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    As an amateur but enthusiastic cartographer, I frequently end up putting together extensive maps and the like for my home campaigns. While we were designing Aldis: City of the Blue Rose, I got to thinking a lot about some of the homes Aldinfolk build, particularly in city environs. That of course led to the inevitable: me up at all hours, making Yet More Maps.

    Though they're nowhere near the incredible quality of the maps in Aldis (our cartographer for that book, Liz Courts, did some incredible quality maps, if you haven't seen them yet), I figured I'd start sharing them here and there. Might be useful to others, as well, right?

    This first one is a home of a prosperous Aldin family. It could easily be used as the townhouse of a moderately successful noble, a successful business-person with multiple shops or investments thereof, a very skilled and successful craftsperson, or an adept that has made good business use of their gifts over the years.