So, anyone thinking of running?

its a tad tricky for me at the mo, I donít have the book yet,

But for what itís worth had some preliminary ideas,

There are known pirate actions within system (belters lookin at yous)
its an issue all are dealing with right?

So it wouldnít be unthinkable for certain factions employing Q ships/boats
(they are real, look it up)

Basically, it would look like a normal merchant ship, but itís equipped with military hardware,
you look like bait, then boom! ďSurprise Bitchies!Ē

an anti piracy tactic,

How and why we find one floating in space, without crew, or dead crew is the mystery, but thatís the fun part,

reenforced hull
uprated engines
peek a boo weapon systems,
and the most advanced sensory suites the military has,

looks like crap though...

So, thoughts on any of these ideas?