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  • Blue Rose Dreams

    I will be doing a series of ideas I am doing for a Blue Rose game. Unfortunately, for as much as I love to play, I cannot get anyone who wants to play. I will be doing settings, places, ideas, characters and adventures that I would so much love to do. So I get my gaming done by writing them out.

    NOTE: hey, if you use any of what I write here for your games, do let me know! I am interested in hearing what you have come up with. Share!
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    Re: Blue Rose Dreams

    The Carnival of Shadows

    The Carnival is a roamer tribe that makes its living as a travelling carnival. They are not a typical carnival however. Their main specialty is that of a more sensual nature as they are filled with Inamoratas as well as other things of a more adult nature. They are travelling with the Travelling Court when it is in session, otherwise they travel among the prominent cities of Aldis.

    The sheer amount of information carried by the Inamoratas about their clients, they are targeted by targeted by bandits, highwaymen and kidnappers. While they do not know it, they are often followed by a small team of the Sovereign's Finest to guard against such people. Not that they need them as they are quiet resourceful.

    Recently, the Carnival of Shadows have gone through a change in leadership. The elder was once a powerful adept named Ushron Vale. Secretly he was a sorcerer who used the Carnival to gather information on the powerful nobles who would go to them because of the Inamoratas. Ushron was finally found out and in a battle he was wounded and retreated. Thanks to Tonn, Kyia, Alshaveron, Emmanaugh and Drissa (with Verbena), they were able to talk to Tane and Tace to betray Ushron.

    Most of what happened was kept a secret, otherwise the Carnival would be finished. Half of the Carnival left, either with Ushron or in shame or disgust. They underwent changes. They took on a triumvirate of elders and counselled by the Peacock sisters. They have gotten new Inamoratas and acts to distance themselves from the old days of Ushron.
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      Re: Blue Rose Dreams

      The Carnival of Shadows

      Alezis. Human (Roamer), Aldin, female. Inamorata. Married to Shanno.
      Alshaveron. Rhy-bear, male. Contemplative and philosopher and teacher. Teaches the children. Part of the triumvirate.
      Altodar. Human (Aldin), Roamer, male. Adept. Shaper. Married to Rennough.
      Blue, Moon, Silver and Tea. Fey-sprites (pixies), female. Kyia's attendants
      Braysha. Centaur female. Adolescent of great renown.
      Brennick. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
      Buaccano. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout, archer
      Casdouri. Human (Adin), Aldin, female. Adept. Shapeshifter
      Cethera. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Inamorata.
      Ciena. Night-person, Roamer, female. Expert. Bard
      Contina. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Woodcarver's apprentice
      Cordusio Peacock. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Seer and visionary, youngest of the Peacock Sisters.
      Coriss Sin. Rhy-cat, female. Inamorata. Has pure white fur.
      Crastyus. Centaur, male. Expert. Blacksmith of great renown. Part of the Triumvirate
      Cuthbrian. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Adept. Meditative
      Danrico . Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Woodcarver
      Doran. Fey-reveler (satyr), male. Bodyguard to Kyia
      Dranenthal. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Baker. Married to Yannil
      Drissa. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Emmanaugh's young apprentice animist. The only one who can talk to Verbena and control it, though she doesn’t see it as controlling
      Ellathenia. Seafolk, Outcast, female. Adept. New to The Carnival. Does an underwater dance, supported with illusions that is a sight to behold.
      Elnan. Human (Aldin), Outcast, male. Warrior. Roustabout. Plays a hand drum
      Emmanaugh. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Animist. Part of the Triumvirate
      Emraile. Human (Aldin), Aldin, laevaal (f). Submissive. Inamorata. Looks young but is of age. Mohrgan's pet.
      Fathe. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Senior roustabout. Married to Emmanaugh
      Fethri Peacock. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Seer and visionary, second of the Peacock Sisters.
      Forin. Fey-reveler (satyr), male. Bodyguard of Kyia.
      Gileti. Human (Aldin), Roamer, male. Inamorata
      Granrotiel. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Jeweler's apprentice
      Hisstya. Rhy-snake, female. Adept. Dances with Khouri with whom she has a Rhy-bond
      Huno. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Shepherd
      Isalkine. Human (Forest-folk), Forest-folk, male. Warrior. Roustabout, archer.
      Jaimsel. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Adept. Healer
      Jolli. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Inamorata
      Kedi. Rhy-weasel, male. Expert. Thief. Has a Ryy-bond with Tace (and by extension Tane)
      Kennayle. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Dancer
      Khouri. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Dancer. Dances with Hisstya with whom she has a Rhy-bond.
      Koarso. Night-person, Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
      Kyia. Fey-noble, female . A minor noble among the fey.
      Lethia. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Jeweler's apprentice
      Lohrn. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Inamorata
      Mekaino. Human (Kern), Kern, male. Warrior. Roustabout. Second biggest guy in the Carnival
      Melysa. Centaur female. Expert. Sharpshooter. Crastyus's wife. Archer of great renown
      Moaka. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Expert. Martial artist
      Mohndra. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Dancer. Married to Shovinath
      Mohrgan Phaedran. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Domme. Inamorata. Secretly one of the Sovereign's Finest.
      Nardoun. Human (Roamer), Aldin, male. Adept. Meditative
      Onderiel. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
      Ordrithan. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Blacksmith's apprentice
      Orlina Peacock. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Seer and visionary. Eldest of the Peacock Sisters
      Piao. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Shepherdess. Plays the flute
      Quilee. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Submissive. Inamorata
      Ranssildar. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
      Remi. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Baker's apprentice. Piao's best friend
      Rennaouh. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Adept. Meditative. Married to Altodar
      Rhyan. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Submissive. Inamorata
      Rococo. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Expert. Beastfriend, animal trainer
      Ryaldo. Rhy-racoon, male. Expert. A rascal, scamp and thief. Is the Alshaveron's best friend or so he says. Likes to follow other Rhyadin around, big Rhyadin.
      Ryotan. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Leatherworker. Married to Tonlass.
      Shanno. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Adept. Healer. Married to Alezis.
      Sharal. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Warrior. Roustabout, archer. Married to Welbrin.
      Shovinath. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Adept. Shaper. Married to Mohndra.
      Tace. Vata'sha, Outcast, laevaal (f). Tane's twin and bodyguard. Extrovert
      Tane. Vata'an, Outcast, female. Adept. Psychic. Introvert. Was the apprentice of the sorcerer, but she betrayed him.
      Tannrathi. Human (Aldin), Aldin, laevaal (s). Inamorata. Androgynous, looks beautiful to both men and women.
      Temnial. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Warrior. Roustabout
      Timotahn. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Blacksmith's apprentice
      Tonalith. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Cook's assistant
      Tonlass. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Submissive. Inamorata. The tallest man in the Carnival at 6'6". Has the heart of lamb. Married to Ryotan
      Urseala. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Leatherworking apprentice.
      Vacco. Night-person, Outcast, male. Warrior. Roustabout
      Veci. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Expert. Spirit dancer
      Verbena. Wood elemental. Follows Drissa around.
      Welbrin. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Jeweler. Married to Sharel
      Wenro. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Shepherd
      Yannil. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Cook. Married to Dranenthal
      Yenissa . Centaur female Warrior Melysa's younger sister. Warrior of great renown. Carries a great variety of weapons.

      13 children under 12
      5 children, 12-16

      29 wagons, 100 horses, many sheep, goats, dogs and cats
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        Re: Blue Rose Dreams

        The Carnival of Shadows

        The Carnival of Shadows is a daring show. During the day do a light show. The archers, led by Melysa, doing trick shooting, dances in which the dancers will invite the spectators to join in. Mock fights with Yanissa marshalling Casadouri, Mekaino, Moaka, Tace, Veci (to name a few) and like the dancing they will get from their paying patrons, whomever would like to test their mettle in battle. If anybody gets to rowdy, Yanissa is generally more than enough to put a stop to it by intimidation or skill as she is a powerful warrior. They are many adepts around as well as the resident artisans who craft wondrous items for sale.

        When night comes around, soft music can be heard, in tents and wagons all over the encampment, whether carried aloft by magic or not. It is a very musical place as many in the Carnival can play at least one instrument. The night comes alive with the Inamoratas coming out to play. The dancers, whom were sedate during the day, now they are very seductive. The whole place takes on a wondrous scent of the sensual. The Carnival follows the Travelling Court when it is in session and most of their patrons they receive at night, are part of the Court.

        The patrons of the Carnival do not know of the hushed past of Ushron, only that he left. The Carnival was always a little darker when he was around, but now it is lighter, a more happier place. Though the work of Tonn, one of the Sovereign's Finest who was instrumental in the defeat of Ushron made a deal with Alshaveron and Emmanaugh. At the core of it all, the Carnival was filled with good people. Tonn would smooth over the incident, but he would have say on all Inamoratas that would be licensed by the Carnival. In actuality, all Inamoratas come from his oft-time lover Alanna, a famous Inamorata from Aldin who works secretly as one of the Sovereign's Finest. The Carnival would continue to follow the Travelling Court, but this time work for the Sovereign.


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          Re: Blue Rose Dreams


          There is a small group of men, women and laaveal who work for no recognition as they plod along doing the work of the Sovereign's Finest. These people work in the shadows for the Sovereign dealing in the dirty work to keep the Kingdom of the Blue Rose safe and secure. They prune back what needs to be pruned leaving people to wonder what it is at their good fortune. They are collectively known as Rosarians.

          The man known as Tonn is one such Sovereign's Finest. He works in secret save for a few of his companions and the Sovereign herself. He is tall with being too tall, handsome without being too good looking, in fact, people seem to have a rough time remembering who he is. Tonn is one of the most dangerous of foes, for he uses his mind more than sword or brawn.

          His greatest friend in a night-person named Kopec. A giant of a man, he seems to be more a barbarian than anything else, with a broken tusk and visible scars all around, but you would be wrong. He is cultured and very well spoken about many topics and he can be found pouring over a tome or book. He likes to feed this impression. Kopec is many things, he is a warrior, a champion, and a Rose Knight, and has a sage-like affinity on many subjects. He is often seen riding atop Kadra Skysilver much to everyone's surprise.

          Alanna Phaedran is one of the most accomplished of the Inamorata in Aldis. A quiet beauty who does not stand out. Tall and willowy, with dark hair and pale skin that looks as though she never has stepped into the sun, she is very intelligent. She is often seen in the company of rhy-drake known as Molikier, who is often curled around her shoulders when he is not basking in the sun. Alanna is the older sister of Mohrgan of the Carnival of Shadows.

          Kadra Skysilver is a mighty griffon. She often near Tonn and Kopec and provides them with sage advice as well as quick travel. She is also a powerful adept specializing in animism.

          Accompanying Tonn on his journeys is a rhy-drake named Rhayia. She is very active and can be found with Kopec where she often chides him for his bookish ways. She and her twin Molikier share a telepathic link with each other that currently has unlimited range. Molikier stays in Aldis with Alanna and he is often to be found resting in a beam of sunlight or curled up before a fire. Their telepathy makes them a very important resource for the kingdom. There is only half-a-dozen people outside four listed here who know of their ability.
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            Re: Blue Rose Dreams

            The Carnival of Shadows Adventure Ideas

            Ushron is not dead, but severely wounded both physically and spiritually. He is nowhere near his power and lies in constant pain in the shadows. He has a spy under his sway within the Carnival. Choose an appropriate member of the Carnival to make them into a spy.

            Piao the Shepherdess disappears one night and the Carnival is worried. She could be kidnapped by bandits, slavers or Shadowspawn. Or she could have run away with a lover or a rhy-beast such as a horse or a wolf without telling anybody.

            Ryaldo the rhy-raccoon has stolen something. It could be something as simple as a gem or other item worth much, or it could be something that means a lot to those he stole it from, or it could be an arcane item. The players could be hired by the person who looking for his lost treasure, or by Ryaldo to break a curse that has been laid upon the arcane item. It could be whatever you desire.

            These are just a few ideas that come from the Carnival!


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              Re: Blue Rose Dreams

              I like what you did with the Carnival of Shadows and feel inclined to use it at some time - perhaps pre-overthrow of Ushron Vale with something even darker working through this sorcerer, an Exarch or perhaps a corrupted and completeley mad fey noble of the revelling variety.


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                Re: Blue Rose Dreams

                Originally posted by rulandor View Post
                I like what you did with the Carnival of Shadows and feel inclined to use it at some time - perhaps pre-overthrow of Ushron Vale with something even darker working through this sorcerer, an Exarch or perhaps a corrupted and completeley mad fey noble of the revelling variety.
                Hmm, that is interesting! Another noble fey with an interest in the Carnival. Perhaps Kyia's sibling? hmm, the ideas are flowing!


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                  Re: Blue Rose Dreams


                  South of the City of Aldis as the tributary of the Rose River enters the forest, is a beautiful stretch of woods, the Copper Woods. Small boats ply the river in a peaceful manner as it twists and turns, one can find small hamlets and villas belonging to a variety of minor nobles along the river. Not all of the twenty or so minor nobles who live in these lands, have the best intentions for their people or the land. There is one who is cunning and cruel who has evaded even the most ardent investigator. He or she leads a cabal of sorcerers, the Cabal of the Shadowed Rose. The Cabal of the Shadowed Rose is a poweful circle of of casters. Of the nobles of the twenty-three families that live within the Copper Woods, seven are members taking on the personas of the seven qualities that make up the dangerous darkfiends. [Who they are, are up to the GM. They should be quite dangerous. In a later post, I will write for you the people I feel who make up the Cabal.]

                  Corvina Baylor (Aldin leavaal (f), warrior) was a down on her luck thief, a thug who through her incredible bad luck, had fallen in with a band of cutthroats. The band of thugs and thieves did well as they worked for the Cabal of the Shadowed Rose, as low level operatives and muscle. On a dark and stormy night, almost two years ago, she wouldn't kill a young lady who has done no one wrong. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Corvina led Latalla (Aldin female), a simple barmaid, into the night, evading the thugs before catching a boat and fleeing downstream. They left the boat to float down the river while they went up the tributary. They camped in what they thought was a cave, but it turned out to be the cracked hull of a skyship, The Snow Maiden.

                  The Snow Maiden is a trove of ancient weapons and technology that if it falls into the wrong hands, could change the balance of power for all of Aldis. The two them stayed in the skyship. Corvina knew she had something here, but she also knew that she could never show her face in the Copper Wood area again. She and Latalla went to the small town of Copper Moon that lay outside of the woods and set up Latalla work at The Giggling Imp, a large tavern. Latalla thanked Corvina and told her that she would do anything for her. It was the start of her own information network.

                  As it happens, Corvina's luck was starting to turn. At The Giggling Imp, she ran into an old friend of hers. Vayinel Shawbren (Vata'sha female, expert) an expert with a bow, struck Corvina a resounding blow across her face. "That is for two years ago!" she yelled. It took Corvina two hours and a lot of ale to convince her friend that she had a score that would put them on the top. Vayinel was convinced and the next morning, she was showed up with Elryo (Kern female, adept). She told Corvina she could be trusted and she didn't have a choice. Elryo is a young Kern woman, still in her teens with long dark hair that hung to her ass.

                  Together they started to rob rich nobles along the roads and waterways of Copper Woods. Corvina started to use the blackpowder weapons and bombs. This trio of Highwaywoman are a thorn in the sides of the thugs and Cabal as well as the nobles of the Copper Wood area. Corvina, known as The Cloak, knows that there is a cabal but does not know who they are, so she robs indiscriminately. While she is not one of the good guys, she does have a sense of honor that does make her choose the right way more often than not. She avoids killing but will if she has too. There is quite the bounty on The Cloak and her Cohorts.

                  Copper Woods has a number of small towns and hamlets that make up the beautiful lands to the South of Aldis. The forest is rich in game and resources such as common and exotic woods, mushrooms, furs and hides. Despite the name, Copper Woods, there isn't any copper, but agates can be found in the river and there tall tales of emeralds that hide in the low hills to the South as you follow the river. It is so named for the Autumn time when the forest is alive in with colors of red, yellow and copper. Besides Copper Moon, which is the largest town of about five-thousand people, there is Riverton and Oakbridge that make up the towns. There are many hamlets and villages. Popular ones include Tumbledown, which is named after the Tumble Down Falls, a large waterfall that marks the way up the river that stops boats from travelling further; Shoredive and Rafton. Hamlets have a population of several hundreds. Later on I will draw up the map, or you can do it on your own!

                  The skyship idea came about because of the text in the City of Aldis book, pages 18-19 and the grand picture of a skyship itself on page 20. Just so you know that I didn’t make it up all on my own, haha.

                  The blackpowder weapons use the statistics listed in the AGE RPG book. They are if you do not have. Personally I will probably up the damage on them, up the range or have a special rule involving them. Haven't decided yet.
                  • Arquebus: A muzzle-loaded firearm with a matchlock or wheellock firing mechanism. It requires two hands to use. 12/24 yard range, 2d6+3 damage.
                  • Blunderbuss: This short barreled firearm shoots a spray of small lead balls from its flared muzzle, potentially damaging several opponents. The blast is 6 yards long and 2 yards wide. You make one attack roll when firing a blunderbuss and compare it to the Defense of each target in the blast area. Stunts affect targets individually. A Mighty Blow, for example, would apply to one target of your choice, not all targets in the blast. You cannot use Lightning Attack with a blunderbuss, but you can Dual Strike. A blunderbuss requires two hands to use. 6 yard range, 1d6+2 damage.
                  • Pistol: Similar to the arquebus, but smaller and designed to be fired with one hand. It takes two hands to reload, however, so many users carry several loaded pistols into combat. 8/16 yard range, 1d6+3 damage.
                  • Blast Vial: This grenade creates a small explosion, damaging opponents with shards of glass and concussive force. 2d6 damage.

                  More on the Highwaywoman, such as various game ideas soon to come!
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                    Re: Blue Rose Dreams

                    Adventure Ideas for the Highwaywomen

                    • Corvina needs a scholar to make more of the black powder. She will kidnap anyone, such as a player that has the knowledge to experiment with making the black powder. She could make a mistake and kidnap someone who doesn’t know how to make what she needs. Either way, what will she do with the character?

                    • The Snow Maiden's helm is still operational. Make of it as you will! It is another thing that is up to the GM to flesh out if they want to introduce flying ships to your game.

                    • The Cabal of Shadowed Rose has been looking for The Snow Maiden for quite some time, but they have been looking for it in the South. Many of the people who go looking for the emeralds have run into them and have not returned.

                    • The Nobles have upped the bounty on The Cloak. Is it enough to entice the players to try to capture the elusive Highwaywoman?


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                      Re: Blue Rose Dreams


                      Deep in the Pavin Weald is a tale and it is not an uncommon tale for the Weald nor will it be the last under the vast canopy of the forest. About fifteen years ago bandits laid waste to a small village, killing all who defied them and taking the rest of them as slaves. There was only one survivor. A young girl not much older than five watched helplessly as her mother hid her in the root cellar just before the bandits broke into their home and took her away. After the night of feasting and ravishing the prisoners, the bandits left the village a burning wreck. The girl had cried that night but had no more tears, for she had run dry.

                      The wolves came soon after, brought by the smell of burning flesh. They came not to feed on the corpses but to mourn the dead. Lasorak, a rhy-wolf leader of the pack was surprised to find the girl there among the wreckage of the village. He took the girl and they left the village behind.

                      That was Shonya (Forest-folk/wolf-kin female, expert). She has become a powerful shifter and can often be found in the form of a reddish-brown wolf. In fact she is more wolf than she is human. In her human form she has fiery red hair, long and unkempt. She has intense golden eyes that bore into your soul. She is usually naked when found in human form and has little use of human made trinkets. The only think she has left of her mother is a silver locket. The chain has broken off long ago and she has tied the locket on with an old leather strap.

                      Lasorak, even though he was a rhy-wolf new nothing of child-rearing. He raised her as a wolf but that was not enough. He took Shonja to meet Arkrine (rhy-owl male, adept). It was Arkrine who taught the little girl how to read and to continue to speak. Even though Shonja is wild, thanks to Arkrine she is not stupid. She just has little use for the goods of her human half. Arkrine is like a kindly old uncle to Shonja.

                      Shonya's companion is a rhy-wolf named Sassarak (rhy-wolf male, warrior). Sassarak is the son of Lasorak. He is not the Alpha of his pack and treats Shonya like she is her sister. For all intensive purposes she is. She was there when he was born and was surprised to see him talking to her as Lasorak has by the time he was two. He is a large gray wolf beautiful and wild as his sister. They are rhy-bounded with each other.

                      If Arkrine is like an uncle and Sassarak is like her brother, then Bey (fey sprite, female) is like her crazy cousin who just flew into th… squirrel! Yea. Bey is like that. Even though she is annoying, Shonja has never grown tired of her antics. While Sassorak has nipped at her, Shonja has never raised a paw to her and she can often be seen riding on the back of Shonja in wolf form or on her shoulder in human form. Years ago, Bey was the only survivor of her own tribe. Someone had killed or captured the sprites of the woods and Bey was impaled to a tree with a poisoned arrow. They thought she was dead. She knows the pain of loss like Shonja and the two have bonded over the pain.

                      Adventures next time! See ya soon.
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                        Re: Blue Rose Dreams

                        Wolf-Sister Adventure Ideas

                        NOTE: hey, if you use any of what I write here for your games, do let me know! I am interested in hearing what you have come up with. Share!

                        The bandits are long dead and disbanded thanks to wildness of the Paven Weald. Even though they are long gone, that does not stop the wild girl from hunting down any news of bandits in the area and take them down. Usually it is only her Sassorak and Bey who hunt them down but at times they can call forth to help them the entire pack of near thirty wolves including two other rhy-wolves. It is unfortunate but the bandits who attacked her village so long ago are no more though she continues to hunt them. The players could be in the area when an attack on bandits goes down and could face down the wolves and their human shifter. It will all depend on what side the players acted on, humans or the wolves.

                        Bey is an outcast even among her own kind, ever since the deaths or capture of her tribe. She has taken up with the wolves because Shonja was the one who found her and nursed her back to health. She has over the years tried to go back to the neighboring fey but they have shunned her after the first time she went back, the new tribe was attacked. Though it did not suffer the same fate as her first tribe, they blamed her regardless. It seems that the fey in the area are being targeted by something. Every year or so, something comes and takes the fey that it captures. It could be a shadowspawn or a sorcerer that lead a pack of night person brutes or mongrels. What they capture or kill them for is up to you.


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                          Re: Blue Rose Dreams


                          Deep in the Ice-Binder Mountains, directly North of the great city of Aldis lies a small encampment, well village now that is devoted to the evil machinations of Kern. It is the furthest Western Kern installation that allows them a sneaky way to Trident Bay by flowing down the river that feeds the Bay. The small fortified village has no official name but the locals call it Bitterstone.

                          Bitterstone has a rich deposit of cryston crystals that are mined here. The previous Overseer of the Mines was a Kernish man by the name Duamal. Duamal was a small, petty man who feared the Lich King as every citizen of Kern rightly did. However when he was killed two years ago by the Queen Jaellin, Duamal became a petty tyrant, treating Bitterstone as his own fiefdom. Cryston production fell and some months would not come at all. Duamal began raiding for pillow slaves rather than slave to work in the mines. A year later, when the chaos of the Lich Kings death calmed down things changed. Branigar (fiendish Rhy-raven male, adept) came, and the Rhy-raven came and announced that they were having a visitor coming and that he should prepare. Duamal was instantly afraid. He thought about gathering what he could and fleeing but decided against it. He set the gates closed and with his hundred men and night person and even a few mongrels he recently hired, guarding the walls. Soon after Branigar left three people showed up at the gates, a giant night person in heavy armor, a woman though one could not tell at first glance. A much shorter Kernish woman dressed in a skimpy dark clothes, despite the chill in the air and another Kernish woman dressed in furs down to her ankles. Duamal sighed in relief at the three woman. Sure the night person would be trouble but he had over a hundred backing him.

                          The three woman looked around and it was the one dressed in furs who spoke. "Throw open your gates," she started in a loud voice, that sounded like a crackling fire. "You, who have been called on by the Shadowed Seven to answer for your lack of cryston crystals and slaves. Throw open you gates and be ready to be judged."

                          All they heard from the tops of the walls was laughter, followed by more laughter as the men gathered began to follow Duamal's lead. "They send three of you? Three against my hundred? What can you do? I would feather you with arrows but that would be a waste of arrows. Join me willingly or not…" he laughed evilly.

                          "Can I kill him," the night person warrior said though gritted teeth, her great axe twisting in hand.

                          "No you may not," the fur covered woman said to her giant companion. "You know what our orders are," she said loudly so that she as well as the men on the walls could hear. "You have been warned you pile of dog dung!" She waved to her two companions and they charged the gate.

                          Duamal and his hundred were surprised and he would have laughed but for an alarm coming from below. "The gate! It is open!" His cockiness became fear. "Shoot them! Shoot them!" he screamed. Arrows were shot but they were stuck in the heavy armor, were flicked away by the deft hands of the unarmed woman or merely stopped when fired at the fur-covered speaker. By then, it was already too late.

                          Maritan (Kern night person laevaal (sm), warrior, berserker) hewed with reckless abandon and her companion, Kentara (Kern female, expert, shadow dancer) who bore no weapons save her hands and feet flited between the guards with deadliness. Half the mongrels, some ten or so turned on Duamal and his men. They were turned by Rhoa (Kern female, expert, spy) who was taken "captured" by the Duamal's men some week ago. Though she was treated as all attractive slaves where, she completed her mission. The three of them easily took to fortified village, though gullibility, guile and sheer bloodthirsty tenacity. When it was over, Duamal was thrown to the floor of his "throne room," over half of his men were killed and the rest surrendered lest they fall to Maritan's vicious axe. There were six woman and a man who sat around the throne, chained there for Duamal's pleasure, now eyeing the scene before them. Aldrae (Kern female, adept and sorceress), the woman in furs stepped forward but did not take the throne. Instead, at the head of three ogres, a tall shape appeared dressed in a fur-lined long cloak.

                          As she took her place at Duamal's throne, Alrea took her cloak. Underneath is probably the most beautiful creature ever to walk the face of Aldea. Certainly the most gorgeous night person. "All hail Luxiul Tane (Kern night person female, adept)," Aldrae begin. "Priestess of the Exarchs, Favored by the Lord of the Tower, Gravicarius; First Concubine to the Sovereign In'nassi of the Crimson Petals and Honored by Senira Rhal of the Shadowed Seven. She who is to be your judge and if you are to be found wanting, your executioner."

                          Luxiul gazed at Duamal, her beauty was rapturous as all in the room looked upon her disarming beauty. Luxiul then gazed at the seven slaves. She took a dagger from her belt and through it before them. "Castrate him," she said luminously. The seven looked at dagger until a woman went and picked up the blade. The other slaves jumped Duamal and held him as the woman approached him…


                          Bitterstone is probably the most dangerous place in Aldea outside of Kern. Luxiul is very dangerous as she feeds into her followers a most dangerous case of fanaticism. Besides the NPC's already stated, Bitterstone has Bosti (Kern male, warrior), Master of Hounds who is always accompanied by two large, fiendish hounds. There are the three ogres, Villec, Kontz (both male) and Mox (female) who one of which follows Luxiul were ever she goes. They lead around 30 night person brutes, 30 mongrels, about 70 bandits and have 12 Priests of the Exarchs in the village at any given time. Because of Luxiul's status, there are also a variety of darkfiends there as well, the exact number is not known. Luxiul now always accompanied by a large fiendish man named Gorlgothi (darkfiend soldier), a humanoid looking fiend dressed in heavy, carapace armor and carrying two wicked looking swords. Gorlgothi is a fiend belonging to Gravicarius and while he is as bloodthirsty as any fiend, he is methodical in his actions. He appeared after an assassination attempt almost slew Luxiul mere weeks after taking over Bitterstone.

                          The village itself sets atop the entrance to the cryston mines. Fresh batches of the valuable mineral was found, revitalizing the mine. Because of such she has upped cryston production as it is mined from the mountian and increased slave raids all throughout the narrow neck between the Mountains and Trident Bay. Bitterstone is a place where evil and wicked men and women can deal in slaves, cryston crystals among all other of vile things. There are about 300 other people and creatures live and work here as well as several hundred slaves who work the mines. As long as people do what they are told by Luxiul or her lieutenants, they generally are left to their own evil machinations.

                          Bitterstone is a blight, though there is a kernel of hope. There is a prisoner there who is secretly forming a resistance of sorts. Adena (Aldis female, expert and bard) is a noble Aldin from Aldis. She was traveling back from Rezea when she was captured some months ago. While she is as beautiful as the noonday sun she pales in comparison to Luxiul. It was only her beauty and her incredible singing voice that has kept her from being one of the many pillow slaves to be sold off. She has become one of Luxiul's favorites. She has charmed a Kernish warrior, a man named Hightol, to carry messages to one of her companions. Rikkard (Aldis male, warrior) is tall and powerful. He works in the mines and is planning a revolt however he has found something that makes him nervous. He was on one of the teams digging deep in the mountain to uncover dark crystons. What they are and what they do is a mystery and it is something that he and Adena are quite worried about.

                          Bitterstone is a place of evil that your characters can deal with. Will they gather their forces to combat them or use guile and trickery? If you use this in any form, do let me know! I would be curious as to how you would use Bitterstone. Next will be some adventure ideas! See ya soon.
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                            Re: Blue Rose Dreams

                            Bitterstone Adventures

                            Assassin by the Seven
                            The assassination attempt by Luxiul was a rather nasty affair. Fires were started, killers lurked in the dark and mass panic was had all throughout Bitterstone. When it was over, over a hundred people were killed. Some were innocent of the assassination attempt, others were not. The attempt hasn't bothered Luxiul in the slightest. That is what she portrays perfectly to the public. In private, she is a seething cauldron of rage. She sacrifices one person a month to the Exarchs, but has taken many pillow slaves since that time and some of them donít survive the night they spend the night with her. Only her most trusted advisor Aldrea, knows of fear and frustration.

                            Dame Tracel of the Shadowed Seven was the main instigator of the attempt. Through intermediaries the attempt was made and through Luxiul's followers, she wasn't killed. Dame Tracel is jealous of Luxiul for her favored status as a follower of In'nassi.

                            Hojo Rhaen is a skilled assassin and he arranged for another to take his place and was killed as the grand plan failed. So he has spent the last several months biding his time before he makes another attempt. As a guard, he has found out some interesting things. He has found out that the songbird that Luxiul has, is fomenting a rebellion of sorts. Adena is careful but the person she has put her trust in, Hightol, is not as careful. Hojo knows of all the principal players in the attempt and can use that in his attempt. He would help any party helping Adena and her people to fulfil his plan.

                            This is but one of the plots that is taking place in Bitterstone.