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  • Romance between races

    My group had a bit of fun joking about some romance options at my rhy-cat's expense, but got us wondering. Do rhy-animals actually go in for romance? Is their romance limited to other members of their species or do inter-species romances/hookups happen? These are burning questions that need answering!

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    That's actually something we address in the upcoming Touching the Wild sourcebook, half of which is a player's guide to rhydan.

    By and large, rhydan aren't altogether moved toward either sex or romance. They often develop other emotional connections to non-rhydan folk (particularly the rhy-bond), and many of them find intimacy with non-rhydan animals inappropriate (as animals are incapable of giving informed consent, something that sapient beings should need).

    The rare exception to this is with other rhydan, particularly those of their own original species. Even with a pairing that might produce young, though, rhydan almost never do: there is no guarantee that their children will Awaken as rhydan, and many rhydan find the thought of bearing and raising children who will never truly communicate with them or develop into full folk to be too painful to engage with.

    There are, of course, exceptions to everything above. As always, the Narrator is encouraged to check in with their players for comfort levels for everyone when it comes to such topics.


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      Thanks for the reply! I had wondered how strong those instincts (and others) played out in rhydans' lives and with everyone in our group flirting back and forth with NPCs, the question of the rhycat of course came up. Looking forward to this new sourcebook!

      Another question about rhycats that just occurred to me. Since rhydan normally show up randomlrandoalongside their normal animal versions, are rhycats different or are there just extra large siamese cats running around in the wild?
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