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Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

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    Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

    Haven't had time to sit down and draft up a character yet, but I should have mine done by tomorrow.


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      Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

      Ruby Redaxe

      Ruby has spent most of her life moving from town to town, selling whatever oddities her family found along their travels. Redaxe Emporium was a small business, consisting of only the Redaxe family. Ruby's mother, a gnome woman named Mauriel, was the head of their little family run operation. While her father, an orc by the name of Tor, handled the heavy lifting and made sure that customer's didn't get too rowdy. Ruby usually helped her mother whenever she went searching for merchandise, but with her natural talent wielding magic she wasn't afraid to back her father up when a customer got a little to big for their breeches. This simple life continued for 20 years, before Ruby's parents decided to retire in the city of Nestora. This left Ruby the CEO and really the only employee of Redaxe Emporium. However, she wasn't about to let her family legacy go under in her lifetime. So while she gets used to running a business by herself, she's starting looking for some mercenary work to help pay the bills. Besides, who knows what kind of merch she'll find along the way.


      Race: Half Gnome/Half Orc
      • +1 Dexterity
      • Focus: Intelligence (Arcane Lore)
      • Dark Sight up to 20 yards
      • 10 Speed
      • +1 Willpower (Orc Benefit)
      • Focus: Constitution (Stamina)

      Experience: 0

      • · Accuracy: 3
      • · Communication: 0
      • · Constitution: 1 (Stamina)
      • · Dexterity: 2
      • · Fighting: 0
      • · Intelligence: 2 (Arcane Lore) (Evaluation)
      • · Perception: 0
      • · Strength: 0
      • · Willpower: 4

      Defense: 12
      Armor: 0 (4 with Stone Cloak)
      Penalty: 0
      Health: 22 ( I forgot to save the link to the roll, but I got a 1)
      Background: Tradesperson
      Social Class: Middle Class
      Languages: Common, Gnomish, Orc
      Equipment: Backpack, Traveler’s Garb, Waterskin, Club, Amulet (Arcane Device), Calculator, 3 Fulgen Batteries
      Money: 46 Silver (66-20)

      · Mage:
      • Arcane Blast: 16 yrds. 1d6 + willpower damage.
      • Arcane Device: Amulet
      • Magic Training:

      · Talents:
      • Linguistics

      · Weapon Groups:
      • Brawling and Staffs

      · Specializations:
      • None


      · MP: 19
      · Earth Arcana
      • Rock Blast
      • Stone Cloak

      · Power Arcana
      • Arcane Awareness
      • Spell Ward
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        Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

        Name: Ven'yl
        Class: Mage

        Race: Saurian

        +1 to Str
        Focus: Intelligence (Computers)
        +1 Willpower
        Focus: Intelligence (Scientific Lore)


        · [Primary] Accuracy: 3
        · Communication: 1
        · Constitution: 0
        · Dexterity: 0
        · Fighting: 0
        · [Primary] Intelligence: 2
        -Scientific Lore, Computers, Arcane Lore
        · [Primary] Perception: 2
        · Strength: 1
        · [Primary] Willpower: 3

        Defense: 10
        Armor: 0
        Health: 22
        Background: Apprentice
        Social Class: Upper Class
        Languages: Common, Saurian
        Equipment: Backpack, Traveler’s Garb, Waterskin, Morningstar 1d6+3, Family Signet Ring (Arcane Device), Data Disk, Data Reader, 3 Fulgen Batteries
        Money: 110 Silver - Gear Cost = 5sp

        · Mage:

        Arcane Blast (Accuracy): 16 yrds. 1d6 + willpower damage.
        Arcane Device: Signet Ring

        · Talents:
        Chirurgy (Novice): Heal as Minor Action

        · MP: 16
        · Healing Arcana

        Healing Touch

        · Water Arcana

        Arcane Spring
        Water Whip

        Background: Ven'yl is descended from a very prestigious bloodline. His house was one of the few Saurian families that betrayed The Prophet and assisted the heroes of the Chaos Wars. After three hundred years they still maintain a strong presence in the city of Vorakis. Ven'yl was raised admiring the cultural dedication to weaving tech and magic to create new advances that improved the world. His fondest memories are always of the times when the Lady ruled with her golden heart. When it was time for his family to educate him, it was pretty obvious he was a perfect fit for the Twilight Academy. He excelled in his studies and after many hard years of work, graduated with a significant amount of prestige. However his happiness was short lived. Shortly after he returned to his family home, a contingent of cyborgs appeared on the premises. The Lord, recently awakened, was not happy to find that one of the most powerful families in Vorakis had a child sworn to the Lady, and they dragged his younger sister Janae away. In a brutal and most likely painful surgery, Janae was turned into a cyborg and sworn into the Lords Guard.

        On that day Ven'yl vowed to get his sister back, but understanding he would need more power betray the leader of Vorakis, and more power still to heal his sisters wounds, he left home, to search for information that could help him accomplish his goals.


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          Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

          Actually, I think I'm going to go with another character. It's still going to be a mage, so I'll keep my HP and MP rolls if you want me to. My idea is to make a Half-Orc Half-Gnome mage.


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            Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

            KALLIE LYNDAL

            Lower Class/Background: Sailor

            Half-Elf Female 1st Level Warrior

            Defense: 12 Speed: 14 Health: 37

            Accuracy: 2
            Communications: 0
            Constitution: 2 (Drinking)
            Dexterity: 2 (Initiative)
            Fighting: 2
            Intelligence: 0
            Perception: 2 (Seeing)
            Strength: 2
            Willpower: 0

            Talents: Armor Training (Novice) Single Weapon Style (Novice) Blaster Weapon Style (Novice)

            Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Blaster Pistols, Bows, Blaster Longarms

            Equipment: Scout Armor, Water Skin, Satchel, Shortbow (20) arrows, Blaster Pistol, Battle Axe, Binoculars, Watch

            Money/Treasure: None right now....

            Story So Far: “I've been on the water my entire life. My father found my mother adrift in a lifeboat with no memory of how she had gotten there. They fell in love and soon I was born. Part of a ships company was all I knew but every time we docked in port I thought about what lie beyond the paved roads of the cities we visited. My father didn’t understand but my mother did, she had the same feelings but couldn’t leave my dad. Finally it was arranged that the next time we docked I would be free to follow my path, I’m gonna miss my dad and mom and the rest of my family on that ship BUT I HAVE to see what’s over the next hill, maybe some woods!”

            Kallie stands about 5’6” tall, weighing in 135lbs. Blond hair worn in a ponytail, silver eyes from her mom’s heritage.
            Marks/Tattoo: Flock of seagulls starting at the bottom of her right shoulder blade and flying to the top of her left shoulder. (Black/Shadow) Left Wrist: A large leafed tree. (Black/Shadow) Right Wrist: Small Elvish Script, “Face Your Truth” (Black/Shadow) Left Shoulder: Sailing Ship (Done in limited Color).


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              Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

              Hey, is there room for one more player?


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                Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

                I myself am Intrested in this.I'm Leaning towards A Dwarf Warrior and/or a Human Rogue(depending on how the Group Dynamics are worked out).Anyone have any idea on Group links and/or Connections yet?
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                  Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

                  I've got a half elf / half gnome Mage with healing & earth arcana ready to go.


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                    Re: Adventuring in Titansgrave [Recruiting]

                    It's been more than a year since this was first posted. Is there still room for a noob?