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WHAT'S IN THE BOX, the game itself

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  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX, the game itself

    The three of you have been journeying for the better part of the month now. You have left master Cnoflok and the safety of the castle that is the Academy of Adventuring far behind, and you have trekked through the lush lands ever since. You have stopped at small hamlets and bigger cities. Now you arrive at a town which obviously is an agrarian community. There is a town square with some temples to the most known gods, some taverns and shops, but other than that there are farmsteads as far as you can see.

    As you arrive at the town square, you see a mob making fun of a man. The mob consists of farmers, mostly, the illiterate and poor kind. Nothing much more than slaves. There is one man in the mob who stands out, and it is obviously the mayor of the town. He is well-spoken, and dressed in most pompous clothing, mostly purple and orange, which is the colour of the militia of the town as well. The man who's been made fun of, is dressed in a long robe with stars and moons on them, he wears a pointy had and sports a goatee. He is of considerable age.

    The people mock him and some have flung mud (or dung) at him. The man is mad, he shouts to the crowd: "I'll have my due! I want what is rightfully mine!"
    The well-spoken man laughs and jests at him: "you already have what's your due, don't you see the dung and the mud the peasants have thrown at you?"

    The man, obviously a wizard, yells: "You have until midnight to give me what is mine! If I don't have it by midnight, the entire town shall pay!" With these words, he vanishes in a puff of smoke. The crowd is having a lot of fun, clearly they do not believe his threats.

    What do you want to do?

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    Re: WHAT'S IN THE BOX, the game itself

    The crowd and the Mayor are looking at the party, knowing they are here for some reason, and are unsure why the party is standing there for nigh on three weeks, doing nothing.