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  • Baroness Nerak
    Due to various crises and changes in players personal lives right now, we are not able to meet to play Big Damn Heroes. We are hopeful this will change in the foreseeable, but right now it is just not working out.As soon as we can regularly get three to the table, if that happens, the game shall resume. Thanks for reading, and check out Cat's Cradle in the meantime if you haven't.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    Oh man, so this game has been having some issues. Grey’s player has had some Health issues that has kept her away. We missed a couple sessions due to my own health issues, then we had one rather distracted session, then decided to add a player. We have done that, after some effort. I am going to hold off on revealing the character a bit. We had a session for making the character, then we had a session the player wound up being unable to make, because that’s how life works sometimes.

    But we are getting things moving (mostly, I mean we will miss the Christmas Day session, that’s unavoidable) so we will have a session, and if we get journals I will put something up on Christmas (Who loves you, baby?). So go back and look at the last session journal, and then read on. Enjoy, and very sorry about the hiatus. I shall attempt to avoid having it happen again.

    Session XIV-XV

    The Cat and the Canary Part II and III

    The Legend of Tríona and Clymene

    So the first mission stop, at a town called Elkhorn, went fine.

    Our heroes arrived and we met by the mayor and her beautiful daughter Rhiannon, who was the town priestess. She had a vision of us fighting an Ogre, which seemed out of place there with the army right there and all. Maybe the Ogre would show up later? Anyway, this town is a couple hours from a military base on the edge of the Badlands, so a number of soldiers would be at the show.

    That night, Tríona was of course keeping an extra super close eye on our bard, Ling Raida. Saber suggested perhaps too close as we were getting loud at times. Ling is an absolutely beautiful woman who can appreciate a gal with some biceps. Anyway, She noticed we were being scryed on during the night (we were done by then, thank goodness). Neither Saber nor I noticed anything, but I decided I’d better check with Elijah. He confirmed we were, indeed being scryed on, and used magic to make us all look like Ling. Ling herself actually turned invisible. Shortly thereafter, the Scrying stopped.

    That was when these black two headed dogs showed up outside. I mean I was tired. Er Tríona was tired. From guarding. They were mauling the guards/burglar alarms outside the Finest house. Small aside, the Finest House, while mostly just a set of bedrooms, privies, etc, are still swank, and this bad boy was solid stone. Elijah and I, still looking like Ling, attacked the dogs via the windows. Some got in by breaking down the door, and Saber kept them off us like a good guard, while we all three took them down; Ling wisely stayed hidden. When they were down, Elijah saw to the guard’s wounds and kept them alive, and soon we had more guards and a shaper who fixed the door.

    The attack seemed to shake Saber’s resolve a bit. He became convinced this whole tour was too much of a risk. Ling and Elijah explained that boosting morale was the point, and Ling said she did not mind the risk to do good for the Kingdom. In his defense Saber was concerned about innocent lives as much as Ling. Elijah felt the concerts would be a poor time to attack due to heavy guards and we should go through with it. Saber felt that concerts were the maximum mayhem time and making an example. Both had good points. Ling suggested she would perform with or without us. Saber eventually agreed to continue, if in part due to the fact the rest of the team who were present did.

    Practice the next day went off without a hitch. Tríona found a good place in the rafters where she could get around over two thirds of the room. Elijah found the perfect spot on stage to wait invisibly. Saber hid in a recessed pit for musicians at the front. We had more preparations, remembering what Saber suggested about burning the place down, Tríona asked for water buckets to be placed all around so I could use water shaping to put out fires. Elijah requested knives and swords set out and about for him to control. It was all pretty keen.

    That night it was showtime. Tríona was well concealed in the rafters, deadly bow ready. Honestly, Ling’s show is awesome. Swirling lights blow around the room like cherry blossoms. Different color images of Ling appear around her and even provide backup vocals. The few musicians sound like an orchestra. She is clearly an expert shaper of light and sound. And her music was so inspiring! We had gotten to the stage of crystallin horses of light, each a different color, each with a knight riding around her and through the audience when I noticed a pair of beings in the shadows. Saber noticed em too. Watcher Darkfiends. Ling later said she was pretty sure one of them was the scryer. They did not seem to want to attack, rather, learn the stages of the show and see what we did to protect Ling. We gave em no chance.

    They had clearly not spotted me when I started my rain of arrows. Saber was on them like a shot. As agreed, the Soldiers moved to protect the civilians not breaking the line to attack unless Saber gave the word, which he did not. Elijah finally saw them and got in on the act and we all felt inspired by Ling’s ballad.

    Seriously, they had like 0 chance. Before the song was over and horses were gone, the Darkfiends were dead. Their remains taken out to be burned by some guards.

    That night I helped Ling decompress, but honestly spirits were high. Now we look onward to the next show.

    End Session XIV-XV

    As noted, this was two sessions. The first was a very off kilter session that lead to looking for an additional player. Roughly Tríona’s first paragraph covered it.

    Elkhorn and several of the characters therein like Rhiannon appeared in the Cat’s Cradle story Dark Tides Rising. Ling is always fun to play, and as it turns out she and Elijah have a lot of crossover for Arcana (though Elijah has a slightly better range of Arcana being a Vata, despite both being Experts. Ling is also a Bard while Elijah is a Shaper. Her music was buffing during the concert BTW.

    Okay I think this covers everything. Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    Sorry for no journals two weeks ago. We had no game due to Hurricane concerns.

    We kick off a new storyline. It’s an Escort Quest.

    Session XIII

    The Cat and the Canary Part I

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene
    Request Denied

    Tríona Clymene watched the Vata’Sha chopping carrots. “Are you sure pet?”

    Tanith Nocturna sighed. “No, ve vill be setting off soon ourselves. My team needs me.”

    Tríona stomped once. “So does mine.”

    The Vata’Sha glanced over at her. “I am not your team’s leader.” She collected the carrot slices in her hand and poured them into a bowl, grabbing some celery. “But I am of my group. And I am not precisely built for bodyguard duty.”

    “But you can raise the dead!” The Sea Woman pouted. Pouting always works. Usually.

    Tanith began chopping celery. “A good bodyguard does not have to. If you have to raise the dead you have already failed. I am pretty sure that is written somewhere. If not it should be.”

    “Neither am I! I fuck bitches and kill things.” Tríona crossed her arms.

    “So I’m bitches now.” Tanith’s amused golden eyes turned to the Sea Woman. She began sputtering an explanation, but Tanith just laughed.

    “You have a keen eye, you are empathic, you are swift. Saber is fearless and a vall of blades. Elijah is sharp as a dagger and, I am guessing, has an endless supply of unexpected tricks. Grey I have not really met but she gets visions of the future from what I know. How much more do you need?”

    Tríona sighed petulantly. “I don’t know! We are visiting four cities, and undead are apparently planning to assassinate Ling Raida, who is on a morale boosting campaign for those worried about Kern or summat.”

    Tanith chuckled, and added celery to the bowl. “Give Ling my best. She apparently grew up a little since we took her to Lumina. They love her there, so that will be easy. Do you want to join Jana and Jadzia and I for dinner?”

    “Oh yeah.” Tríona said casually. She was rather hoping for the invitation. The beef the Vata had been cooking smelled good.

    Tríona cocked her head. “Any other advice?”

    Tanith washed her hands and gave another chuckle that faded into a purr. “If she gets to bratty, choke her. She likes that.”

    Tríona, nearly fell from where she was leaning against the doorway. “What?”

    End Session XIII

    This session was mostly making plans. We had an abbreviated run time for the session which involved discussion of one player having to miss a lot recently and looking to add to. Hold that thought for now.

    The heroes met Ling Raida, who was initially introduced in The Bard’s Tale story for Cat’s Cradle. The story has the PCs visiting several towns which have appeared in past stories between the two games, like Lumina, Elkhorn and Rosette. They know Kern wants Ling assassinated and has sent agents to do that, and Ling must get her through her tour dates.

    Sorry for the brief journal, but Comments and Questions are welcome.

    Last edited by Baroness Nerak; 17th September 2019, 09:00 PM.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    The group follows a clue from Tahila Redcrow, finding a clue both to the mystery they just investigated and one from much, much earlier.

    Session XII

    The Third Man Part IV

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    So, sometimes our heroine she just stumbles over evil and puts it down before she has her cuppa. Sometimes it is more complicated.

    So, Tríona and Saber met at Tanith’s house for breakfast, which was Tríona’s idea. They brought Aurora Northwind and Tahila Redcrow with us. It was all badly awkward, but we managed to convince Aurora to make a contract with Sapphire Steelheart…the Old River Trading Company lady and managed to fenagle it since Aurora was a little sweet on me. Saber bringing Tahila made it awkward, but we got it sorted, with some help from Tanith. It is like she is a diplomat or summat.

    Now Tahila had to do some searching for a summoning alter under the city, because all the best cities in Aldis have like evil stuff under them. Aldis City is probably just copying Elseport though. Anyway, we roped up Elijah, and he, Saber, Tanith, Tahila and I all went underground. She had a map, fortunately.

    After walking way too long, we found the first resistance, A watcher and Soldier Darkfiend, and a couple skeletons. We made short work of them. Tanith’s magic proved especially helpful. Then we moved onto the main altar… There was one of those tentacle things there, and several Darkfiends. But with Tanith and Eljiah’s magic, Saber’s swords, and my and Tahila’s bows, we wore them down. Elijah and Tanith shot the altar down before it summoned something…bad.

    Elijah destroyed the altar in what was frankly a rather spectacular display of magical might, and we left. But not before he noticed the altar was set up just for the statuettes we found.

    That ain’t gonna haunt us or anything…



    The Blue-green woman leaned in Tanith’s doorway in her leather adventuring gear. “So, we go some swank new gear, but have you been rewarded for your part yet love?”

    Tanith raised an eyebrow. “I have not. I work with my own group for that most of the time. You guys did well though. You were positively deadly, I have to say. And you were quite awesome as well at the ball.

    Tríona confidently stepped in and touched Tanith’s onyx cheek. “Thank you. But your not getting something…personal…is quite an oversight, don’t you think?”

    Tanith puts her hand on the blonde woman’s hip, as she kisses the aquamarine hand touching her face. Her voice was a gentle purr. “My dear I couldn’t agree more.”

    End Session XII

    The Third Man Completed

    Saber did his best to get Elijah to breakfast, but to no avail. The Vata was too clever (and Tanith gave him some leeway).

    In the battle they fought two Thin Men in two separate encounters, along with some Watcher and Soldier Darkfiends. The Altar began drawing in a Soul Harvester, but Elijah and Tanith shut that down. Was nice to have the Vata’An and Vata’Sha working in tandem there at the end, I thought. Also ironic the Vata’An was the one with the more flexible honor code.

    An OOC reminder that Greymaudie’s player has not dropped, she has health issues and is here when she can be.

    Next time we begin a new story. Comments and Questions Welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    It’s time to move on to the ball, the first for most of the BDH group. Greymaudie was able to attend this one, though she will not be able to be at the next. Saber’s journal covers all three parts of this story. Enjoy.

    Session XI

    The Third Man Part III

    Knight’s Journal

    2nd-4th of Maurenel

    Well we made it.

    Writing this has actually proven very difficult. I was in something of a slump after our victory over the Sea Wyrm. It was just the thought I was never going to fight such powerful legendary foe again. How could I have peeked a couple months into my Knightly career? So that brought low for awhile. But the team pulled me out of the slump. We would have new kinds of adventure!

    Thus begins our new kind of adventure! Politics. We got contacted by our old friend Sapphire Steelheart. Apparently someone left a dead body in her basement. It appeared there was a real risk she was being framed. So we went to visit, and found it somehow related to these mirrors that could tell you if someone was possessed or not. We traced the body back to a freshly arrived group of refugees it turned his name Anton. We interviewed the refugees but it turned up nothing. Not surprising given these folks were certain we were some kind of secret police force.

    Sadly Grey was busy running her business so we were unable to get her to scry the scene, so we put a pin in that problem, and moved on to the next thing on the list. We were contacted by Carlotta Winter beautful young noble women. Who told use The Redcrows her families rivals were involved in a smuggling operation to bring in Veal to the city. Which they planned to server to a guest, yet a third lovely young lady Aurora Northwind who’s family controls a large sha crystal source.

    As many of you may know food products made from baby animals are not legal as Rhy animals don’t display intelligence until the are fully grown. As such it was clearly necessary to put a stop to this sort of thing lest it become a habit. So we set off to the headquarters of our favorite smuggler the old Gyrfalcon, it happened that the arrows used to kill Anton, also happened match the fletching color Gyrfalcon prefers. Hardly conclusive evidence but it was worth stopping by and checking. We arrived at Gyrfalcons to find a crew Redcrow house guards demanding Gyrfalcon get their smuggled goods to them. The Redcrow troops made their point but didn’t feel like tangling with us.

    Gyrfalcon explain the situation with the Veal, and confirmed what we had heard. So after some thought it was clear that it was unlikely we would make anything stick on Talia Redcrow, never mind the fact that I’m seeing her sister romantically. So the best option seemed to be seduce Ms.Northwind to swap families. Thus rewarding Carlotta for passing along the information, and punishing the guilty, without having to spend a lot of time in court, and running the live a long list of Redcrow minions. But of course that whole thing is easier said than done.

    We headed out for the day, the next day I got up and set off. It became clear we weren’t going to get Grey back in time. So Tríona introduced us to her friend Tanith Nocturna, another Queen’s Chosen, a lovely Vata lady with some very magical powers. As it turned out she possessed both the ability to scry the scene and could get us an invite the Redcrow ball held in the honor of Aurora. Once more favored smiled on us, and we gratefully accepted Tanith’s help. From Tanith’s magic we learned something was living below the place the Refugees were camped. We headed over and started heading down. After couple floors we came across some sort demon. Grey skinned, large black eye, unnaturally thin and flexible. We fought through it hit me with some tentacle strike. It was a good hit I’ll give it that. But it eventually fell before our team. Apparently this thing has possessed Sergi and used him to kill Anton. We took Sergi off to get some help, and left the city a safer better place.

    Then we got dressed and headed off to the ball, with the time typical of Felines re-appeared just in time to attend with us. The plan was for Tríona seduce Aurora, and flip her to Carlotta. Though of course everything got more complicated once the dancing started. Of course everyone was there including the Fairlights. More importantly Tahila was there were adventuring companions. Giving me a chance to see her again. I did not waste the opportunity. Talia and Tahila were clear having a sibling disagreement when I approached. I tried to split up the row before it got ugly. Being both brave and bold or maybe stupidly honest, I told Tahila the whole story. She was not favorable inclined to the Carlotta out come (something I should probably look into.) But wasn’t interested in seeing her sister succed ether.

    So the plan proceeded, Tríona also being brave and bold shot an arrow into the roof and swung down to sweep Ms Northwind off her feet (very literally in this case). I danced with Tahila, and then Anactora mostly to remind the Fairlights we were watching, and just to remind the party the authorities were present. Then of course things got complex. A powerful sorceress showed up and summoned up a band of ghosts and set them upon the party.

    While I had been dancing and Tríona was sweeping. Elijah had managed to pick up the newest up and coming Bachelorette Cordelia Summersette. Not very surprising I admit but a shrewd move on his part. We fought the ghosts off, though mainly b/c Elijah was able to enchant our weapons enable us to effect our ghostly foes. We fought them to stand still and then called it a night. I left with Tahila, I called this a win whatever happens with Aurora.

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    Our Heroine did super good at the party! Saber and Elijah were there of course, and Greymaudie came back. Tanith was there too, and while not helping with the Aurora thing, helped with the socializing and undead things.

    Getting ahead of meself.

    So we came in, got announced, and Tríona danced with all the ladies while Elijah schmoozed, Saber went to talk to Tahila Redcrow and Grey…did whatever Grey does, I guess. Tanith was arguing with this couple, the D’Ys. Maybe they shot her down, dunno.

    All I know is here’s me, easily the most adorable Sea Folk ever, dancing it up and then Saber takes it upon himself to absolutely show me up with one of those Fairlight women, Polaris I think. Hardly seems fair, he has all that fancy society stuff backing him up, doing it all proper like. So I needed to get me own back and fired an arrow with a rope into the ceiling, swung over to Aurora, and asked her to dance, Elseport style. She agreed, so I scooped her up and swung to the dance floor and whirled her around. Now THAT is how we do it in Elseport.

    So once again here’s me, just spinning her in me nice Finest Uniform, when some Vata bitch announces her beef with Polaris and sends a group of spectres to attack us. Right there whilst I was weakening Aurora’s knees.

    Now all of us but Grey were at or in the dance floor, even Tanith. The Spectres were tricky buggers to hit, because our attacks went through them, but Elijah enchanted our weapons with sound so we could attack. When Grey leapt in, he even enchanted her claws. Or teeth. Or Summat. Tanith was giving us the magic touch, making us quicker and stronger, too.

    Now that that was done, I swung up on my rope (With Aurora because no sense leaving her in the battle) and rained arrows down. Honestly with all that the Spectres had no chance, especially when their whole not solid thing was taken care of. Tanith even made her glowing yellow sword!

    Between us and the other martial types the Undead were defeated, but miss party pooper was gone. Still, it seemed the party had served it’s purpose, so I invited Aurora to experience some of my other talents, to which she agreed, and swung out.

    Note to self, remember to tell her to stay with those other chaps so Saber will be happy.

    Anyway, a good time was had by all, or at least our Heroine, who showed this lady where the best lovers in Aldis are brought up.

    Note to self: After our morning session, ask Saber what the plan was from here again.

    End Session XI

    The Vata’Sha who arrived to sic the Spectres on the party was Nostalia Ducas, who’s party (her and her elderly wife Ivania’s) was invaded by Cat’s Cradle in Dark Tides Cresting. Tanith Nocturna was present so she did not totally miss their mark. Interestly, compared to the last battle with Spectres, Elijah becoming a Shaper made things easier on the PCs. Elijah could buff weapons with sound energy.

    Lots of rolls to show off and dance at the party, and of course Tríona swinging and Greymaudie skulking. Grey made contact with Dawn Lux, the Vata’Sha Thief and Inamorata who has appeared on the periphery of both games (Most recently in Pillow Fort)

    I think that covers it. Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    It’s a new story, and it’s about time to get this game caught up, don’t you agree? Two sessions are recorded together here due to the way journals have come in, but I think you will agree it worked.

    Greymaudie’s player had to miss the first two sessions of this story. When the time came that we needed a Seer badly to proceed, Tanith Nocturna of Cat’s Cradle (who is not a Seer, but has Visionary) was brought in to keep things moving. Tríona knows her, if you will recall. While higher level, she is a buffer and healer and did not unbalance anything, leaving Saber to remain in charge.

    Anyway, sit back and enjoy

    Session IX-X

    The Third Man Part I+II

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    So, lots going on.

    Sapphire Steelheart had a body show up in her basement. Sucks I know. She came to Elijah, and Elijah came to us. Grey was on walkabout so Saber and I took up the job. We thought it was possible Gyrfalcon was framed, but followed up the investigation. The guy, Anton, had clashed publicly with Sapphire, being a Kernish refugee who disliked Night People.

    Investigating Gyrfalcon got weird. She tried to convince us to help her acquire something she was trying to sneak into the city. It turned out to be stuff like veal and lamb meat. Saber took exception to this, which was an odd turn of events given he seemed to not care about smuggling before. Smugglers are everywhere, not worth getting too hot under the collar over.

    Outside, we met Carlotta Winter, who we had seen lurking on Gyrfalcon’s turf before. She suggested that an heiress from the Icebinders named Aurora Northwind was the recipient, as they were considered fine dining where she was from. She said they are part of the Winter’s rivals the Redcrows. I have no idea why they are rivals.

    Oh, Saber was super droopy cuz he missed Tahila Redcrow. I am not sure how he thinks humiliating the Redcrows will get him in her pants, but I am not an expert on how men think. I mean, I can think of a pair of reasons to moon over Tahila, but more on this stuff later.

    We investigated the refugees where Anton had been, but it did not get us anything useful…except that area generally felt tainted. Which is super different for Aldis City. Place usually shines like a new pin.

    So we were not sure what to do. Saber wanted Tríona to sneak into the Redcrow house and seduce Aurora, but then getting her out seemed tricky. Our heroine was not interested in eloping.

    Tríona suggested with Grey gone we needed a Seer. Elijah and Saber agreed, and we went and talked to Tanith Nocturna, this Vata I met one time. Tanith was happy to help, and happy to defer to Saber. I had to decline her repeated interest. Maybe when we are done.

    The next day, we met Tanith at the morgue. She got us invitations to a fancy party the Redcrows were throwing that night (and mentioned Tahila had just arrived). She also used her Arcana to figure out Anton seemed possessed, though she said it was nothing like any possession she had ever seen. Infused by some dark, tainted energy? Regardless, he was killed by a different refugee, who thought he was lost to darkness. Saber took him to be dealt with.

    We went back and talked to the guy, Sergei. After Saber pressed, he admitted he did it, talking about a dark force clawing at minds. The group camped near a ruined building with the front caved in outside the city. Tanith and Elijah used Arcana to move the debris, and we moved in.

    The creature inside retreated from us, and we pursued. All but Saber could see in the dark (Tanith’s eyes and sword burned yellow in the dark!) and Elijah provided Saber light. Eventually we cornered the thing, a horrifying shadowy figure, who Saber took on directly while Elijah and I stayed back to attack at a range. Tanith for her part boosted Saber’s strength and my and Elijah’s Dexterity. The monster attacked with claws and tentacles, but it was trapped, and we killed it, Elijah crushing it into the wall like a rock.

    Elijah has gone to tell Sapphire the threat is over, and Saber is doing the official stuff. It’s time to get ready for a party. I hope to have fun! Er, our Heroine will succeed in her task!

    End Session IX-X

    The Thin Man is a monster from the Fantasy Age Bestiary. The Cat’s Cradle group saw some, but they were in suspended animation.

    As noted, Tanith was brought in to keep the plot moving. Plus it was fun to see her interact with Elijah, Saber and Tríona in game. As you can guess, it was not Tríona fending off Tanith’s advances.

    And you are officially caught up! Journals will go to every other week unless there is a handout or something. Next time our heroes (hopefully with Greymaudie) will attend a fancy party, nice costumes, stinky cheeses, whole nine yards. Hope you will be with us. Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    The battle with the great sea serpent. This was the Big Damn Heroes group’s first major phased boss battle. Enjoy.

    Session VIII

    On Stranger Tides Part III

    Knight’s Journal

    Knight’s Journal the 8th to 15th Hiathon,

    So we survived, now let me relate the most epic battle I have ever been a part of. So as you may recall, we had learned that a magic gauntlet set with a pearl somehow attracted the attention of a Sea Wyrm. For those unfamiliar with these beasts, they are simply massive. Tall as a tower, wider than the Queen’s road, and longer then a squadron of ships set end to end. We begin the battle by traveling to an island right across from the Azure Paradise, and atop the highest cliff on the island my Merry band waited for the attack. It was not long in coming. I wore the gauntlet as the person who wore it would distract the foe, making it focus its attention on the wearer.
    The best rose out of the sea, and though the cliff was very large, the beast head was still above us. We laid into the beast, our Shapers launching magical attacks while Tríona and I struck it with more traditional means. Though we certainly struck well, and even penetrated it’s scaly hide, our blows were simply mosquito bites to this massive creature. While we distracted however the Queen’s Secret Crush sailed up behind it and launched a massive attack upon it. Employing weapons that might be able to injure the creature.

    It didn’t take many volley’s from the crush before the beast determined it’s real danger, and it turned to attack the Crush. We leaped from the cliff side, which would haven been before that day would have been the most suicidal i’d ever contemplated. But in comparison to fighting that beast was down right sane. From the creatures scale back we pressed the attack. We continued to injure the beast, while the ballistas aboard the Crush began to take effect.

    Several lucky blows were dealt to the Sea Wyrm, while my companions climbed atop its snout to avoid the creature gnashing teeth and tremendous tale. I choose not to follow them, lest the creature unable to strike at me would direct its attacks to another target like our friends abroad the Crush or even the warship itself. It was then I suffer its first successful attack. Though i was only clipped by it’s massive teeth. I was really just to small a target for its massive fangs, even brushing against its jaw was life threatening contact.

    But between my armor, and the brief contract I escaped with only a broken rib or two. The battle went on. After a couple more exchanges the combined damage began to tell on the massive creature. It dove under the waves. Taking us along with it. Tríona whom had been very successfully, planting arrows in its snout and kicking it in the eye to distracted it. Was forced to switch to her daggers. I was drawn underwater as I had just driven both my blades into the creatures I simple road it into the depths. My armor filled with water and I knew my odds of making it back to the surface were slim indeed. However Elijah never gave up, though he was pulled off the Wyrms head he launched several massive sound blasts upon it. Injuring it grievously. I withdrew my swords and continue to climb around it’s back driving it the blades home as I search for some point of vulnerability, but soon realized there just wasn’t any.

    After what seemed like a water-logged eternity as my lungs began to burn for air, the creatures shot for the surface. I was thrown clear, and along the remainder of the party. Greymaudie who had been bravely attack the beast with both Magic and Fang, was upon the surface stand atop piece of flotsam she had discovered and seemingly used her magic to control. The Crush continue its relentless ballista attacks, the heavy thrum of the ballista's drawstrings could almost be left as much as heard, we were so near the great warship. As things seemed to settle down the creature managed to once again successfully struck me. Though only one it’s smaller teeth actually struck home, the fang easily ripped a whole in breastplate and through me, even the blow was only glancing from creature’s standards, I never suffered such an attack before. My armor was certainly ruined in that attack.

    The creature clearly looking for a way to finish us off, began to swim in a very rapidly moving circle around all of us. Generating a massive whirlpool. Attempting to suck both our party and the warship into the water’s deadly depths. Tríona being a great swimmer and with the help of her water magic stay afloat and continue to land arrows into the beast's face. I having not been thrown far, was able to reach the creatures path, and leaped upon it, as it roared passed, though I was once again submerged in the great head wave of the beast. We continue to rain blows upon it. Elijah was largely exhausted at this point. Having hit the monster with many sound blast. The water ran with blood, both beast’s and my own.

    As speed increased and the suction began to tell, Elijah put forth one last great effort and combined with a last wave of ballista, finished the great beast. The crew of the Crush fished me out of the sea before I could drown and gathered the rest of our crew. On Azure Paradise we were hailed as heroes. I won’t recount the activities after, as they would turn this from reports of heroic deeds into lurid bodice ripper or exotic pillow book. But I became better acquainted with Tahila, and I think Elijah discover what actual paradise was. I believe he plans to build a home or maybe tavern here once he retires. Which I think we successful persuaded would be years off yet.

    The grateful people of the island crafted a suite armor from some the creature’s smaller scales. Though it is certainly the tough suite of plates I have ever encountered. I will wear this armor with pride. If fate can find a foe to top such a battle as that I know not how. I never in all my days dream I would defeat such a foe. I would love to say it was our prowess that one this day, but I suspect ballista and magic had much more to do with it, then my humble efforts.

    End Session VIII

    On Stranger Tides Completed

    As with boss battles from Cat’s Cradle, rather than using usual stats I had the creature fight a certain way and change as it took damage. The Sea Wyrm was a high health, high armor creature. Saber pretty well recounts the stages, with the opening from the island, then on the beast, then it trying to shake people off, then underwater, then the whirlpool. It was fun and everyone seemed to have fun.

    New story back in Aldis City next session. We are pretty close to catching up, but just a little longer we will have weekly updates. Comments and Questions welcome.
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  • Baroness Nerak
    The chase is on. But it is about to go to some unexpected places

    Session VII

    On Stranger Tides Part II

    Knight’s Journal

    Remainder of the Month of Galeith

    While on the island we also encounter Justine, and Blackstar whom were also searching for the item. We let them know what we discovered and they very quickly took to the sea. At Elijah’s suggestions we decided to follow Justine, as we suspected she knew more then she was telling us. Setting sail we were quickly forced to take cover from a great storm. During the storm we were attacked by great sharks that could swim in darkness. I tested my new spear, and between the ships crew and our little party we defeated the flying sharks fairly quickly. The next morning we awoke to discover Sea ogres preparing to ambush us. I stepped out and challenged them, and we engaged them in combat mortal. Through Good sword work, Tríona’s arrows and some accomplished spell casting by Elijah, we defeated this threat also.

    However as we prepared to set sail, we spotted Justine and Blackstar under attack by another group of ogres. Elijah used his magic to toss me aboard the ship, and Tríona started picking them. We again defeated these foes fairly readily. Justine gratefully offered to take us to the location of the gauntlet, which was discovered was Azure Paradise. We set sail at best speeding hope to save the resort from a wyrm attack.

    Upon arriving we were greeted by one Azure Paradise’s very competent staff who swiftly brought us to the resort head, who authorized us to take command of the defenses. Next we found Captain Darling and her Crew and recruited them to our side. Next Justine took us to meet with Tahila Redcrow. While interrupted Tahila’s watermelon crushing contest, she was however gracious and took our warning seriously. Offering to assist in avoiding the Wyrm Threat. While Elijah practiced his exceptional skills in ahh grifting? Seduction? We formed a plan to draw the Wyrm to a nearby island and do battle with it. We would take the gauntlet and face it own land while the Queen’s Secret Crush would engage it from sea with Large scale ship weapons.

    I completed this report just before setting off to face the Wyrm. As this creature is certainly largest monster I have ever encountered 6 stores? Maybe more?, I’m not confident in my personal survival. But I want you to know however this battle goes, I would change nothing in my career, and being a Queen’s Finest is the greatest honor I could ever imagine and live or die that will never change. I hope I will have the opportunity to submit another report soon.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Saber Loveridge,
    Knight of the Realm and Queen’s Finest.

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    So our heroine was super heroine-like. First of all, she helped kill these two Night Terrors. As made up things that are real go, Night Terrors are probably my least favorite, just before carnivorous yams. So, no shit there we were in a storm with wind and rain and shit coved on these islands when who should come flying at us but Captain Chompy and Mr. Bite. But our heroine had her bow ready and launched arrow after arrow, even as Saber used his spear and Elijah ripped them out of the sky. They basically had no chance. With them gone we hid out from the rain for a time.

    When we came out we found Merrow, which are basically the worst kind of Ogres, on the island. Saber, being human and a dude called them out, so they jumped down to fight him even as Captain Marina Seaspray came out to assist him. The Merrow were not too bad, though they hit like a ship falling on you. Saber kept their attention best he could, but our heroine drew some attention due to her unbridled awesomeness. Elijah and Tamika hid, wisely, below decks just popping up to attack. Tríona was stuck in the captain’s cabin as given she is the best lay on the ship Captain Marina would not let her sleep anywhere else.

    But anyway that heroism in the bag, we started sailing off but…wouldn’t you know it? Justine got herself into some trouble she could not get out of. And to think she was the one who led us there to begin with, though by led us there I mean we followed without her knowing, which is pretty much the same thing.

    Anyway, So Tríona summoned up a huge wave that slammed into the Merrow on deck, and Elijah magically tossed Saber over. By the time we got the ship there, they were down, having barely had time to recover. Justine was grateful enough for the save to tell us the woman who likely had it was Tahila Redcrow, and she was at Azure Paradise.

    Now for context, the way the tides and winds work down here, a lot of the Shatterstar is cool and windy, but some islands are warm, and there is one area with a large island with a lot of sun and not too much wind where the resort of Azure Paradise can be found, while the other, smaller islands are less shielded while still warm, and are the more jungle like Rainwards where we were before. The Meebo II wasted little time getting there once we made sure Justine and Blackstar were well.

    Now Azure Paradise is gorgeous and a bit more…upscale…than our heroine was used to. But that was then; Tríona is a legendary hero now. We were met by Golden Slipper, a ambassadorial mucky muck who took us on. Now it was full of music, lights, drinking, and happiness. And girls. So many girls. And of course, just when you figure you can bank on a man thinking with his prick, Saber decides to ignore all godsdamn temptations to go straight for the magistrate, then straight to fund the Traveling Noble, with Slipper just behind us. Thankfully, the Travelling Noble was the smokeshow Captain Devon Darling, who was happy to see our heroine if a bit annoyed at being interrupted while she had her tits out. Her crew was similarly…ah…enjoying the paradise, except Marza who was…standing guard. Even the croc was giving girls rides in the pool. That’s not a euphemism.

    We met Tahila, who was crushing watermelons with her thighs. That is also not a euphemism. Saber was rather taken with her watermelons. That is a euphemism. Anyway they convinced her it was all very urgent and we certainly did not have time for naked fruit wrestling or anything like that. Meanwhile I chatted up Devon and Elijah, somehow, got almost all the women in his bar eager to teach the “innocent Jarzoni” about the “ways of the world.”

    So now I am here on the quays, not partying. Where did I go wrong?

    End Session VII

    The scene of Elijah acting all innocent and taking in the various girls was amusing in and of itself, but Tríona had gone on earlier about how she loved innocent Jarzoni girls, and Elijah had responded they were playing it up for attention, so she just kinda sulked a bit seeing Elijah do just that.

    Night Terrors are in the Fantasy Age Bestiary and, and I cannot stress this enough, are awesome. Flying sharks that attack by night! You cannot go wrong with that!

    Next session is a boss battle, my third but the first for this group. Tune in next week for the action. Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    It’s time for a new story, specifically a nautical yarn. Get ready to get your Pirate on

    Session VI

    On Stranger Tides Part I

    Knight’s Journal

    Remainder of the Month of Galeith

    We returned to Aldis to consult and develop a plan to dispose of the Evil Magic Statue. But upon arrival we were sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of a fishing village. We were sent aboard the Warship, the Queen’s Secret Crush. The crew of the Crush is a remarkable lot. Captain Darling is Swordswomen of amazing skill. I greatly enjoyed our duel, and I have no hesitation reporting that she beat me on points. Look forward to crossing steel with her more in the future. I also was quite taken with Lucian a Rhy-Crocodile of great skill, and tremendous voice. We sailed with the Crush to small Privater’s port called Rainword Isle, where we engaged in a night of games. Dancing, Gambling, and general Carousing. Interestingly I won the dance contest, my sister would be proud, after all those years of dance classes.

    While dancing and carousing we heard many strange tales and rumors. Though the Sailors about the Crush had shared several related tales concerning doing battle with a Pirate Lich, whom had animated the Captain’s Dead father to command a fleet against them. It was rumored that the Lich has returned to unlife, and may have massacred the fish village's inhabitants, then using their animated remains to fill out her crew. Another Rumor had it a great Sea Wyrm had been spotted swimming in these waters. Something that struck me as very unlikely compared to the return of the Necromantic pirate, Aisling Windshear. I also had a pleasant encounter with a First mate named Blackstar whom had lost her name to a magic artifact, whose name she stole in return. Her Captain Justine, was relentless lady who competed in every event, displaying considerable skill and great sportsmanship.

    We set off the next morning aboard another ship, a very fast Clipper named the Mebo II, following the loss of the Mebo I during the encounter with the undead pirate fleet. The ship was very swift, and carried the rest of the distance to the fishing village. There we investigated and Greymaudie with her powerful ability to read and understand, quickly learned that it was not in fact the lich reborn as I had feared, but ironically it was the Sea Wyrm which had destroyed the village. It had come chasing a magic item, a gauntlet with a great pearl utop it, and which was now in the hands of Tahila Redcrow a women we had briefly encounter upon the Rainword Isle, a very attractive lady who was assisting a Prince who had lost his kingdom to his brother.

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    After spending some time in Aldis City with the smoking hot Black Pinion, our heroine was called up for her masterful bow work down in the warmer wetter areas in the south, which was, of course, oddly familiar for her. She met up with Grey, Elijah and Saber and traveled back to Elseport, where they apparently forgot the parade, but our heroine resolved to forgive them if the next parade is extra big.

    It’s good Elseport has not burned down without me, but I should visit more. This is the longest I have been gone, and it was good to be back, even just briefly.

    We met Captain Devon Darling, who took to our heroine immediately. Even Saber sparring with her was not enough to keep her eyes off of Tríona’s lithe Veridian form. It may have made her bodyguard Marza jealous. She got on well with the Blackbird siblings Markus and Dahlia, and the talking gator Lucian, who was…frankly the chattiest crocodile our heroine had ever met. The trip on the Queen’s Secret Crush went smoothly, as it was a huge, well outfitted vessel, the biggest I had ever been on, though I had seen some that big in Elseport. Eventually we reached Rainward and set about meeting our contact.

    Like her predecessor, Captain Marina Seaspray was immediately taken by Tríona. After showing off in mumblety peg, she wound up hooking up with Marina and guaranteeing a place in the captain’s cabin. Which was good, the rooms on the Meebo II were a lot smaller than those on the Queen’s Secret Crush, and she was not about that. Meanwhile Grey gathered information, Saber and Elijah participated in a dancing contest that Saber won, and Elijah won at the card tables, as well as being picked up by Marina’s first mate Tamika Wavecrest.

    Grey was info gathering. See a small fishing village had been razed, and we needed to investigate and inflict repeated justice on the parties responsible. She heard a lot of rumors, from a Lich named Aisling to a Pirate Prince named Yrtalian. Also, sea monsters. Funny thing about that…

    The next day Tríona and her posse of heroes set off on the Meebo II. While the Crush was a huge, well-armed vessel, the Meebo II was small, sleek and very, very fast. Tamika provided wind, and Tríona made sure the tides were in our favor. Thus, it only took about a day to get there, which incidentally left our heroine more time for canoodling with the captain.

    Upon arriving, it became clear that the privateer Justine, one of Tríona’s biggest rivals for romancing all the ladies, was there. She was looking for an artifact she had heard would be there, and was, admittedly, a little frustrated when she found it not. Meanwhile Grey used her magic to confirm it was sea monsters and not Princes or Liches or anything like that. It turned out that Justine had heard from one of her conquests that the artifact was on the island, and that it was valuable, a gauntlet with an enormous pearl. Information from Grey suggested the Sea Wyrm was drawn to it, and based on the image she got, Saber recognized her as Tahila Redcrow, a gentry turned adventurer who likely sought it as treasure.

    We and Justine went our separate ways, but our goal is clear. One of us, probably the greenest, needs to seduce this Tahila and steal the glove while she sleeps. The fact she is particularly well endowed in no way figures into this plan. Total coincidence. Saber may know her, but that just means she will be suspicious of him, so someone a bit sleeker probably should do it.

    I know Justine probably has the same plan. Well honey, you don’t know what you are in for. Tríona is the best lover in Aldea, and on the fastest ship in the Shatterstar. You aren’t getting this!

    End Session VI

    Saber and Tríona reference events from the Cat’s Cradle story Black Sails, and the clash with Aisling Windshear. Only error was the Meebo II was Marina’s ship there too. Tríona exaggerated how much she charmed Devon, though she and Marina got on like a house on fire.
    For anyone interested, the Cat’s Cradle story going up at this writing O Fortuna follows up this story.

    I think that covers it. The pursuit of Justine is next week. Comments and Questions welcome
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  • Baroness Nerak
    The Investigation in Lumina Continues

    A word…so, sessions 4 and 5 coincided with some work issues, medical issues, and other stuff that interfered in the sessions somewhat. Greymaudie’s player was unable to make sessions 4 or 5, and Saber’s player wound up doing one big journal for both due to his schedule, and the fact session 5 focused most on Elijah, giving Saber and Tríona less to say.

    So I am combining 4 and 5 into one recap, as it seems to flow most naturally that way. They were two different sessions, two weeks apart, and I wound up combining both Tríona’s journals (which actually cover the whole story including last session between them) into one big journal here, so if it seems to start and stop that is why. Should still be easy to enjoy, so sit back and read the conclusion to Into the Woods.

    Sessions IV and V

    Into the Woods Part II and III

    Knight’s Journal

    Knight’s Journal - Lumina - 16th and 17th of Gaeleth

    The next day, we continued our Mission in earnest, meeting with fey once more we learned about the origin, of the item, the important point being that it almost certainly from this facility. Next we recruited the assistance of the local rangers to end the Shadow Mongrel threat the next day. We scheduled a meeting with the Queen. While the idea, that asking permission was always harder then asking forgiveness, we agreed that asking nicely was better long term cooperation. After setting that up we headed back to the cabin to sleep

    The Night however was eventful. We were awakened by a Cat I believe we encountered earlier, so I suspect we now owe someone a favor. But it did enable use to get the drop on 5 Silence Assassins, sent to intimidate the merchant whose family was murder by silence assassins. The battle was brief but intense, Tríona made several very impressive arrow shots in the dark, felling a pair just as the fight started. We defeated another and two escaped heavily injured.

    All that said, some may take issue with my Chivalric handling of the situation. We attacked as we order them to surrender. But given our knowledge of this types of assassins, they stayed true form. Giving them any advanced warning just means more innocent bodies.

    We interrogated the one we defeated and learned the name of the boss that sent him, giving us a lead on how tracing that back at some point in the future. Then we went back to bed.

    Waking up we prepared for the attack on the Mongrels. The rangers brought a massive Shas Crystal they use to light up an area for a battle. Elijah, Tríona, and I engaged the foes. We faced many in battle and defeated many. Elijah sword skill steadily improve, I am happy to report. As he defeated several with well place attacks. We sent the mongrels packing, and then engaged their lizard master. The larger one proved capable foe, as I trade blows with him. Then his smaller counterpart attack me with darkfire. I can only describe it as intensely painful.

    Between Eljiah’s magic, and Tríona’s arrows, and some decent sword work my part we felled the pair. I took the big one spear as trophy, though it somewhat ungainly to carry it around, its very well balanced both for throwing and for melee. But it is an honor to carry a weapon of capable foe defeated in honorable combat.

    We ensured that the Mongrels were thoroughly routed. Then we headed off to prepare for the meeting the queen. We met the Queen in her woods, and she proved to be a wise a just leader. She continues her mission to protect the facility, Acting as any Just ruler would. After considerable conversation, where in Elijah proved very persuasive. She agreed to give him access to the facility. So long as she and another accompanied him, and Tríona and I stay behind as hostages to his good behavior.

    As such things went, it was very pleasant afternoon as Elijah went below and learned a great deal. Tríona and I drank fruit juice and enjoyed the sites of the forest. Elijah returned, and while I don’t have any real idea of what he saw below But he could confirm that the white statue was made here, and that black was created based upon its design, however was altered to enhance darkest sorcery, through binding souls into the device. They also gave us the location the crystal the device was made from most likely came from.

    Regardless it’s clear that destroying the dark figure is upmost importance. Though apparently it’s going to be involved as we need to throw it into a volcano to destroy it.

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    Our Heroine finds herself in the town of Lumina. Here she joined her boon companions in battling the forces of evil. “Forces of Evil” in this case have been Shadowspawn, Mongrel Shadowspawn, which are notably less evil than, say, Darkfiends. Still, they are hairy, smelly, and mean. We had an initial skirmish with a group of them that lead to Greymaudie tracking them to their hideout. We went to William Nazzari to get some back up (I mean, there are a lot of them) and he and his Sentinels agreed. The following day we went and wiped out the rest…The Fomoiri and Mongrels alike were cut down by my arrows. You should have seen it. Just rained arrows down on them. Man, it was beautiful.

    But that was not the only time Tríona had to fill some dumb asshole with arrows. Two merchants in Lumina seem to be competing for certain trade rights or something honestly I fell asleep. But one of them, a Night Woman named Sapphire had assassins sent after her by the Silence, which is like a proper enemy for fighting. There were five of them, but as soon as Saber gave the signal I started my volley and cut two right down. It was badass. Meanwhile Elijah, he was invisible and attacked them with death whistles, which made him the second most awesome one there. Anyway, we interrogated the only survivor that did not run away and found out they were supposed to terrorize Sapphire. I think the others suspected the human girl, Pima did it. I hope not her dresses are froofy and that shite is fun to get under.

    Oh but there is this other thing where we met this Fey named Aoibhell who was a Wood Fey about this Vatazin lab we want to get into. She said their queen, Nicnevin, is not precisely keen on visitors to them, and any of us short Elijah and maybe Grey would have the defenses attack them. I mean, can’t they ask the defenses not to? I don’t really understand it.

    Anyway, we met a second time with her and this naked Fey Lady named Caelia, who is the “Lotus Eater” which is a concubine and I am pretty sure they mean that she makes the muffins misty or something but anyway of course Tríona instantly charmed both of them (which was handy as Caelia has some serious sealions if you get my meaning) and they agreed to talk to Nicnevin and this feels too much like the shipping office with more nudity (good) and more dirt (bad) and honestly sometimes the answer is piracy borrowing what you need at bow point and not keeping anything which would be criminal, which would totally work here because we are not actually trying to take anything! So like, breaking and entering, but at arrow point, which I guess is more like home invasion but they don’t live in it, right?

    This place is hella nice, by the way. It’s cool, it’s dark, there are pretty lights all over the place, and there is just a tingly feeling that makes you want to wiggle your toes. I like it. It gives you that feeling like when you are a bairn and the world is big and endlessly magic. Lake Kilma ain’t near big enough but otherwise it is right nice. I mean, would not want to live here, but it is nice to see right?

    But anyway, this is practically in the bag. Mongrels and Fomoiri whooped, gonna talk with this fae queen, I think Elijah is gonna sleep with Sapphire, and there are a Fey or two I kinda dig. Not bad right?

    Our Heroine has completed her Lumina mission. Sadly, she did not get to enter the Vatazin Lab. Yet. Nicnevin and Aoibhell were too afraid they would lose control in such a place with me, and it would descend into an orgy. So we sent Elijah Vale, who would be less likely to make them fall into a fit of passion. He seemed to do fine with them. After emerging, however, Aoibhell made sure to talk quietly to me as we were going out.

    It turns out the white Statuette was from there, but the black was not. Elijah figured out that we can enhance our magic with it and explained how to. Saber did not much care.

    Before we left, I did manage to meet Aoibhell in the woods. That was nice. Never been with a Fey, and she had never been with a Sea Gal. I think I made a pretty good impression for my people. I always do.

    Lumina is pretty. I wish it were closer to Lake Kilma, but it was nice. And I would like to see Aoibhell again. We will see how it goes. But hey, on the way home. I wonder what Black Pinion is up to.

    End Sessions IV and V

    Into the Woods Completed

    The PCs fought Mongrels as well as Formiori from the Fantasy Age Bestiary. Saber got an impressive spear from one of the latter

    As noted before, The Bard’s Tale for Cat’s Cradle has more on Lumina.

    Next week we start the next story. With pirates. Hope you join us. Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    In search of information on the statuettes, the Finest head to mysterious forest of Lumina

    Session III

    Into the Woods Part I

    Knight’s Journal

    Our scholarly minded members determined a connection between one of the statuettes and the crystals found in the forest around the town of Lumina. Seeing that this was our most likely lead on learning more of the statues and that the area has recently been plagued by Mongrel Shadowspawn. I agreed that an expedition was clearly in order.

    Travel was uneventful, as we acquired horses or some sort of transport for this journey. Tríona named hers Startling Sail a fine steed, though I think she may be somewhat confused. Elijah’s is named Drifter, a brown, somewhat small horse in my opinion, by I’m sure it is very swift. While Greymaudie preferred a donkey and cart, something about needing sleep. She dubbed the poor animal Snack. I’m grateful the poor creature cannot understand the meaning. Lastly mine is a fine destrier named Comet.

    Having arrived without incident we settled in, to the house set aside for the Queen’s Own. A nice facility, well built and apportioned. We sought dinner at the local inn, a fine hall, with good food. There we made the acquaintance of two rival merchants, a guard sent to keep them safe; though mainly from themselves, and a excellent old Raven named Lucifer, a fine bird indeed. Once we tracked down Lucifer. Grey shared some sausage and conversation with the fine bird. Which got us the information we needed concerning how to correctly approach and converse with the fey guardians of the forest. Apparently Lucifer has a friend who is friends with a half Fey, who is friends with the Fey Queen’s Consort. Which is one of those i’m just going to have to get used to the services of the Queen.

    Anyway, we shared a good meal and turned in early. We awoke before dawn and I lead Elijah in morning exercises, his skill with the blade continues to improve, I’m proud to report. Sadly Tríona who was apparently unwell, having drunk quite a lot the night before was feeling ill tempered in the morning, she did not take well to morning training. But I believe she will come around at some point.

    We then had breakfast and sought Lucifer’s friend whom turned out to be a laevvel, Night person herbalist. They setup a meeting for later that morning. While waiting I took a walk to down the local waterfall, which was truly a sight to behold. I should mention the forest is very dark, even the light of the sun fails to penetrate the leaf cover. But the waterfall is just on edge of the forest.

    The meeting with the half fey went well, I believe she and Tríona may have hit it off. Anyway, we setup a meeting with Consort, to gain access to the facilities in the section of the forest protected by the fey. The meeting was set for that evening, so we decided to spend the rest of the day dealing with the Mongrel Shadowspawn problem. Borrowing a coach from one of the merchants, we dressed up as easy targets, and went and drove through the section of the forest that was recently attacked by the Shadowspawn. They attacked, first launching arrows as Tríona as she drove the coach. She returned fire while I leapt from the coach and charged the foul breasts. We engaged in some perilous combat. Though my allies swiftly followed. Grey and Elijah, both laid into the foes, Elijah once more showing his improving swordsmanship. With some fine bow work from Tríona and blade and tooth work by the rest we soon panicked several mongrel into flight, while defeating the rest.

    Grey using her magic and fine Cat skills, tracked the beasts back to their layer. Where she learned that a pair of lizardman has recently taken command of the Mongrol and brought them into conflict with ettercaps, massive spider creatures native to the region. We headed back to town to raise the local rangers.

    End Session III

    If you follow Cat’s Cradle, as noted in the previous handout’s Lumina was the setting of The Bard’s Tale. This obviously happens after. Lucifer was in Dark Tides Cresting, and one of the Merchants, Sapphire Steelheart, was in Shadow Show (the other, Pima Gallacio, was last in The Bard’s Tale before this).

    Mongrels are pretty straightforward I think. I may have overestimated a group of level two’s a bit but they did fine.

    More next week, Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    So before starting the next story, there was a handout for the story which I wanted to share here. It covers Lumina and the surrounding area, and a lot was covered in the Cat's Cradle story The Bard's Tale. This story obviously takes place later. Enjoy


    The Statuettes

    The origins and uses of the Statuettes remain a mystery. You have a general idea they enhance magic but not how. The white Statuette’s origin seems to be around Lumina in a thick forest in Aldis. They regularly have trouble with Mongrel Shadowspawn there attacking travelers, and those Mongrels have been organizing recently, so it seems as good a time as any to look into it while ostensibly fighting some Shadowspawn.


    Lumina is a small town in Western Aldis known for being near the mystical White Forest and under a canopy of trees making the town and immediate environs in darkness like a perpetual night. However, it is less than an hour’s ride to sunlight so the people do not suffer…much…from being in a dark. The locals are almost all Humans and Night People. Shas crystals are mined in the nearby Ulkan Mines and fruits and vegetables are grown which benefit from the perpetual darkness. Lake Kilma nearby provides water, and the break in the foliage offers sunlight to swimmers.

    In fact the unusual trees and number of shas crystals are because it rests where once a Vatazin laboratory was. Though the Vatazin themselves are long gone, Lumina benefits from their magically protective trees and abundance of fertile ground, occasional artifacts and crystals. And the whole area tends to have a very positive energy rather than the gloom one might expect.

    The Rose Knight Alexis Winter is from Lumina. She is known for her blind fighting abilities (gained as a member of the Sentinels, or local guard) and mastery of horsemanship allowing her speedy riding even in thick forests like those around Lumina. She is not expected to be there at present, however.

    The White Forest

    The White Forest is a magical forest near Lumina in Western Aldis. It is known for a large number of Fey elementals, mostly wood oriented with some water ones. The local Fey are not usually violent to interlopers but they do not allow most people to travel through without permission. Vata of any sort are apparently permitted to pass through as long as they are respectful and only take what is needed. Roamers are allowed free passage and to make camp, though they seem to know Roamers by sight. Others need to negotiate to stay there or pass through.

    Ulkan Mines

    The Ulkan Mines are a source of Shas crystals, and some rather unusual and impressive ones have been found there. While it had problems with Shadowspawn in the past that is not known to be the case now.


    We begin Into the Woods next time. See you then.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    It’s time to return to Aldis City. The new team of Finest came out of the big brawl well, and now has to deal with the Sorceress after them. The obvious way to handle this is to lay a trap.

    Session II

    Roamers, Tramps and Thieves Part II

    Knight’s Journal

    Queen Jaellin,

    Your Royal Majesty, as the newest of the Sovereign's Finest, I submit this report on behalf of my colleagues your true servants, Tríona, Elijah, Greymaudie, and of course myself your humble servant Saber of House Loveridge. Following the ceremony of our induction into your finest we attended a local eating establishment where we were tipped off by a loyal citizen there would be smuggling operation.

    In the interest of law and order we scouted out the place and determined it was true. Smugglers were about to arrive with a shipment. We waited for arrival and entered. As we prepared to arrest those involved, the wall broke in and a Sorceress and pair of warrior demons entered the building.
    We did battle with the demons, though as we engaged several other parties become involved. To fairly complex battle short, we defeat the demons drove off the sorceress, and recovered a pair of magical status. Which were apparently the target of the involved parties.

    The next day Elijah and Greymaudie, studied the artifacts, and learned some details that, these items could add some kind of magic. With the help of Guard Captain Aneshka, we set off to speak to involved parties. Learned that the smuggler didn’t know what she had, and that the status were brought in at the order of the Fairlights, who intended to sell them to a private bidder. It does seem very unlikely that the Fairlights were involved in sorcery however.

    We sought answers from Gyrfalcon and from Pinion’s boss. Tríona and Greymaudie investigated Pinion while Elijah, Aneshka and I investigated Gyrfalcon, before we tracked her down however, were attacked by yet another set of demons. These were a different sort of demon, that hide strealthly in the shadows and attacked with mind powers. With Aneshka’s aid we defeated the two demons, and determined the Sorceress was tracking us using scrying magic. So after considerable discussion we determined to lay a trap for her. I created a fake set of the statues, and hide them in Elijah’s bedroom, Aneshka and I hide in the closet, while Pinion and Tríona hide in her room across the hall, Greymaudie, hid in a suitcase, and Elijah made himself invisible.

    We waited for the ambush, around 11 that night the attack occurred. A pair of shadowy vampire assassins came into the room and stabbed the pillows we had disguised as Elijah and the other grabbed the fake statues. Meanwhile across the hall, Tríona and Pinion detected the Sorceress and another soldier demon standing in the hall. They emerged and attacked. Tríona and Pinion injured the sorceress and having heard the activity walked past the assassins and joined them. Elijah finished the sorceress off with his new discovered sword skills.

    Greymaudie, Aneshka, and I joined the fray, and attacked the demon. As we joined the battle and the demon fell, the vampire assassins fled taking the fake statues with them. The assassins were pursued by Agents of the Silence, whom had come to claim the item as well it seems. However the Vampires appeared to have escaped the assassins. We remain in possession, of these statues, and will seek to learn more about them.

    So in closing, we have bested 5 demons and 1 sorceress in but 2 days. I am proud of this teams great achievements. I hope and I’m confident we will continue to achieve more valiant deeds in days to come and work to end the threat or the dark magic to our world.

    Greymaudie’s Notes

    (as dictated to H. Mousebert, confidential secretary, on 3rd Gaeleth)

    Further search in library re: statuettes with Elijah. Unsuccessful despite decent research assistance. Bother.

    Meeting with city guard, Captain Aneshka. Half the city seems to want these trinkets. Who tipped off whom to dock job? Note: drop in on Imperator Fluffykins, preferably from above with a half-brick.

    Triona (Tree-na) and self met up with Annette DeVeers, local boss-lady, in Eventide Friend. Saw bard, who is not a convincing cat. Can’t blame other species for wanting to be cats, though, poor things.

    Reminded of scrying issues by Annette, tried to warn Elijah and Saber about imminent attempt on their lives. May have been teensy bit late. Note: future-sight potentially on the blink?

    Rejoined E and S. Ambush planned for Elijah’s room at the inn, fountains being rejected as ambush setting. Saber shows unexpected skill in soap carving. Elijah shows entirely expected skill in being invisible.

    Perhaps napped in that trunk a touch too long, as Tríona pointed out lack of adequate armor-putting-on warning, but the bipeds were all giggling so I assumed they were paying attention. Do I have to do everything?

    Pair of vampires attempt theft, murder. Vicious Whisper (sorcerer) and demon guard out in hallway, as room was crowded. Elijah and Tríona make short work of Vicious Whisper. Bit another demon, which tasted no better than the last demon. Saber and Aneshka dispatched the demon. Pair of vampires rethink unlives of crime, exit via window. Pair of vampires become excellent target for the Shadow agents lurking across the street. v amused.

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    Okay, So Tríona was really amazing at the end of the conflict in Aldis City. Truly, everyone was in awe of her majesty. Initially, she interviewed the fawning Master Spy Queen Annette DeVeers with Greymaudie, and once we were able to get her to calm her obsequious manner, we found out that the Sorceress was called Vicious Whisper, and that Black Pinion worked for her. Annette warned us Vicious Whisper might be spying with arcana, so Greymaudie and I rushed out to save them.

    Aneshka Snowdown, Saber Loveridge, and Elijah Vale were trapped by three Darkfiends when we arrived. We had met with Aneshka earlier, and she eventually wound up splitting up with us. I should have mentioned that. But anyway we arrive, just in the nick of time. Greymaudie looked up helplessly at me but Tríona was not afraid. She notched arrow after arrow to rain down on the Fiends. Saber rallied, seeing her there, and surged forward like a wave. Between us, we mowed down all four fiends while Aneshka looked on with weak knees.

    Once we got to healing our beat up allies, we made a lot of plans. Saber wanted Elijah to stand in a fountain and ambush them, but Tríona quickly pointed out he was out of his godsdamned mind. She, being a great strategist and full of good old fashioned Elseport common sense, vetoed that insanity. Besides she had a plan of her own. Her plan to ambush them was amazing; we make a duplicate of the statuettes that is carved by Saber and sets them visible, since this Whisper lady is watching. Elijah turns invisible, Grey hides in Elijah’s suitcase, and Saber hides in the closet with Aneshka, as I insisted she be there.

    Never a glory hound, Tríona chose to hide in her room, with Pinion, ready to spring. An agreement was made when they sensed Vicious Whisper was scrying. Pinion was so drawn to the well-built heroine and her feminine wiles, she could not resist undressing her, over Tríona’s protests. Unfortunately, Saber, despite Tríona ‘s warning, got distracted by Aneshka Snowdown. Thus when the attack happened Tríona and Pinion were…unprepared. They were forced to charge out bare ass naked, with Tríona’s opening volley felling a Darkfiend soldier. She found a second solider, Vicious Whisper, and a pair of vampires. Saber and Aneshka held their own against the undead, while Elijah bent space to disappear and reappear behind Whisper, taking her down with a backstab. He, Pinion and I brought down the Soldier, which lead the vampires to turn into bats and escape. Apparently, there were Silence agents nearby who followed them out, thinking they had the statues (they had the duplicates).

    Thus Vicious Whisper was taken down and their first mission complete. Tríona and her followers are unstoppable.

    End Session II

    Roamers, Tramps and Thieves Completed

    Elijah, Greymaudie, and Saber all failed their Perception (Hearing) tests to hear Vicious Whisper and her Undead and Darkfiends coming. This was partly Saber’s fault as he was trying to seduce Aneshka. This meant Tríona (who was even more…distracted…in the other room) and Pinion had to take a major and minor action in the room before they could emerge from the door slightly late.

    Tríona exaggerates…again…there were two Soldier Darkfiends.

    This one was over with fairly quickly, but some of the players will come up again soon. In the meantime, we start a new story in two weeks. Next week will have an update to have the Handout for the game, which has a location familiar to Cat’s Cradle Fans. See you then, Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    So that should have gone up last week, but due to technical difficulties it just went up. But fear not, I will hook you up for this week. Enjoy.

    This takes place midway though Roamers, Tramps and Thieves. journals, the night after Saber, Grey, and Tríona just described. It first appeared on the thread for Cat's Cradle, but I also wanted to include it here for Big Damn Heroes. Here we have Tanith Nocturna between Dark Tides Cresting and Riders on the Storm. It features Tanith Nocturna from Cat’s Cradle and Tríona Clymene from Big Damn Heroes, taking place midway between Roamers, Tramps and Thieves. If reading for the first time enjoy, if not feel free to enjoy again.

    Anyway, walk along with Tanith and meet Tríona, and here you go.

    Black and Green Night

    The Sea woman was drinking and gazing softly into her glass. It was late, and a rain had started in Aldis City. She was pleased; this meant she could get wet walking back. The lack of ocean was getting to her, and she had already resolved to walk along the edge of Lake Vash, maybe have a swim, the next day before meeting Saber and her companions. It meant not ordering a second glass of water to go with her scotch, which was fine with her. It would hit her harder.

    The day’s events went well, but her effervescent eagerness to please had been perhaps overwhelming. People seemed to like her fine, but the urban lasses of Aldis City barely gave her a second look, whereas in her home in Elseport she was known for her beauty and personality. Here she was no big deal.

    A second woman had entered and moved to sit at her table, breaking her reverie. She had heard the heavy sound of boots on the floor, but not looked up. When the other woman sat, smelling of lavender, however, she did look up, seeing a gorgeous Vata’Sha with blazing yellow eyes, an elaborate cloak, and a soft smile. Immediately she slipped into her usual cheer,

    “Buy us a drink, love?”

    “If you vish, though I vill not be heading home vith you.”

    Well that’s disappointing.

    “Why ya sitting with us then love?” She asked as the Vata waved over a waitress, ordering a second scotch for her companion, and wine for her.

    “Sovereign’s Finest, based on your jacket and quiver. I am vun too. Tanith Nocturna.”

    “Tríona Clymene, legendary hero.”

    A low chuckle, followed by an amused deep purr. “And vy is a legendary hero drinking alone?”

    “Oh, you know, tired out from all the adventuring and shagging. Just needed a quiet night.”

    A nod. “Both of my lovers are vith their lovers tonight. So I am looking for a quiet night myself, and time to think also. But I am unused to sleeping alone, so I thought I would step out for a drink first. Sadly it started raining on the vay.”

    “Well you know lass, if you are lonely…” The sea folk started

    “You are too tired and shagged out, also. I understand.” The rebuff was smooth, gentle, and did not feel like a rejection.


    “You are cute though. Perhaps another time. Vere you vith the new group that joined today?” Yellow eyes looked her over. Tríona had never seen a golden eyed Vata’Sha, much less one with blonde hair. Was that even a thing? Didn’t matter. Her purr was a river, and Tríona was floating along it quite happily, watching and feeling the words go by.

    “Yeah, I was. Love your accent by the way, but it is not familiar. War’s du fae?”

    “I am from Aldis City, but my parents are from Kern. I am unsure vat part, but not Sarn. You?”

    “Oh, Elseport, born and bred. My father was born there, but me mum was from Rainward Isles. Pretty place, been there a few times.” Man, she was pretty.

    “I vent vunce. You spend a lot of time at zea?” Her yellow eyes had become gentler. Everything about her was hypnotic.

    “I mean, yeah, boating is not my thing, but I am pretty comfortable with it. My new team is not exactly, you know, nautical, but I am still useful. I am the best shot, and best lover, in Aldis.

    Another low, feline chuckle. “Good to know.” Why do they laugh when she says that? “Tell me about them.” Tríona’s reverie was broken.

    “Oh well let’s see. There is Saber, he is my second in command. Rose Knight. The dude loves swords. Like, I think he sleeps with them. But a good guy, and not afraid of anything. He helped us fight some demons in Elseport. Then we killed three today here. He is a good guy.”

    “Rose Knights generally are, in my experience.”

    “Yeah, and Saber is patient and all too, which is good, as ya know the other two are unruly. Greymaudie is a Rhy-Cat, not sure where she is from, ah, Adept, but I have not seen her use arcana other than the usual Rhy stuff so….probably not bullshitting us? Oh wait, she talked to mice.”

    Tanith’s grin was a little predatory. “A cat with a mouse hmmmm…only slightly analogous to tonight, you know?” Are her eyes more gold now?

    Tríona swallowed and got a little light headed. Tanith was doing this on purpose. Why can’t she be the badass dominant one for once? “Yeah, but she is clever, and fun. The other is Elijah Vale he is Vata, like you but…” Don’t say true Vata. Don’t say true Vata. “Vata’An.” Whew. “And Jarzoni, but he pulled the stick out. He and I get along well. Seems to be an illusionist, and rock thrower. Guess it is a thing over there.”

    “Very useful.” Tanith was pulling her glove off one finger at a time, and it had Tríona’s attention. The gloves were black, with purple on the back, going with the general black and purple theme of her clothes. But ornate, everything she wore was ornate. Tanith was also, notably, almost a foot taller than the sea woman, and her golden eyes had a playful spark now.

    “He is pretty cool, fought off this lass armored to the hilt with his sword too, despite barely having been trained in it. That’s my team, what about yours?’

    The Vata shifted. “My lovers are Jadzia, a Rezean voman, and Jana, who is Vata like me and from Kern. Jadzia is also excellent with a bow. But first and foremost, she is a horsevoman, and the best rider I have ever seen. She can tame any horse she comes across, but few can tame her. Though I can.” That grin again. Tríona felt weak.

    “And Jana?”

    “Jana Totten is an invincible armored vall vith a heart of gold. She is gentle and loving and uses her suffering in the old country to toughen herself into the iron voman she is now. She is also quite sexy and has luminous violet eyes also. I respect her a lot for what she has been through.”

    “And they have other lovers?”

    Tanith stirs the wine with her bare ebon finger. “Yeah, Jana is with a Rose Knight trainee named Marcus Vynn. He is a good guy, and we got him out of Kern recently. Jadzia is with a Rose Knight named Alexis Vinter, a master horsevoman and a really sveet girl. Those two are not in our team, but Alexis is vorking with Marcus some, so vhen ve need Knights to back us up ve can call them in. And of course, Jadzia and Jana are lovers vith each other and me.” She withdraws her finger and sucks it a moment before sipping.

    “I’d love to meet them.” Tríona downs more water with her Scotch. She can feel it hitting her now. There is not enough water here, she thought for not the first time.

    “Vee have three others. Ashlin is sort of a strategist. They are not so much a socialite but they have a lot of good insights I find pretty useful, and they are as close as I have to a right-hand person. Darcy is a Night Person and Roamer and has a number of lovers. He is a Martial Artist and Spirit Dancer, vich is impressive. And he has a very high opinion of his moral judgment, which is annoying as the void.” Tanith sips her wine, and silently hoped Ashlin was glad she never said Spy.

    “And the other?” Tríona leans, her ponytail falling across her bicep.

    “Ah, Maria Highmore. She is an adept like me. Frost Shaper. Sweet girl, but happiest in a library. Terrifying on the battlefield though.” A distant look for a moment as Tanith sips. She was getting better about not being jealous of Marcus. She wishes it did not bother her. She actually laughed naturally in his presence, though, so that helps.

    “Are you working toward anything or just…adventuring till you cannae do anymore.”

    Tanith was the one snapped from her reverie this time. “I vill probably move on to being a noble, like my father. Venever the team starts settling down. That said I am hoping Jadzia and Jana vill be with me. You?”

    “I haven’t decided. Adventuring for the foreseeable.” The Sea Folk looks thoughtful. “Earn something permeant, I am thinking a statue of us. With me bow probably. Build me legend. A bit.” Tanith’s yellow eyes look over her companion. Tríona is definitely cute; that is the word that jumps out. Like all Sea Folk she is sleek and wiry, compactly muscled, naturally hairless apart from her head and softly blue-green. Her eyes are darker, giving them a mysterious and mischievous glimmer that any bit of a smile showed off. Her breaths, barely audible, sounded a bit more like the rising and falling of waves than most people’s. Getting closer would not be the worst thing in the world. Not tonight, but perhaps sometime. Sometime when she wouldn’t be seeing Jadzia and Jana when she closed her eyes.

    Perhaps she should go, Tanith thought.

    “I should head back to Onyx. But stay in touch, Tríona. It was lovely to meet you.” She slides the glove back on.

    “Let us walk you home love?” Tríona perked up. May as well give it a shot.

    Tanith stood up. She was over six feet. She looked out the window, her coat shifting. “I don’t know. I’d hate to have you get more vet.”

    “Sea Folk, love. Don’t care about water.”

    “Fair enough, come along.” She turned, her cape fluttering behind her and headed out.


    Both women shifted to Dark Sight as they walked down the street. The rain was really coming down, and small rivers ran down the road. Tanith had her hood up, and the water splashed under her feet. Cloaked in black and purple, her golden eyes were starkly visible in the darkness between bits of light from shas crystals on buildings. Tríona’s reddish blonde hair was wet, but she had no issue with it. Her tunic, breeches and leather boots clung enough to give her a slighter silhouette, aside from the bow and quiver on her back, but the Expert was more athletically built than her nearly two-meter companion. While it was Tanith’s topazes that were the most eye catching, it was Tríona’s dark eyes that noted they were being followed.

    They had not traded words since they left, the wind and rain making communication difficult. Tanith’s mind was distracted in another place, but she noticed when Tríona’s arms raised over her head to grab her bow. When she saw Tríona jump to a crate, to a barrel, to a low roof, she turned and unleashed a golden blade that glowed with the same light as her eyes, cutting through the darkness swiftly shifting from shades of yellow to amber. In the shadows, four men drew blades, but one was felled before they could even react by a pair of arrows from the Sea Woman’s bow. Tanith dashed toward them with her golden psychic blade in hand even as more arrows rained on them, taking down a second one before the Vata’Sha could even reach them. The larger man moved to put the taller woman between him and the archer, who dashed across the roof leaping one to the other even as his last remaining companion was peppered with arrows before he could strike Tanith. However, the thug’s attention was swiftly drawn from the leaping archer to the amber blade, as Tanith swiped up and cut off his arm. He staggered back, wide eyed.

    “Go get help for your friends. And reconsider your life choices.” The man ran. Light healing magic was cast on the slowly moving trio on the ground, just enough to stabilize them just as the Vata heard Tríona land on the ground behind her.

    “Thank you little one. Your help is appreciated.” Tanith leaned down and slipped a hand behind Tríona’s head and kissed her. The Sea Folk girl’s knees buckled but she felt Tanith catch her weight. Her nose was filled with the smell of lavender and the Vata’Sha woman’s personal scent. For her part, in addition to the immediate textures, a salty smell filled Tanith’s nose, quickening her heart as well.

    After several long moments, Tanith released her and stood, catching her breath. “Ve should…ve should go our separate vays now. Thank you and have a lovely night.”

    “Goodnight pet.” Tríona blinked and smiled. After watching the cloaked Vata’Sha disappear into the night, turning perhaps a bit quickly to hide her expression, Tríona smiled and put her bow back on her back and closed her quiver.

    ‘Well, that was nice.” She said and, with a spring in her step, headed back to the inn.


    Next week the Conclusion of Roamers, Tramps and Thieves. And if you haven't, check out Cat's Cradle. Between Cat's Cradle and Big Damn Heroes you have a lot of (hopefully) fun reading for Blue Rose, as well as ideas to use or steal in your game. Anyway, see you next week. Comments and Questions welcome.

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  • Baroness Nerak
    It’s time to get this party started. Our team is assembled and just needs some femme fatale to point them to a case that needs investigating. And if you don’t think that will happen, this must be your first time reading one of my game. I have a problem.

    Session I

    Roamers, Tramps and Thieves Part I

    Knight’s Journal

    Knight’s Journal- Aldis City- 2nd Gaeleth

    First Entry-

    Well it finally happened, it’s funny for years I have wished to achieve knighthood. but honestly I had given up hope. I am good fighter, but the Queen has no shortage of strong arms. I left after I gave up on being selected. I could have joined the guard, but I have to be honest my pride wouldn’t accept it. I couldn’t take being at my sister’s Academy I loved working with the students. But they knew I wasn’t advancing anymore and when that happens it was clear moving on and find a new path to growth was the only way forward.

    Heading to the port city was really whim, then stumbling into an undead attack was something I never expected, anymore than I ever expect to meet my fellow Sovereign Finest. My companions are worthy souls, Each possessed of unique strengths. I don’t pretend to understand most of those strength but even after just one night together it’s clear they are real.

    After the Induction ceremony we headed to Eventide Friend, for a good drink and conversation. Leading is an art not a science, and thinking you’re going to lead a cat is about as foolish a thing as you can try to do. So just record some basics about my companions.

    Tríona Clymene, Sea Folk Expert- My Fellow hero from the Undead Attack on the docks. Tríona is a good sort, a Skilled archer, a big talker, and driven admirer of the female form. She is relentless. She may have a tenuous relationship with the truth, but her hearts in the right place.

    Elijah Vale, Vata'An Expert- An Ex-priest, turned I’m not exactly sure what. Clearly has magic talents. Though exactly what he can do I’m not sure. I know a wanderer when I see one, Elijah is clearly a man without a home. I got him sword, because every servant of the Queen should be ready to meet defend our lady's honor. I hope with time he will discover he’s home here in Aldis.

    Greymaudie, Rhy Cat Adept- A cat that can talk into your mind is still a cat. Now that said Grey is clearly every bit the fearless feline, you would expect of any cat, she leapt from the roof, that was as brave an act as I have ever witnessed. Her talents clearly lie my in the realms of the mystic, but she ability to communicate telepathically is huge boon to our group. That said she claimed the magic status and I don’t think has any interest in negotiating the subject.

    Well I’m getting ahead of myself.

    At the Eventide Friend, we drank and talked for about thirty mins to an hour. I was working on talking the group into some bandit hunting, on the theory it would be a good way to start working together without huge risk. When we were approached by an attractive woman named Pinion, she said her brother attended sis’s academy and that she knew of smuggling ring we could breakup.

    We tried to talk her into joining us, but she seemed reluctant. We headed over to an in near the given location, where Greymaudie, used her powers or maybe just skills as a cat? I’m not really
    sure to get a rat to go investigate the smuggler's hideout. The Rat reported 4 armed guards and clearly they were waiting for more to arrive. Everything seemed on the level.

    To be honest I could really care less about smuggling, so long as doesn’t slaves or Sorcery. Sovereign’s Finest are about defending the city not doing job of the guard. But it’s our first night and I figured what the hell, a quick fight, a quick night. It would be a good beginning to our new vocation and start our reputation of right. Well at least that last part proved to be true.

    I was aware of our opponent’s reputation, Gyrfalcon said to tough, beautiful, and deadly a dangerous combination for certain. We kicked down the door Like the Big Damn Heroes we are, and walked in, I gave her and the minions my best it’s good day to die look, and Gyrfalcon a quick wink, just to let them know I was serious. We exchange pleasantries and our intent to quarrel. Then a wall exploded in word, and a pair of demons, and powerful blind sorceress, walked into the room; yelling something about a Raven Statue. I suggest to Gyr we lay aside
    our differences and come back to that issue after defeated these reality invading monsters. She accepted my proposal.

    With Tríona and Gyr’s help, I laid into the first demon. Gave it a couple quick combinations. But that thing was tough. We did some damage but it wasn’t slowing down fast. While I started in on the demons, Greymaudie launched the old death from above maneuver. Dropping from her position on the roof on to the sorceress, it that was an impressive attack and totally fearless.

    Before I could reach the second demon it attacks Greymaudie, landing a powerful blow. Cats not known for wearing armor was not ready for that kind of attention. Before i could reach her she was pulled out by what turned out to be Pinion. Whatever Pinion intended sending us there she’s all right in my book. Saving one of my team and I’ll give you a pass.

    The sorceress cast a spell that attempted to strangle me, but I shook it off, and started into the demons once more. I killed one and hurt the other with a quick dual strike. Shoving a sword into both demons. At this point things got next level complicated. As yet another party this one named Rowan, comes in and announces she is here to avenge an insult against the Fairlights.

    Somewhere in here Elijah hits the Sorceress with a rock, with his mind. The sorceress responds by grabbing a box and taking flight. Elijah responds by magically grabbing the box and pulling it too him, then lost track of him in the battle, I’m not sure if he literally disappeared, or if he is just really good at hiding. The Sorceress flew off as it was clear she is about be ended, as her last
    demons are defeated by a pair of shots from Tríona.

    At this point the Guard arrived. Guard Captain Aneshka ordered everyone to lay down their weapons, Rowan slowed her down by slamming the door, and tipping some boxes in front of it. In response to the guard showing up everyone else who was there, clearly decided discretion was the better part of valor. Gyr, withdrew up top and disappeared across the roves I assume. Pinion grab some boxes and ran, and Rowan busted a hole in the wall, and said some fine cuss words and took off. We agreed to meet with Aneshka, the next day, and headed off for the night.

    I’m not really sure but apparently we ended up with all the statues two of which were apparently magical, and were promptly claimed by Greymaudie. All and all very successful. Our reputation as brave and effective knights is clearly well established. We will just have to sort out the various other factions tomorrow.

    Greymaudi’s Notes

    Greymaudie’s Semi-Secret Writing Thing, Entry 1
    (as dictated to H. Mousebert, confidential secretary, on 2nd Gaeleth)

    Busy week:

    Rescued Elijah, Vata’An, from The Shadow. Elijah fairly tricky, good hunting partner! Says he is an ex-priest but smells like magic. Unsure on difference between priests and adepts. Elijah says priests live somewhere sandy and rocky and no fun at all. Note re: human hierarchies: Elijah says the ones that point the best tell all the others where to go. Seems accurate. To Do: Further research into pointing. Requires fingers, or no?

    My Entirely Legitimate Import/Export Business disrupted by zombie apocalypse, which one would think I would have Foreseen. Bother. Ineffable visions less reliable than ideal. Have decided to became Sovereign’s Finest instead. Saber says this means you can take things from bandits and pirates, and they give you symbols to wear that make city guards leave you alone. Good gig.

    Eventide Friend for social hour. To Do: get their recipe for boozy milk. V tasty.
    Met Saber Loveridge, human; Tríona Clymene, seafolk; Pinion, human.
    Tríona - likes mostly women. Must be v distracting. Tells stories properly.
    Saber - likes mostly swords. Thinks he points very well. Am skeptical so far.
    Pinion - Tenuous connection to Saber? Recommended we break up an Entirely Legitimate Import/Export Business on the docks. Job accepted w/out visions on the subject. Dislike not knowing what will happen in advance.

    Dock Job:

    Local rat report: warehouse with four armed humans, many boxes, and more humans on the way. Decided to scout roof while bipeds went in front.

    Scouting rudely interrupted by sorcerer w/ demons. Introduced self to sorcerer. Sorcerer displeased. Demon also displeased. Ow. Pinion-assisted tactical retreat. Note: send Pinion something. Remember: not rat. They don’t like rat.

    Developments on entry: Saber, Elijah, and Tríona fighting w/ Gyrfalcon’s humans vs demons. Lots of yelling re: complicated biped relationships, though. Bit demon. Note: demons taste terrible. Do not recommend.

    New Colleague Notes: Elijah can pull things from far away, like boxes and walls. Mildly invisible. Tríona shoots stuff v well including demons! Saber v stabby.

    Met two more important humans:
    Rowan - extra strong, extra stabby. Something about the Fairlights? Wanted boxes. Ha!
    Guard Captain Aneshka - v upset. Unsure why. Lots of feelings in that warehouse.

    Guards kinda stupid and slow. Snaffled other magic box from cart; let them have warehouse.

    More trickiness w/ Elijah, went well. Retrieved magic box from Rowan. All reconvened at bar across street. Got the boxes because I am v clever. Time magic-ed the magic things: light fox and dark raven statuettes. They do something when you hook them up together. Unsure what yet.
    To Do: Appropriate University space for further experiments.

    The Legend of Tríona Clymene

    Tonight, proved to be another good night for our heroine, Tríona Clymene. First, of course, she got honors from the Queen. Obviously, she can’t stay away from a gal like me. How she no had no idea of the adventure she would have that night. Tríona, of course, not Jaelin.

    So we were talking at the Eventide Friend later that night with Elijah, Saber and Greymaudie listening to Tríona regale them with tales of her heroism. They were an interesting bunch. Elijah is a languid sort, a Jazroni Vata’An with little in common with most Jarzoni or most Vata’An I know. I hesitate to use the word lazy, but let’s say willing to put work in but not more enthusiastic than your typical Garneter about it. Greymaudie is, however, fairly typical of Rhy Cats I have met. She is pretty greedy, and not very thoughtful. She is however pretty and endlessly scritchable. Saber is very…well he is a typical guy. Always talking about swords and stuff. But he seemed pretty all right, looking out for everyone. We must be giving him quite a workout.

    Anyway this total smokeshow of a lass come up and introduces herself as Black Pinion. She smiled big and walked over rubbing Tríona’s shoulders while she talked about how she had information about how to bust up a smuggling operation. She has been drawn by my beauty and melodious voice, and wearing the spiffy uniform. I talked the others into agreeing, and we decided on a plan for investigating the arrival in 3 hours.

    We arrived and Greymaudie sent mice in to scout and I joined in poking around. There were four human guards. After a lot of debate, we decided to slip in the front door, with Greymaudie moving above. When the leader of the smugglers, Gyrfalcon, arrived with ten soldiers, we slipped in to make the arrest. Saber and I, being big damn heroes, made our presence known, while Elijah, being a little damn hero, crafted illusions, and Greymaudie being a…cat damn hero, I guess, waited atop. Gyrfalcon was clearly impressed by my chiseled musculature, but was apparently Cepia or something as she more swooned over Saber which is…okay for Cepia lasses I guess? I don’t see it. I dunno man, you know those Cepia lasses are cray cray.

    But then…THEN…the wall bust open with two, no THREE soldier Darkfiends, and this freaky Vata chick with a blindfold. It was not Tríona’s first experience with a lass in a blindfold but it was the least sexy. But while Gyrfalcon cowed, Saber and I leapt into action. Saber and engaging them while I mowed them down with arrows. Greymaudie leapt into action, right on top of the Vata lass. The Darkfiends attacked her with their evil claws, and then Pinion sprung into action. See, she had been watching how damn sexy I was from the shows because we all need some me time. She used a grappling thing to rescue our cat friend. Gyrfacon was really upset, and shouted abuse at her. I guess she thought she would be a rival for Saber? Cepia lasses, man. Pinion yelled back. I would have gone over myself to deal with this girly chatter, but I was way too busy beating down the evil like a badass. I mean Tríona was. Damnit.

    Eventually with Saber’s badassery and my hail of arrows, the demons went down. The Vata chick used arcana to call a box to herself and started up. Then Elijah, who had been heroically hiding behind a box to surprise the enemy, popped up and used his magic to grab the box as she flew away, like a boss. Then this cute brunette burst in. She was stunned a moment by my awesome abs, but then pulled her eyes away to demand the box be turned over. Elijah then heroically turned invisible with the box. At that moment the guard arrived and Aneshka Snowdown, a stunning redhead, burst in, announcing the guard have arrived. Then she paused, paralyzed by my awesome glutes. The woman, Rowan according to her, took the opportunity to slam the door in the face of the lovestruck guard captain and charged in knocking aside Gyrfalcon’s men. Gyrfalcon herself, seeing that it was a bust, escaped via the recently de-catted roof, and her men fled out the front. Elijah then heroically invisibly chased them. Rowan grabbed a ton of boxes and made her own door as the guard poured in the hole left by the Darkfiends.

    Frankly, I was worrying about the structural integrity of the place at that point.

    Outside, he confronted Rowan, using a sword Saber had bought him. The battle was hard, but Rowan ran away from him and totally not the guard pouring out. Greymaudie heroically stole one of the remaining boxes, with arcane stuff, as cats love arcana.

    Once we had been interviewed by/and or slipped our hotel room number to Captain Aneshka, we moved on to meet in the bar and discuss it. I suggested we meet Aneshka to see what she needed tomorrow, and everyone agreed. Elijah and Geymaudie showed what they had recovered from the fight, and we agreed to keep it for now until we knew if Aneshka was legit. Then I headed back to my room; it was a full night even for me.

    But that’s how it all started. Not started, continued.


    End Session I

    Couple notes, Tríona is prone to exaggeration. There were two Darkfiends, and no one was flirting with her. But boy she was trying. Saber, for his part, did get a flirt which lead to a brief alliance with Gyrfalcon, which was honestly unexpected.

    There was drama over Pinion being Gyrfalcon’s ex, and over the fact that Rowan was Anactoria Fairlight’s new girlfriend (and Aneshka her old one). The two women hated each other immediately. Contrary to Tríona’s assumptions, Gyrfalcon is not particularly Cepia or Caria, just took a shine to Saber after an excellent Flirt stunt.

    Now, Roamers, Tramps and Thieves is a very open ended story. It could be a long story or short. They managed to keep Rowan, Vicious Whisper (the Sorceress) or Gyrfalcon from capturing the statuettes, so they were halfway home. Gyrfalcon did not seem to know what she had, nor really realize due to the parties arriving. So they only have the sorceress to contend with…

    Next week before we start the next session will be a short story. It will be familiar to some, having been posted on my other game, but you can read it here having seen a bit more of Tríona. So see you then. Comments and Questions welcome.
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