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    Oh man, so this game has been having some issues. Grey’s player has had some Health issues that has kept her away. We missed a couple sessions due to my own health issues, then we had one rather distracted session, then decided to add a player. We have done that, after some effort. I am going to hold off on revealing the character a bit. We had a session for making the character, then we had a session the player wound up being unable to make, because that’s how life works sometimes.

    But we are getting things moving (mostly, I mean we will miss the Christmas Day session, that’s unavoidable) so we will have a session, and if we get journals I will put something up on Christmas (Who loves you, baby?). So go back and look at the last session journal, and then read on. Enjoy, and very sorry about the hiatus. I shall attempt to avoid having it happen again.

    Session XIV-XV

    The Cat and the Canary Part II and III

    The Legend of Tríona and Clymene

    So the first mission stop, at a town called Elkhorn, went fine.

    Our heroes arrived and we met by the mayor and her beautiful daughter Rhiannon, who was the town priestess. She had a vision of us fighting an Ogre, which seemed out of place there with the army right there and all. Maybe the Ogre would show up later? Anyway, this town is a couple hours from a military base on the edge of the Badlands, so a number of soldiers would be at the show.

    That night, Tríona was of course keeping an extra super close eye on our bard, Ling Raida. Saber suggested perhaps too close as we were getting loud at times. Ling is an absolutely beautiful woman who can appreciate a gal with some biceps. Anyway, She noticed we were being scryed on during the night (we were done by then, thank goodness). Neither Saber nor I noticed anything, but I decided I’d better check with Elijah. He confirmed we were, indeed being scryed on, and used magic to make us all look like Ling. Ling herself actually turned invisible. Shortly thereafter, the Scrying stopped.

    That was when these black two headed dogs showed up outside. I mean I was tired. Er Tríona was tired. From guarding. They were mauling the guards/burglar alarms outside the Finest house. Small aside, the Finest House, while mostly just a set of bedrooms, privies, etc, are still swank, and this bad boy was solid stone. Elijah and I, still looking like Ling, attacked the dogs via the windows. Some got in by breaking down the door, and Saber kept them off us like a good guard, while we all three took them down; Ling wisely stayed hidden. When they were down, Elijah saw to the guard’s wounds and kept them alive, and soon we had more guards and a shaper who fixed the door.

    The attack seemed to shake Saber’s resolve a bit. He became convinced this whole tour was too much of a risk. Ling and Elijah explained that boosting morale was the point, and Ling said she did not mind the risk to do good for the Kingdom. In his defense Saber was concerned about innocent lives as much as Ling. Elijah felt the concerts would be a poor time to attack due to heavy guards and we should go through with it. Saber felt that concerts were the maximum mayhem time and making an example. Both had good points. Ling suggested she would perform with or without us. Saber eventually agreed to continue, if in part due to the fact the rest of the team who were present did.

    Practice the next day went off without a hitch. Tríona found a good place in the rafters where she could get around over two thirds of the room. Elijah found the perfect spot on stage to wait invisibly. Saber hid in a recessed pit for musicians at the front. We had more preparations, remembering what Saber suggested about burning the place down, Tríona asked for water buckets to be placed all around so I could use water shaping to put out fires. Elijah requested knives and swords set out and about for him to control. It was all pretty keen.

    That night it was showtime. Tríona was well concealed in the rafters, deadly bow ready. Honestly, Ling’s show is awesome. Swirling lights blow around the room like cherry blossoms. Different color images of Ling appear around her and even provide backup vocals. The few musicians sound like an orchestra. She is clearly an expert shaper of light and sound. And her music was so inspiring! We had gotten to the stage of crystallin horses of light, each a different color, each with a knight riding around her and through the audience when I noticed a pair of beings in the shadows. Saber noticed em too. Watcher Darkfiends. Ling later said she was pretty sure one of them was the scryer. They did not seem to want to attack, rather, learn the stages of the show and see what we did to protect Ling. We gave em no chance.

    They had clearly not spotted me when I started my rain of arrows. Saber was on them like a shot. As agreed, the Soldiers moved to protect the civilians not breaking the line to attack unless Saber gave the word, which he did not. Elijah finally saw them and got in on the act and we all felt inspired by Ling’s ballad.

    Seriously, they had like 0 chance. Before the song was over and horses were gone, the Darkfiends were dead. Their remains taken out to be burned by some guards.

    That night I helped Ling decompress, but honestly spirits were high. Now we look onward to the next show.

    End Session XIV-XV

    As noted, this was two sessions. The first was a very off kilter session that lead to looking for an additional player. Roughly Tríona’s first paragraph covered it.

    Elkhorn and several of the characters therein like Rhiannon appeared in the Cat’s Cradle story Dark Tides Rising. Ling is always fun to play, and as it turns out she and Elijah have a lot of crossover for Arcana (though Elijah has a slightly better range of Arcana being a Vata, despite both being Experts. Ling is also a Bard while Elijah is a Shaper. Her music was buffing during the concert BTW.

    Okay I think this covers everything. Comments and Questions welcome.
    Running: Blue Rose AGE (Cat's Cradle) Blue Rose AGE (Big Damn Heroes)
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      Due to various crises and changes in players personal lives right now, we are not able to meet to play Big Damn Heroes. We are hopeful this will change in the foreseeable, but right now it is just not working out.As soon as we can regularly get three to the table, if that happens, the game shall resume. Thanks for reading, and check out Cat's Cradle in the meantime if you haven't.
      Running: Blue Rose AGE (Cat's Cradle) Blue Rose AGE (Big Damn Heroes)
      "That Queer Goth Chick." "You are going to have to be more specific"