragon Age Origins as an adventure

    Not so far, at least on my end. So far I have mostly run small stints of DA, though my current run is an actual campaign. When I approach campaigns I normally like to let my own creative run wild, so the stories end up being largely my own. In this particular campaign I do intend to incorporate some of the officially published adventures, though the one I am doing now has been modified a bit to make it fit my own grand design. My time table places my troupe after the events of DA:O and Awakening (but before Witch Hunt) while DAII is happening in tandem to my own story.

    It could be an interesting concept, though, might just take a little bit of work on the GM to figure out some differences that are likely to come up or players doing things the video games didn't or couldn't account for (lot less walls and road blocks in the tabletop environment).

    One thing I did pillage from DA:O was the idea of customized origin stories for my player characters. They each started in different places, at different times, and as we went they slowly but surely all converged on one another. Made things feel a lot more natural, but took a lot of careful planning and thinking on my toes to make it actually work out.
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      Re: Dragon Age Origins as an adventure

      I know people have said they were going to do DA:O as a campaign, but never got more than that.


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        Re: Dragon Age Origins as an adventure

        Currently working on making a parallel adventure to DA:O by modifying A Fragile Web. Lots of cameos: Traveling with Duncan and Alistair to Ostegar, the capture of Sten, meeting Leliana and the Hawkes in Lothering, etc. There's even a young Sera running around Denerim. The twist will be when they find out that they're working with Logain against the Wardens and have the opportunity to redeem themselves.
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          Re: Dragon Age Origins as an adventure

          Alternate reality versions can be fun.

          Only some of the companions are actually plot relevant (Alistair and Morrigan etc), the rest don't really need to be there.

          So, you could run a game where plot relevant characters are npcs hanging with the pcs, or you could coopt the roles of those characters and give them to PCs.

          ie, Alistair's role is as ****SPOILER*****

          potential king due to being a bastard son of the previous one. It's not exactly that hard to give that role to a PC as part of their background (that they keep secret, or you do, from the party).

          Morrigan's role isn't as great, just her connection with flemmeth. So you can make a PC flemmeth's protege, or something.

          Apart from that, the Hero of Ferelden is the focus of the story. But the party can count as the heroes of ferelden instead. The fantastic 4...

          The actual plot of DAO isn't really that dependent on the companions in the game.
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