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Adversary Threat Level

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    Re: Adversary Threat Level

    Or you could make a Running test after each round. Failure would yield a -2 penalty per test; success only a -1. Max of 4 sprinting rounds. Penalty would degrade -1/2 rounds. Maybe.


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      Re: Adversary Threat Level

      I've never bothered with a threat scale rating in games. I tend to decide if I want an easy, moderate or difficult fight and adjust numbers and creature/enemy types on the fly. I also liked what I re-learned in playing Risen on my PC, you don't always have to play fair and there are places player characters just can't go, enemies they just can't fight at certain levels. And thus I occasionally treat my players to the no-win scenario's.

      I don't know about a tried an true threat scale for GM's, but I've always been able to feel my way through with enough experience and time running a game. I trust you'll find your way too.

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