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  • Sell me on Earth Shaping

    So, my Blue Rose campaign has been on hold in all of 2019 due to health issues, wedding planning, and... the other half of my group planning their wedding (and Betrayal Legacy).

    However, after watching the Dragon Prince, I've been feeling inspired to start a new campaign. After reviewing the Blue Rose book, I came across something that has been nagging me for a little...

    Earth Shaping seems really underwhelming (besides Earthquake), or maybe I'm just not understanding the arcanum well enough? Someone sell me on it, please!

    Also, I'm looking for ideas on arcana knacks for Earth Shaping! I've been converting some arcana from FAGE to Blue Rose and am giving a little more love to the Animism, and Meditative disciplines. However, I'm running on empty for Earth Shaping arcana knack ideas.

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    As long as most buildings and roads are made of stone, Earth Shaping is crazy powerful. My group essentially uses it to make doors time to time so they don't really have to follow mazes, or make bridges over pits by calling on and stretching earth. They have also made cover from incoming fire by essentially raising the earth into a wall between themselves and incoming casters, and villains with Earth Shaping are hard to trap since they can often escape through walls or floor. In most places, Earth Shaping lets you mold the environment, and that is extremely strong.
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