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  • Artificer?

    Can someone please help me understand thresholds and how the artificer stuff works? I just can't seem to wrap my head around it...

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    Re: Artificer?

    Generally with advanced tests, you roll the Ability in question and add the result on the Drama Die each time. You must make the TN for the Drama Die to Count. For example Charybdis Mandibala wants to make a sword. The TN is 15 and success threshold is 15 in this example. Charybdis rolls five times and gets

    18 Drama Die: 3
    17 Drama Die: 4
    15 Drama Die: 1
    11 Drama Die: 5
    17 Drama Die: 3

    He has a total of 11 toward the 15 he needs (3+4+1+3, the 5 does not count because he did not make the TN)

    Tasks take time to do. Crafting is often a week per roll, and some advanced tests only allow a certain number of failures before the whole test is failed, Masterwork items, for example. Others just take time. In this case, Charybdis spent 5 weeks working on the sword, but was called away to help his friends slay the Whatsit. When the Whatsit is dead and the bunnies of the world are safe, he goes back to work.

    14 Drama Die: 3
    15 Drama Die: 4

    In two more weeks, he has his 15 and his sword. The three did not count, again, because he did not make his TN

    As well as basic crafting, stuff like Masterwork or Artificing and such like that work the same, as does stuff like Research.

    Does that make more sense?
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      Re: Artificer?

      Yes thanks that helps a lot. Sorry for not replying I haven't been able to log in to post for some reason. This explanation should be in the book...