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  • Trident City Sourcebook

    New publisher Gathen Games has just released its first product, the Trident City Sourcebook for M+M 3e. Trident City is a setting of superheroes in a medieval fantasy world. The heroes of the city-state Trident City, who include the demi-god WarDeva, the barrier-creating Rampart, and the Dwarven king-in-exile Terrasmith, face off against villains such as the mad alchemist Castor Crucible, the master assassin Silk Scythe, the power-stealing Rooking Glass, the Elven supervillains called The Unseelie, and the terrorist organization WYRM.

    Trident City was created as a living, breathing city for use with the given characters in the book or your own PCs. The book contains a full write-up on the city itself; its government, all the individual districts, important people, places of interest, and businesses. There are also descriptions about the universe in general, including the the gods of Terra, the various planes of existence in the Multi-Cosm, and the beings that reside within them. In addition, there are full entries for over three dozen Heroes and Villains, as well as basic write-ups and stats for many more minor NPCs, including generic NPCs that players might encounter in the city.

    Please take a look at this new setting sourcebook. Writing and (amateur) artwork by myself.