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What's in the box? PbP game, recruiting

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  • What's in the box? PbP game, recruiting

    I'm not making any promises here, but I am willing to try and host a game for four characters. Some rules, though.

    - I may be GM, but I am by no means boss or rules lawyer, therefore, I will make mistakes and I expect the players to correct them.
    - I also am not the sole writer of this adventure. We write the adventure TOGETHER, so I am not going to build walls of text only to have them answered by a test or a yes or no.
    - About tests: we will conduct them in the classical way: rolling. This will however require a certain measure of honesty from your part. Cheating takes away all the fun.
    - Die rolls will be shown as thus: (D6+D6+*Stunt D6 (so preceded by a star)) + (ability + focus) = (total) For example: (2+3+*5) + (3+2) = 15.
    - All typing will be in character, however should you wish to say something OOC, put it between stars.
    - Those of you who are going to join, I want a classic character sheet of your character in my mailbox. If you're interested, PM me.

    - I want a backstory, goals and ties of your character.

    The game I would host is one of FAGE. So that's no Saurians, laser rifles, ...

    If there is no interest or only from up to three players, I won't do it. Also, there's no guarantee on the success of this adventure. Mayhap I will quit, mayhap you will, or mayhap it'll be a success and spiral off into maybe even webcam play.

    That aside, this is how it will start.

    Six years ago, you knocked on the ironshod heavy gates of the Academy of Adventuring. Whatever your reasons, be they the search for fame, the quest for riches, another plan entirely, you have grown as persons both as individuals and as a team. One final test separates you from your degree.

    You find yourselves, all four of you, in front of the gates of the castle you called home for the better part of the last six years. The snow is blowing hard when the wind is in your face, and the wind changes direction every so often.
    "I am very proud of you," a voice speaks that you recognise to be that of master Cnoflok. "You have all come very far. But now, one final test awaits you... one I cannot accompany you on."

    He produces a small box with no seemingly way to open it. "Take this to the mage Vergol in Eversummer. You will also need these passes if you wish to penetrate deeper into the city, as non-Elves are only welcomed in the slums of the Outer Walls. No doubt the Enemy will already be aware that the box will be moving and may have put his forces to work to try and thwart our plans. The box must not fall in enemy hands!"

    Master Cnoflok hands one of you the box and you stand ready to journey into the wide world, with just the armour you were issued upon registration, some arms and the silver pieces you had on you when entering, or you have made on the side...


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    Re: What's in the box? PbP game, recruiting

    One place has been taken, three are left.


    Two places taken, two left


    Three places taken, one left


    All places taken!
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      Re: What's in the box? PbP game, recruiting

      All places are now taken, so we can start the presenting of our characters.

      I, of course, will be the GM.

      My brother will play an Orcish rogue by the name of Art Ritis. This is his backstory:

      Art Ritis is the child of poor and destitute orcs. Their tribe lived, as other orcish tribes did, along the banks of many rivers.
      Being mistaken for Fomori by a band of Gatorkin, their town was sacked, and its inhabitants slain. Amidst the carnage, Arts parents managed to hide him in a basket and float it downstream, hoping for it to be picked up by fellow orcs.
      It didn't. Rather, a band of halfling scouts (thieves) found it, and, disappointed by its contents, handed the baby orc over to the priests at the temple of Nickit, halfling god of thievery.
      There, he was raised as a protector of the divine, and took black powder training on the side, being addicted to the bangs and booms of pistols and arquebuses.
      Upon coming to realise he was never put on the rack, nor dyed green, his feet shaven and the door slammed in his face, he might just not be a halfling, and packed his stuff and headed to the Academy of Adventuring...


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        Re: What's in the box? PbP game, recruiting

        Ellyn Ambermaine

        Born in the Gnome warren of Grenrock Deep to a family of inventors, Ellyn found herself at odds with the local authorities because of her propensity to break into other family's labs rather than work in her own. This habit caused no small amount of friction with many of her neighbours. After years of innocent misadventures, her penchant for going where she didn't belong led her into an abandoned mining shaft, which she promptly caused to collapse. The aftermath led to damaging a large portion of the warren and trapping herself in the collapsed tunnels for several days. After being rescued and recovering from the ordeal she was brought before the elders and sternly encouraged to seek her destiny as an adventurer on the surface. And so, with a fond farewell to her family and the remaining friends who would speak to her, she made her way to the Academy of Adventuring.


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          Re: What's in the box? PbP game, recruiting

          Fantastic! You can start playing, by the way.