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    Slightly surprised there's been no comments / reaction to Jack's recent Round Table:

    I know we already knew that there were plans to include additional adversaries in the Ultimate edition, but the Threat rating ideas was news to me, and I'm curious as to how that will work - as an older gamer, I well aware of how tricky estimating oppositions can be and the controversies it can cause: from the current CR system in D&D 5th edition all the way back to the "Monstermark" system that was presented for early O/AD&D in the first few issues of White Dwarf...

    Kobold Quarterly did a system ( ) but that was only for Set 1 and 2 adversaries / levels 1 - 10; I'm intrigued to see the new Threat Levels system, and how it will combine with the section originally in the Set 2 GM Guide on building enocunters.


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    Re: Threats of Thedas

    I miss a lot of their announcements now. On their old forums, I'd typically go to the home page first - typing "gr" brought it up. And there wasn't a link to the new forum for a while. Now, I type "r" and come here directly, so I only catch the home page every other week or so.

    The threat system could be handy, depending on how it's implemented. I didn't find the Kobold one to be too useful.


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      Re: Threats of Thedas

      It's a better organizational system for the Core book, because they will be consolidating monsters that used to be separated by entire sets of the game. If you had level 1-5 characters you would use threats from set 1. With all the creatures in one book they needed something to differentiate a set 1 threat from a set 3 threat.

      I think it will be very useful and have no complaints about it.

      I also liked how they kept it vague, I think that that is how it should be for Dragon Age. This keeps the game somewhat difficult to predict, which I think is where it ought to be.
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