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  • Blue Rose Fiction!

    Hello, all. As a general service, I'm going to post links and summaries to the pieces of short fiction set in the Blue Rose setting here. I'll leave the thread open to comments so folks can discuss their findings, and will edit this list as new stories become available.

    Heartsong: An agent of the Silence finds himself at a moral crossroads when he meets a rhy-bonded Jarzoni priest-adept. By Lindsay Smith

    Those Who Wait I: Of Shadow and Light: Marn the Rose Knight is used to saving the world, but can Kiyn help her learn to save herself? By Rhiannon Louve

    The Cutpurse with His Trousers Down: A master thief sees the perfect opportunity to frame his rival, and learns that best laid plans are often the first to go awry. By Brandon O’Brien

    Quartet of Thieves: A young woman travels far from home to deliver an important letter but must band together with a boy thief, his rhy-fox companion, and a caravan guard to steal it back when it gets taken by a criminal organization. By Clio Yun-su Davis