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Healing and Fatigue

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  • Healing and Fatigue

    My group just started using fatigue, However now I have unanswered questions:
    1) do all healing spells add fatigue or are there some that dont?
    2) What mage spells add fatigue?
    3) do any of the other class abilities now add fatigue that didn't previously?
    4) Does the rogue's armor class ability mean they can wear light leather, medium, or heavy leather, without penalties to dex and speed? Otherwise they would not be able to wear armor.

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    Re: Healing and Fatigue

    I am assuming you are using the Fatigue rules from the Esoterica. If that is the case, I think the answers are as follows (though anyone correct me if I am wrong):

    1) The only healing spell that adds Fatigue is Heal, though this is slightly disputed by the details on page 5. In total there are 9 spells that add Fatigue, they can be found on page 6 of the Esoterica Vault book.

    2) See the end part of the answer to question number 1.

    3) Receiving Fatigue is covered on page 5 for the most part. It is primarily a factor of equipment and stunts.

    4) This is actually a RAW question it looks like, and yes that is correct - the ability applies to any form of leather armor, but only the leather armors.
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      Re: Healing and Fatigue

      Excellent, I'm glad not all healing adds fatigue. And the rogues will be happy too.