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  • [Resource] Alternate & Expanded Equipment

    Hey folks,

    So I posted up a while back on the old forums about the classless AGE ruleset I've been building that incorporates the FATE system (old thread is here for anyone interested).

    While I've somewhat ditched the FATE elements, the classless, more customisable system that I'm working with now has done exactly what I wanted and myself and my players are really enjoying it. One of the things I wanted to do was make weapons more distinct and somewhat expand the armour and I've finally gotten around to doing just that (Inquisition has me back loving Dragon Age). I've attached a link to the pdf if anyone fancies taking a look.

    Alternate AGE Gear

    Just a few notes:

    - No costs yet so "xxsp" is just a placeholder.
    - Alot of what I changed with the weapons was Min. Str. The way I've built the classless system it means its much harder to end up with high ability scores, so I've tried to balance the high damage weapons by giving them quite a high Str Requirement.
    - I've added Min. Str for armour for balance, though I may drop all requirements by 1 point.
    - I'm adding an Exploit (think Feat in D&D terms) called something like Battlemage or Warmage that will allow magic users to wear Light Armour without suffering strain. They'll still suffer Dex and Speed penalties unless they take Rogue Armour or Armour Training
    - I plan on revamping Staves to more closely reflect the Dragon Age CRPG, so the "Staves Group" will possible be null and void in the future.
    - Strain will be Armour Penalty + 1

    EDIT: Just spotted I forgot to put in about bows group using perception for damage.

    EDIT 2: Forgot to explain the Urgrosh. I've basically just lifted it from D&D. Its a two handed weapon with a battle axe one end and a spear the other end. Battle axe end is wicked, spear end is agile.
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    Re: [Resource] Alternate & Expanded Equipment

    Why is "agile", besides daggers, applied mostly to the largest and most unwieldy weapons? Besides the two types of dagger there are three other "agile" weapons:
    1. the biggest spear you can find, weapon basically bigger than its wielder
    2. a smaller spear, but weighted on the other side with a BIG piece of metal (the axe blade) that pretty much makes it impossible to wield with any amount of finesse
    3. a goddamned warhammer - where do you see possibility of including any finesse to fighting with a hammer?...

    Then there is the problem of attack attribute. It was bad enough in vanilla to see morning star as dexterity-based. You included a warhammer. In fact, the only weapon in old staves group that actually made sense do be paired with dexterity - the quarterstaff - you moved do new group - strength-based.

    Also, I think "crushing" should either cost much more SP, or just allow bypassing a big chunk of armor, without any lasting effect, though. Armor may be ineffective against bludgeon weapons, but it's rather the effect of the way forces transfer on hit, not effect of the armor being damaged. This is even more obvious if it's not a plate armor - try to imagine "crushing" a chainmail. No matter how heavily you pound on it, the armor will be fine, even long after the one "protected" by it ends up as bloody pulp with no discernable anatomy. That's precisely why bludgeons can be so scary - armor such as chainmail just doesn't take the hit, wearer does.

    And one last thing - you pretty much relegated two supposedly most common heavy swords to ornamental status. Great sword is strictly worse than great axe, longsword deals average 7 damage compared to avg 7,5 of battle axe - and that's before you include potential benefits of Wicked as a dedicated warrior is bound to have considerable strength to make use of this property. The only weapon with any value out of heavy blades group is bastard sword - a good one-handed weapon; other heavy blades are junk.

    Sorry if it comes off as a lot of critique, attempts at making weapon selection more meaningful are interesting and I applaud the idea. I just see... well. Problems when it comes to details
    Your concepts are nice, but in my opinion Crushing property really needs a rework, Wicked should apply only with some minimum damage dealt to actually draw blood, greatsword needs more love, longsword needs Agile... well, Agile generally needs to be redistributed to weapons that actually have any potential of being agile. Bludgeons are a very strange weapon group to use Dexterity and Urgrosh should probably really stay in D&D... but that last one is just my personal preference - I don't like ridiculous weapons and this one seems like it would be questionable as an axe and absolutely useless as a spear
    And that's based only on a very quick look on your weapon list...
    I do like your take on armors, though.
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      Re: [Resource] Alternate & Expanded Equipment

      A few things I noticed:

      1. Recurve bow pretty much eradicates the need for a crossbow. Also, a crossbow, depending on heaviness would out damage a recurve bow.

      2. I would personally have mail and plate have at least the same AP. You lose a lot of flexibility in mail, and it is very fatiguing to wear. What I personally did was add a second category of plate that had the same AR as existing plate, but the AP of mail - tailored plate. Tailored plate costs 5x as much as regular plate and takes a monthish to construct or modify (and tailored plate would not be considered tailored for a different user). The RAW plate I consider to be the equivalent of munition plate.


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        Re: [Resource] Alternate & Expanded Equipment

        Shonuff, you're right about chainmails - plate armor should probably be, in fact, an improvement when it comes to mobility. But that's going against long RPG tradition and something I believe to be acceptable break from reality (along with how unrestraining leather armors are which is also not too realistic) - basically, we want heavier armors to have downsides to their defensive effectiveness. There is a price, of course, but that's a very weak mitigating factor.


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          Re: [Resource] Alternate & Expanded Equipment

          True points, but I think the longstanding tradition is so artificial, and just well... wrong.

          And the money issue is much more mitigating when every armor has to be modified to get the tailored benefit - because it wouldn't be tailored for you.