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    Hey guys,

    This is going to sound a little crazy but I am a first time GM and I am doing a mass effect campaign. (using the rules of dragon age, hence why I am posting here).
    Its set before the events of the first game. A batarians general indoctrinated by the reaper corpse found in Jartar raises an army and sparks the Skylian blitz, he hates and blames the humans and the councils for the paper tiger that is the batarian empire and wants to see them rise. Whereas the reapers just want an army ready for when sovergien opens the relay and having all the organics fighting one another just makes things easier.

    Anyway one of the players has a character background of a krogan clan where his clan is fighting another I wrote something in that leaks information where one of his clan is a traitor and is going to lead his clan to its doom.

    I would like to try and write it where its the players word against the traitors word. So a bit of a court scene along with more than likely a challenge (potentially including a thresher maw). But I am not quite sure how to piece something like that together and was hoping someone could throw some suggestions or tips my way.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Adventure assistance

    If you guys want\need more information.

    I did a few test sessions where the group were on a transport where a science conference was being held on route to the citadel the transport was attacked and the scientists kidnapped (by the batarians). The players however managed to save the ship and the crew. They were recruited to be apart of a multi-species task force that a council ambassador is setting up. They were then asked to rescue a fellow ambassadors daughter tracked her to omega and held by the eclipse. That ended the test sessions.

    So when the proper campaign starts they will be captured by Cerberus who have two agenda's have the multi-species task for fail and find out why scientists are being targeted. Of course the players don't know but Cerberus doesn't know that.
    Once they escape they will hopefully rescue the ambassadors daughter secure a ship and without knowing it till its happened have assisted Aria T'loak in taking control of Omega (sorry I know I am being liberal with the timeline in that happening but it was too cool not to have happen).

    From there they will steal a ship from the eclipse which they'll discover was a turian prototype (out of game. this ships design was used along with the alliance when building the Normandy). The ship however has a dead body cryo frozen with an intelligent virus which will no doubt infect a player. I have played with these guys for years and theres no way they wont open that crate and loot the corpse lol.

    The intelligent virus will be my way of influencing the players from the start. Speaking to one of them in secret.. but I have not decided how I'll develop that as yet as there's just so many ways I could go with it.

    Once they get back to the citadel they will be able to do some purchasing of things and stocking their new ship (assuming they convince the ambassador let them keep it.. which might end up sending a turian clean up crew to make sure none are infected).

    Theres a C-sec mission to pickup while there to find a thief which ends with stopping a terrorist attack, sparked by an ardant yakshi.

    From there another player will be met by his childhood friend. This then starts the events of the Oleander Maw by John M. Shade. So thanks for that. honestly a lot I have based all my campaign writings based on how that adventure is wrote.
    Obviously its been modified to make it mass effect so the location is a quarian research station that ended up with a reaper artefact. This manipulated the leader of the quarian base who contacted the batarian general and built a indoctrination chamber.
    The group will arrive but after the device is gone and defeat the indoctrinated and mutated quarian and resecure the base.
    They will find out that the device was taken to keplar 9 a pre-spaceflight world. On arrival they will find that the Batarians have already left (they will see general Terins dreadnought leave the system with some unusual design changes as they craft the reaper corpse onto the dreadnought).

    That's where I have the events of where eagles lair although again highly modified. The race there has been getting kidnapped and turned into husks or "half baked" cannibals. and the rest of the natives just plane slaughtered.
    Redhold has only survived thanks to its shaman and its distance from where the batarian base was.

    Or in mass effect terms the shaman is actually an android. in fact their whole species were once a space faring civilization that forced themselves pre-tech so the reapers would mistake them for a pre-tech race. It worked the androids of which there was only a few were their caretakers to ensure those chosen wouldn't die out without their technology and later their whole culture developed around these "shamans". Theres some cave paintings showing reapers in their shrine.
    There is one piece of tech in redhold the stone alter is actually a chaff generator that can deactivate technology in an area which the shaman will use just before the fight and its what brings the players to the planet, assuming they don't land to investigate.

    While the batarians base has been abandoned they have still left behind their "failed" experiments some husks half baked cannibals a brute like creature and an indoctrination attempt that didn't fully work on a traitorous thane balan.
    one of the objectives is to restore the "fair chance" act for these people.

    So hopefully they'll follow the events laid out and do where eagles lair but with a tech spin on it. Then find the bodies of a number of scientists that were working at the facility to perfect the techniques.

    They may also find information leading to three things.

    The krogan plan as discussed above
    A ex player charcter has been intercepted by some of the batarians that was tracking him and is now in hot persuit to get the quarian fleet co-ordinates.

    And finally chatter regarding a gathering of the pirates of the terminus system. (as they were actually the ones recruited to attack in the skylian blitz).

    So while this is a long long post that's the story so far of what I've wrote and where I want to go. Any help tips, idea's etc would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I am over thinking it all and once I start actually gm'ing I wont need 50+ pages of heres what happens but it keeps me calm knowning I have this to rely on if I get stuck etc. I want this to be good and work and I want it all plotted out, so again any help would be fantastic.



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      Re: Adventure assistance

      It sounds like it's coming along. You could have the PCs discover the treachery, but the traitor knows he was discovered. Or maybe the traitor knows he will be discovered, so he begins to set up the PCs.


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        Re: Adventure assistance

        Sounds interesting. Let us know how it goes

        Also, you might want to do a search on the old forums for stuff about Mass Effect. I know there were at least a few threads about it.
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